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Chapter Thirty Eight: Epilogue

Harry sighed, staring at the train that would bring him back to the Dursleys, leaning back against Severus' firm chest. Even with Voldemort's defeat, the Ministry's judgment still stood and so Harry had to return to his relatives. Fortunately, Severus was coming with him now, and both Remus and Draco, and possibly Lucius, would be joining them in a week.

He grinned, thinking back to the past month. He had first brought Voldemort to Hogwarts, carrying him straight to the Great Hall, where all three of his bonded were waiting for him. Harry chuckled to himself at the reactions he had received upon dumping the greatest dark wizard since Grindewald on the stone floor of the Great Hall during dinnertime, still unconscious. Even Dumbledore's face visibly showed his shock, and grew even more surprised when he saw Lucius standing behind Harry at a respectful distance, his sleeves rolled up, showing that he no longer bore the Dark Mark.

Draco was the first to move, crying out as he ran to his father, who hugged him back tightly. It wasn't often that the elder Malfoy showed emotion, but this time he did, in front of all four Houses and Hogwarts' staff. Severus and Remus moved forward together, enveloping Harry in a three-way hug.

Finally, Dumbledore had stood and cleared his throat, asking for everyone's attention. He nodded to Madame Pomfrey, who moved forward cautiously and confirmed that the man was still alive. This brought a panicked reaction from the crowd, but Harry just laughed and introduced Tom Marvolo Riddle, the Muggle. This silenced everyone for several long moments before the room broke out in cheers. Quickly, Harry scooped up the unconscious man and broke for Dumbledore's office, intent on reaching it before the student body reached him.

Once there, Dumbledore had called Minister Fudge and the Aurors. While they waited, Harry gave a brief, undetailed explanation of what had happened and what exactly he had done to Voldemort. When the Ministry officials arrived, the blustering Fudge among them, Harry told his story again, this time adding all the details. Fudge smirked, convinced he had him this time, and pointed out that the Dark Lord was not a Muggle, so it couldn't possibly be him.

Harry retorted that Voldemort had been a half-blood, and that he was now a muggle only because Harry had made him that way. He also told Fudge point-blank that the man was not going to be Minister for long once this information got out, as well as all the other information he had covered up, including the deaths of those involved in his trial against the Dursleys.

In a last ditch effort, Fudge made a crucial mistake and tried to have Harry Potter arrested. At this, both Dumbledore and Severus pointed out that he had absolutely no grounds on which to do so. After all, while Harry had gotten rid of Voldemort, he hadn't killed him, or even used Dark Magic at all. The Aurors realized this and hustled Fudge out of there before he could dig himself any deeper. The Senior Auror promised that the wizarding world would be informed of Voldemort's final defeat, and that they would compensate Harry for his sacrifices as best as they were able.

And now, Harry was headed back for the Dursleys. However, Severus could always hex them if they got out of control. Hell, he could do it himself, for that matter. Not only had both he and Severus been awarded an Order of Merlin, First Class, but Sirius had been exonerated posthumously and Harry was permitted to use magic outside of school. Not that he'd tell the Dursley's that…unless he had to, of course.

Harry grinned as he boarded the train and found an empty compartment for him and Severus to share. It was over. Finally, it was over. There were still random Death Eaters wandering around, having escaped the Aurors during the first round of arrests, but Harry wasn't worried about them. For now, he would just be content with what he had, and not worry about the future.