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Hope Unleashed: The Beginning

It was just another ordinary day in the digital world The sky was nice and clear, not a single cloud was present. A group of children gathered in an open field and were accompanied by small creatures which they called digimon. They had decided to return to the digital world and help restore it to its former glory. This was a common task for them. Every once in awhile they had to return to eliminate any uprisings of evil. Little did they know the powers of ultimate darkness lingered among them, far greater than they ever imagined.

Davis, the leader of the new digidestined stood in front of the group and pumped his fist in victory "Great work guys!" shouted Davis, while surveying the pile of fallen control spires. He walked over to Veemon and patted him on the head. "Great job buddy."

"Thanks Davis!" said the blue rookie digimon.

Davis stretched his back and gave a little yawn. "I think it's time to head back, and besides I'm quite hungry," Davis placed his hand on his rumbling stomach. They had spent most of the day in the digital world without anything to eat.

"You're always hungry Davis. Your appetite can even rival Veemon's," laughed Yolei. She knew how much digimon ate, they never stopped.

"Hey, that's not a nice thing to say," snapped Davis. Digimon were bottomless pits when it came to food, and he wasn't one of them. "Anyway it's already dinner time back home." Davis pulled out his digivice and shoved it into Yolei's face. "See."

"I have to agree with Davis," Cody spoke up, "I'm quite famished too." He didn't want to take sides in this little feud, but he was getting hungry.

Yolei pushed Davis away "Come to mention it, I feel like I need something to munch on too." Yolei sighed fixing her glasses. She hated being wrong, especially when it was Davis who proved her wrong.

"Ha, told ya!" smirked Davis under his breath. He had walked over to the digiport where Ken and Wormmon were waiting. He was about to pull out his digivice.

"I heard that Davis!" glared Yolei. She clenched her fists and stomped towards Davis.

"What? I didn't say anything!" lied Davis, putting his hands in front of him.

"Just you wait Davis, I have something planned for you," Yolei threatened shaking her fist. She had cooked up the perfect idea on what to do. Rubbing her hands together she let out a mischievous laugh. The whole group just stared at her weirdly.

Ken had observed the events and let out a sigh. "Enough with these childish antics, lets get going I'm getting hungry too," Ken said with Wormmon in one of his arms. He held up his digivice to the digiport.

Something the struck Davis, how could he have forgotten? "Wait where's TS and Kari?" Asked Davis, who had a slight tone of jealously in his voice. He scanned the area and saw the two sitting under the shade of a near by tree, apparently sharing a couple laughs. Davis fumed at the sight. Every time when TK was with Kari, he would barge in on them, and this was no exception. He had a huge crush on Kari, but apparently TK was also interested in her too. "No way am I letting TP lay the moves on my girl!" Davis growled. He was about to run in and interfere, but Yolei grabbed him from behind.

"Not this time Davis." Yolei said as she anchored Davis down. She knew how furious Davis will be with TK and Kari alone together, it would be the perfect payback. "Cody, Ken, let's get a move on so Davis can't bother those two," Yolei said and pointed in the direction of TK and Kari. Both Cody and Ken nodded, they knew better not to question any of Yolei's little 'ideas'. The three of them lugged Davis, who was flailing wildly into the digiport followed by their digimon.

"Hey, you two don't stay too long." Ken said, as he was last to enter the digiport, and with a flash of light he was gone.

TK and Kari both looked up to see that the rest of the group had already returned to the real world. They were just talking about school and sharing funny things that happened not too long ago. They never got a chance to actually spend time with each other anymore without Davis always listening in. TK let out a little yawn, and laid back on the soft cool grass. He could hear the laughter of Patamon, and Gatomon as they chased each other in the field. It had been a long day and he was getting tired, but wasn't complaining since he had spent it with Kari.

Kari looked down at TK. He was looking up at the sky with his sleepy aqua eyes. It looked very comforting, so Kari decided to do the same. She felt the coolness of the grass greet her, relieving the heat from her body. They laid there in silence for a while just staring into the sky. "What a beautiful sight isn't it TK?" Kari spoke up breaking the quiet atmosphere, there was no reply. She faced TK expecting him to answer. Kari smiled, TK was sound asleep. She noticed that his hair (that wasn't covered by his hat) seemed to glow a golden color because of the sun. Seeing a stray tuff, Kari slowly moved her hand, and was about to brush it away from TK's eyes. "He looks so handsome, even with his silly hat," thought Kari letting a giggle escape.

TK eyes slowly opened, and saw Kari's hand snap away from him. "And what's so funny?" questioned TK, slowly sitting up, Kari's giggling had woke him up. TK saw Kari's auburn eyes staring at his hat. "Is it something about my hat?" He removed his hat to examine it, which revealed his messy, but cute blond hair. "Don't tell me I got grass stains in it again?" TK frantically flipped his hat for side to side inspecting it.

"It's fine TK," laugh Kari. "It's just that you always wear that thing," Kari said snatching TK's hat. "I think you would look cute... I mean better without it." Kari slightly blushed at her comment, though it was the truth. She did believe he would look cute.

"You think so?" Asked TK. He had heard Kari's "cute" comment, he wasn't sure what to make of it. TK smiled, "how about this? I won't wear my hat for a while, just because it was you who told me." TK would do anything to make Kari happy, if this was one of her requests he would be glad to do anything for Kari.

Kari was staring maybe a little to long at TK's hair, so she turned away quickly with more redness on her cheeks. "I'm sure that you'll like it, besides you're looking better already." Kari laughed. She stopped blushing and handed TK his hat, who folded it, and stuffed it in his back pocket.

"Anyway I wanted to try something different for a change." TK smiled ruffling his now exposed hair. "Maybe I can be like my bro, and get more attention from the ladies. All I need is hair gel," laughed TK.

"Very funny TK," laughed Kari. "I think wearing something that's fits too tightly around your head is not good in the long run. Something about being not as smart." Kari explained.

"That could maybe explain some things about Davis' behavior," joked TK. He recalled an image of Davis and a rather tight fitting pair of goggles always around his head.

"Maybe," giggled Kari, "but Davis is not all that bad, he has some good sides to him too." She had stood up and began to stretch. "Even though at sometimes he can be a little extreme."

TK felt jealous when Kari defended Davis, but he tried to ignore the feeling. Kari could always find good qualities in anyone. TK let out a little sigh and stood up.

"Well I guess we better be getting back to my place, we can't keep everyone waiting." said Kari. She called Gatomon over, whom had Patamon pinned to the ground.

"Yeah, if I know Davis, he is not liking this one bit.," replied TK following Kari to the digiport.

"What's wrong with me hanging around my best friend?" Asked Kari.

"Beats me?" Shrugged TK. Will she only think of me as a friend? TK extended his digivice outward and the screen started to glow, "Digiport open! They were expecting the usual flash of light, but instead the screen blanked out.

"Huh? That's weird" Kari said taking out her digivice, "here let me try." She held out her digivice in a similar fashion, "digiport open!" Still nothing happened. They stood there for a moment but the screen remained blank.

"Must be busted," said Patamon from his preach on TK's head.

"Looks like we have to find another one," Gatomon said whacking the side of the TV with her paw. Giving it one last knock Gatomon looked up at Kari.

Kari nodded and glanced at her digivice. "According to my D3 there's another digiport in that direction," Kari said pointing towards a dense forest. "It's about an one hour walk though." She then smiled at TK. "I'm not one to complain though," and then saw TK blush. Kari giggled "come on I'll race you to the forest?"

TK not being one to ruin their fun smiled, "You're on!" The two of them ran to the forest laughing all the way, with their digimon in tow.


At this time the sun was barely visible on the horizon, and the air became slightly colder. The group trekked through the forest admiring the colorful foliage. Everyone walked in silence following the forest's path just enjoying each other's company. Kari let out a happy sigh.

"What's up?" inquired TK turning to face Kari.

"Well, I'm just enjoying the walk, it's so relaxing." she stretched her arms out, taking a deep breath of the cool forest air. "It's so fun when you're with me TK." Kari twirled around letting out a laugh.

"Same here Kari," replied TK. He then frowned, "why can't I just tell Kari how I feel." He kicked a stray pebble on the ground in frustration. A sudden gust of wind rushed though the forest, causing everyone to shiver. Seeing Kari's reaction, TK put his arm around her, "Here Kari, you look cold." TK drew Kari closer to his body. It felt like the proper thing to do.

Kari felt warmer now, either from TK, or her blushing. "You know..." Kari trailed off. She wasn't really sure how to tell TK that she had feelings for him. She never knew when she started liking him, it seemed that the feelings were always there, they just got stronger over the years. "What if he doesn't like me the way I like him? It will be so awkward," Kari thought.

TK was also having the same dilemma, he was racking his brain for answers. He wasn't sure if it was the best time to tell Kari what he really felt towards her. "This is one of the very few chances I get to be truly alone with Kari." TK couldn't help it anymore. There were many times to tell Kari but always something would ruin it. TK stopped in his tracks. He lifted Patamon off his head, and put him on the ground beside Gatomon, who had also stopped. "You two go on a head of us, I want to talk to Kari in private," TK said as he motioned the digimon to continue to the digiport. When their partners were quite the distance away. TK turned to Kari, and saw her auburn eyes had a puzzled expression.

"What is it TK?" ask Kari as she brushed her chocolate brown hair from her face. "Is something wrong?" She was worried what TK had to talk about. She hoped that nothing was bothering him. Kari continued to stare into his eyes looking for an answer.

"Well there's been something on my mind for quite a while," replied TK, he stared at the ground not being able to look into Kari's eyes anymore. He ran a hand through his wild blond hair. "You see..." TK paused not knowing how to continue.

Kari could see that TK was very tense. "Why not we sit down?" Kari had spied a log big enough for the two of them to rest at the side of the path. She sat down first and motioned TK to follow. It's seemed that all of a sudden TK was really nervous. He eventually sat down, but still couldn't look at Kari.

"What I am going to say?" thought TK, a lot of feelings swelled up in his mind, but he couldn't find the words to express them. They sat there for a while not saying anything. The wind kicked up again, causing a chilly breeze to rush by them. When Kari shivered again he automatically wrapped his arm around her, seeing her smile it relaxed him slightly.

"You can tell me anything TK, we're best friends, and I'm always here for you." comforted Kari, and placed her hand on TK's shoulder. TK relaxed even more.

"Yeah, your right Kari," TK began, "you see we're the best of friends for who knows how long, and over the years our bond gets stronger and stronger, and," again TK paused to think of what he had to say.

"And?" Inquired Kari. Her heart was beating like crazy, "what is TK getting at? Does he have feelings for me?" Kari was very confused and could only hope what she thought was true.

"Why are things so hard to say them when the moment comes?" Though TK. He looked up and stared into Kari's eyes. "Kari, what I want to say is..."

All of a sudden there was a bright flash followed by an earth-shattering explosion. Even before they could react the both of them fell over from the force of the blast. TK stood up a little dazed, rubbing the back of his head. He turned around and helped Kari up, who was flat on her back. Again something had ruined the perfect moment. Judging by the sound, the explosion was not too far away. "I think our digimon might need our help," shouted TK, there was a feeling that something was definitely wrong. He pushed aside the previous conversation, to focus on the task at hand. "I guess I have to save this for later," he thought.

Kari dusted herself off, and stared down the path and saw smoke, also having a similar feeling. "I think so too, we better hurry," replied Kari. The two of them ran as fast as they could to the origin of the explosion.

They had reached a clearing in the forest, but it looked like it was recently made. What they saw looked like a crater, and there was dust thrown up into the air in all directions. Kari kneeled down trying to examine what had happened. When the dust settled she could see their two digimon, barely moving. "TK, they're down there," Kari shouted. The both of them carefully slid down the side if the rocky crater and ran to their fallen digimon.

TK scooped up Patamon, while Kari did the same with Gatomon. "You okay Patamon?" Asked TK. Patamon made a little groan. TK noted that Patamon was quite in bad shape. It looked like he was barely conscious. TK walked over to Kari to see how she doing. He could see that she was very worried. "It's all my fault," TK thought, "if I didn't tell them to go on ahead, this wouldn't have happened."

When Gatomon opened her eyes she was greeted by the worried eyes of Kari. "I'm okay," said Gatomon weakly, and then received a big hug. Turning her head she could see TK and Patamon, doing the same thing. Then she remembered what had just happened, a wave of fear struck her. "Kari, we better get out of here! It's not safe!" panicked Gatomon.

"TK, we better get out of here! Gatomon said that we're still in danger!" said Kari as she motioned TK to follow her. They climbed up the opposite side from where they came down. At the top both TK and Kari were gasping, clearly exhausted from the rather steep climb.

TK looked down at is partner, who was resting in his arms. "What happened?"

"We were attacked," replied Patamon in a weak voice.

"By who?" TK shouted angrily, "whoever did this, won't get away with it!"

"We'll see about that!" came a deep, dark voice. TK and Kari both spun around, and their eyes widened. What they saw was a massive energy ball heading in their direction.

To Be Continued...

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