The Omega Mutation - Chapter 1

The Omega Mutation
by Joshua Falken

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Chapter 1 - The Creation of Omega

"Mutation: Changes in the DNA that happens during cellular reproduction. It is the key to the process of evolution of the species, allowing living beings to adapt to changes in their environment. Although in Pokémon this process happens at a surprising speed, in the human beings, it process happens only slowly... but sometimes... evolution can be accelerated..."

Professor Charles Xavier
"The X–Factor"

Somewhere in the Northeastern region of Indigo Continent
Sixteen years before the present day

In an underground base, two red-uniformed Elite Rockets dragged a red-haired woman who was trying to get free of them. A gag choked off her screams. They walked through the gloomy corridors until they reached a reinforced metal door with an inscription: 'Project Omega.'

The doors opened and revealed a great laboratory, worthy of a horror film. The woman was thrown in front of a massive view-screen. The screen snapped on, revealing a dark-haired woman that looked at the beaten woman with an air of contempt and scorn. The redhead recognised her immediately. Even through her gag, she tried to look defiant. It didn't work.

"Now, what were you thinking of when you tried to betray Team Rocket?" asked the dark-haired woman, "when you tried to betray ME?!"

The redhead couldn't reply, of course.

"Now you will know what happens to those that betray us."

One of the two Red Rockets raised a spray gun. He fired the weapon, releasing a cloud of stun spores from a Vileplume. The hapless ex-Team Rocket agent was instantly paralysed.

Madame Boss smirked sadistically and pressed a button on the armrest of the chair in that she was seated in.

"R & D labs," said an anonymous voice.

"Doctor," she said, "you may begin Project Omega. We have a guinea pig ready for your experiments."

Some minutes later a woman in a lab coat was giving orders to a group of white-coated lab assistants "Put her in the Chamber."

Three laboratory assistants tore off the woman's clothes, leaving her totally naked. She was carried over to a glass chamber and thrown inside there with all the care of a man throwing aside a sack of rubbish. Inside of the chamber, pitiless robotic devices drove a series of threads and tubes into the woman's body. She was still perfectly conscious when the electricity went through the fluid... and her body. The pain was so intense that she was quite glad when her consciousness faded away.

One year later...

A woman approached the front door of the Viridian City Pokémon Center. She was wearing a long black waterproof coat. The woman leaned in the door and, suddenly, the coat fell in the ground, as if it never had anyone there...


Nurse Joy Anderson was verifying for the last time the states of Pokémon in her care when she heard a noise. Holding the breathing, she went check what had happened. The sound had come from the reception.

Walking quietly, Joy turned in a corridor and she saw someone in the reception. The nurse pulled a Pokéball, and released a guard-trained Growlithe.

"Hey who are you?"

"It's me! Officer Jenny!" Jenny Collins left the shadows, weapon in hand. "Call that Growlithe back, Joy!"

Confused and surprised, Joy did what the policewoman asked. "But what are you doing here?"

"The repeater at the police station for the Center's silent intruder alarm went off about ten minutes ago," Jenny explained. "I was called to check it ... but it seems that was a false alarm." The policewoman looked at around and smiled. Joy thought there was something wrong about that smile, but she couldn't put her finger on what it was. "Can I see the security panel?"


The two women went over to the panel, where Nurse Joy answered the policewoman's questions. Some minutes later, Jenny said that she was leaving. When the nurse turned, there was a blur of motion too fast to be human. A long, thin blade of solidified blue gel punched through the hapless nurse's chest, from behind killing her instantly.

Her murderess withdrew her weapon and eased the corpse to the ground. She looked at the long katana blade that protruded from her elbow like some kind of artificial limb as it abruptly began to fill out into a human arm Then an astounding transformation took place. As 'Jenny' stepped away from her victim, she suddenly rippled into a human-like form made of entirely blue gel. The shape changed subtly into the form of another woman. There was another ripple and the shape took on the coloration of skin and clothing. She was now a precise duplicate of the late Joy Anderson.

False Joy went back to the security panel, placed her hand on a sensor and the Pokémon Center door opened up. Another few touches to the controls erased the security videos. Several Team Rocket agents entered and they went directly to the door of the Pokéball Safe. False Joy approached them. "I will deal with that," she announced.

"Joy" then rippled again into blue gel, then became a red-haired woman with a dark blue uniform. On the chest of her tunic, instead of the usual blood red "R" sigil, was a scarlet Greek letter Omega. She approached of the lock of the door and suddenly her hand became a key, and she opened the door of the safe. The "woman's" emotionless brown eyes looked on as the Rockets plundered the Pokéballs in the safe.


Later that night, the red-haired woman was called to Madame Boss's Office. In the shadows, the founder of Team Rocket admired her most powerful creation. "An excellent job, Omega."

"I am happy that my work has pleased you, My Master." Omega said in strangely modulated tone of voice.

Madame Boss stood and walked over to her subordinate no, her slave. Her gloved fingers combed through Omega's long red hair until she found a fine plastic ribbon with electronic circuits printed on it.

Who would imagine that such an ordinary-looking object could control so much power...? the criminal mastermind thought to herself with a pleased smile.

Team Rocket Headquarters
Two and a half years later

Two Red Rockets were watching from a special room, full of monitors, a restricted access area of the Headquarters facility: the Project Omega laboratories. One of them, a blonde woman looked up when a red light flashed on. There was an unexpected movement within Agent Omega's rooms.

"Thelma, I'm going to check how our star agent is doing," she said.

"Alright, Louise," her dark-haired partner replied, not looking up from her magazine for a second.

Louise left the room and went through a corridor until she reached the door with the letter Omega printed in bright yellow and she entered. After some minutes, she emerged again, shaking her head. Thelma asked what had happened, as the motion detectors continued to flash their warning.

"Nothing," Louise reported. "It's just a defect in the sensor. Our friend is sleeping like an angel."

Thelma looked at sceptical at her partner-in-crime for one moment, then she shrugged. "Look, Thelma. I'm just going to the bathroom for an second, ok?"


Half hour had passed, and Louise did not reappear. Concerned, Thelma went into the bathroom, and she didn't find her partner. Now, really concerned, she went back to the surveillance room and pressed the intercom switch. "Command and Control, this is Security. Problems with Omega, I repeat, problems with Omega!"

Thelma knew what she was about to do was suicide, especially as she was all-too-aware of what Omega was and what it was capable of. She pulled a Remington 870 shotgun out of a weapons locker and ran down the hall to the containment chamber. She was in such a hurry that she dropped half of the shells she tried to load into the weapon. Thelma paused in front of the doors to the containment chamber. Thelma yanked back the slide on her shotgun and stroked it forward, loading the first shell. Swallowing dryly, the Red Rocket opened the huge armoured doors. She leapt into the room and swept around her with her shotgun.

The woman saw what the problem was immediately. On the ground, was Louise's body. The Red Rocket had a massive wound in her chest as if someone had pushed a long spike right through her. Behind her was a completely destroyed containment chamber... The impossible had happened. Omega had escaped. "Oh shit!"


Three kilometres from there, a bubble of blue gel dropped out of a sewer out-fall pipe. However, instead of simply washing away in the surf, the bubble rose up and began flow into the form of a woman's body... Omega turned to the sea and began to morph into a Lapras, intending to swim for her freedom. Before she did so, however, a name escaped her lips: A name that she hadn't uttered for three-and-a-half nightmare years of slavery... her name.

"Delilah," she said.

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