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Hope Unleashed: Fighting for a Dream

The afternoon sun hung lazily in the sky lighting up what would be considered as a calm and peaceful day. Since it was in the afternoon the sun was directly over the central park, sharing its pleasant warmth with all who were there. The park was a place where people could take a calm stroll with that special someone, where children played, and families had picnics. It was where troubles seem to cease and people could finally enjoy life, but for some people trouble always finds them no matter the time or place.

A shady looking man dressed in a trench coat and hat stood at the entrance of the park where he had just seen TK and Kari walk in earlier. The park was eerily quiet when a sudden explosion was heard followed by screams and then scattering people. The man pushed forward through the crowd and in his hand he held a glowing vile of golden light. Normally it would give off a slight light but now it glimmered so brightly that it was hard to look at. "How could this be?" thought the man as he held the blazing energy sample. It emitted a strange warming heat, the owner of this energy must be near. "I thought that he was gone," he looked down again at the vile of pure golden light. "I must have been mistaken. Somehow he was able to escape." He pocketed the increasingly flashing vile. "Darkeru must be close but where?" His question was answered as he sensed a great power and another explosion echoed from the middle of the park. The man picked up his pace and sprinted to the center. He skidded to a halt and slipped behind some trees. He spied TK and another boy ready for battle. "That must be Darkeru," denounced the man, "he must be controlling that spiky haired boy. He's more resourceful than I thought."

Davis slammed his foot on the ground causing it to crack underneath him and caused fragments to leap into the air. "Come on show me what you got!" shouted Davis. He glared at TK with deadly eyes. "TK must be destroyed" was the only thought that was embedded onto his consciousness, and he was going to act upon it.

"Don't force me to fight you Davis..." trailed off TK. He wasn't sure if Davis was actually in control of his own thoughts anymore. It was more likely that Darkeru was calling the shots. Darkeru was the source of all this evil, and he must be stopped, but at what cost? "Don't let Darkeru manipulate you do his bidding. You can't let him accomplish his twisted dreams through you."

"Who said they were twisted?" Sneered Davis as he impatiently crossed his arms. "I'm getting what I want out of this too. I get Kari and I get to kill you!" Laughed Davis.

"Excellent," thought Darkeru who was also making sure Davis couldn't listen in to his thoughts. He had successfully clouded Davis' judgment and was making the boy do what he wanted to do. "It's quite easy when you find someone's weaknesses and exploit them..."

TK could feel the immense dark energy emanating from Davis that it sickened him. The more the analyzed it power the more it felt similar to his. "Is Darkeru actual me?" pondered TK as he shifted his footing.

"So it really is Darkeru," thought the man still keeping himself concealed. "This may prove to be quite interesting. I wonder how powerful he has become from the last time I encountered him?" He shifted he position and slipped closer to where the two boys were still sizing each other up. "All I have to do is get TK's and Kari's energy samples and another phase of my plan will be completed."

Kari took a quick breath and clasped her head, she felt like she was going to faint. The powers of darkness were so strong that it made him feel sick inside. Yolei and Ken stood together and they both had helpless looks on their faces. They both knew that there was absolutely no way they could help. Kari leaned on a nearby tree using it to support her weak body. No one was there to support her. "TK..." thought Kari, "Please don't let this horrible dream come true..." She wanted to stop the fight, but what could she do? There wasn't single thing she could do. She could only hope that all will work out. Davis would be saved, TK would all right, and Darkeru would be sent back to where ever he came from. Everything would be normal once again. "You have to win TK."

"Kari we shouldn't stay around any longer," Said Yolei grabbing Kari's attention.

"You guys go on with out me, I have to stay with TK. I don't want to say this but I feel something bad will happen. Please don't stay, you two better leave," Replied Kari turning to the two. Yolei was just about to debate the idea, but then slowly nodded her head. It looked like Kari knew something.

"I hope you know what you're doing," Kari nodded in response and turned away, refocusing her attention on the two boys.

TK slowly took a step back and got into a fighting stance bringing his fists forward, "You leave me no choice Davis." TK said with hesitance in his eyes, but it couldn't fully conceal the burning anger that lurked within them. He took a deep breath trying control his raging anger. He could feel it rising inside of him, consuming his very thoughts.

"I'm going to enjoy this." responded Davis with a murderous look. Davis closed his eyes and intensified his dark aura. An increase of power surged through Davis heightening his strength, he could feel every cell of his body course with this power. His eyes opened revealing pair of burning red flames, eyes that were filled with pure evil. The evil infused Davis lunged at TK with his arm launching forward. The blond haired boy stepped back and countered by a punch of his own slamming into Davis'. The both of them matched each other move for move, never landing a blow on each other. They only circled each other firing punches and kicks only to be block by the other. Davis still continued with the offensive and punched away at TK, who was able to counter with his well-timed blocks and attacks.

"I can't see what's going on!" Exclaimed Yolei glancing off in the distance. She and Ken had backed off and were now outside of the park, all she could see were rapid flashes of light and thunderous crashes.

"I really hope Kari knows what she's doing," replied Ken.


"I can't believe that a library could be so big!" laughed Tai as he lugged a rather heavy backpack filled with books that Kari needed. He walked down the sidewalk followed by Sora who couldn't help but let a small laugh escape from her mouth.

"It isn't that big Tai," smiled Sora turning her gaze to the wild haired teen.

"Well anyway, thanks for coming with me to the library," said Tai returning with a smile of his own.

Sora knew that he hated libraries and probably wanted someone to keep him company. Luckily her mother was nice enough to let her take a break from the shop. She had to admit that she had lots of fun.

"That's weird, what's with all those police cars blocking the road?" Asked Tai as he peered down the street. Several police cruisers where fencing off the road and officers were redirecting traffic.

Sora followed his gaze and saw the blockade. "Maybe they're preparing of a special event later?"

"Yeah maybe."

When they arrived back at the flower shop Tai held the door open for Sora to enter. "After you," offered Tai in a mannered voice.

"Why thank you kind sir," giggled the red head as she stepped in the flower filled store.

"What?" Asked Tai raising an eyebrow, "I do this stuff all the time."

"Sure you do," replied Sora full of sarcasm.

Tai stepped in and noticed the all the flowers' marvelous scents, they all reminded him of Sora. "I guess after you work around flowers for a long time you start to smell as beautiful as them..."

"What was that?" Asked Sora missing Tai's last sentence.

"Oh... nothing important, you know me, just rambling about nothing," Tai replied, maybe a little too over convincing.

"Sure whatever you say." Sora looked over Tai's shoulder and could see him begin to struggle with the rather heavy backpack "You better put that bag down before you break your back. Are you sure you need all those books?"

Tai relaxed a little and turned his attention to the heavy bag. "I don't want to take any chances with my sis," smirked Tai letting the heavy bag fall with a thump on the counter, "she could be picky at times and I don't want to make several trips to the library." He then arched his back in an attempt to ward off the sore feeling that was creeping up. "I don't know why she doesn't ask TK to get the books," sighed Tai, "He could just be in and out like that," as he produced a snap with his fingers

Of course for Sora she didn't have a clue to what Tai was talking about. She only gave a weird glance. "What are you talking about?"

"It's a rather long story and I'm still not sure what's going on," replied Tai with an uneasy voice. Something deep down told him that there was a much bigger picture out there and that TK's powers were just the beginning. "I'm not sure if even Izzy knows everything." Tai could only think of the possibilities that were still in stored.

"Come on, share it with me," asked Sora breaking Tai from his thoughts.

"I think the best person to ask is TK himself," returned Tai then seeing the disappointed look spread across Sora's face.

"Speaking of TK, isn't that him?" questioned Sora with a confused voice pointing at a little TV in the corner of the store. Tai glanced the TV that Sora was directing his attention to.

"What?!" shouted Tai with confusion as he ran up to the TV to take a closer look. There he saw TK and Davis in a heated battle throwing punches and kicks directed at each other. He stared on in complete shock along with Sora who had followed him. TK and Davis were fighting with such intensity that he could almost hear what was like thunder every time their attacks hit. Tai cringed as he saw how easily TK reduced a lone tree into nothing but charred fragments after firing some sort of blast. Davis who evaded the attack rammed his shoulder into TK's midsection making the blond haired boy double over in pain.

"What's going on?" Gasped Sora as she saw both TK and Davis fighting in their transformed states.

"I'm not sure," replied Tai with a worried voice. He then reached for the remote and turned up the volume.

"This is channel 6 news. If you're just joining us we're recording live behind one of many police roadblocks. They have ceased all traffic flowing to central park because of a very strange phenomenon. Witnesses who fled the scene all mentioned of a boy surrounded in a golden light, and another with darkness. Apparently it appears these two boys are fighting over some girl named Kari." The camera focuses onto Kari who has a fear stricken face. "We advise no one ventures past the police roadblock, because it is still unknown how dangerous the situation might get. "

Tai face paled as he saw his little sister standing in what looked like a war zone. She just stood there almost oblivious to the explosions that went of in front of her. It was like she was only staring at TK. "Get out of there Kari!" Demanded Tai. Of course he knew that his sister couldn't hear him so he had to get to her. He then turn on his heels and bolted to the door.


"You're putting up quite a challenge," smirked Davis who had briefly paused with his attacks. "I never met a good match in a long time."

"This fighting is pointless Davis," breathed TK using this pause to regain his strength. "Fighting isn't the way to get the things you want."

"Oh but it is, when I'm this powerful I can get what I want," Davis smiled evilly, "When I'm done with you, Kari is mine and then the world will follow."

"I know it's not you doing the talking but it's Darkeru. I'm going to have to stop you, for your sake, Kari's and the entire world!" TK slightly bent his knees and move his feet apart. He then crossed his arms in front of his face. His aura grew to an even more solid gold color. TK could feel his abilities increasing ten fold. He stretched his hands outward and burning flames encircled them. In one quick motion he pulled his fist back and jump at Davis. TK let the attack fly forward at Davis, who easily sidestepped the attack. TK followed with his right and this time Davis grabbed it in a split second holding the flaming attack inches face.

"What's the matter?" Laughed Davis pushing TK away. Davis seemed to power up even more tapping into more of Darkeru's dark powers. He leaned forward and pushed off the ground tearing it up with his speed. TK duck to the side dodging Davis' initial attack, he then brought his arm up and blocked another. TK then sidestepped and swung at Davis' head, who easily blocked it while forcing TK back. Davis then followed up striking TK in the chest and accompanied with a strong blow to the stomach causing TK to reel back. Davis laughed as he heard TK gasp in pain. TK stumbled onto one knee grasping his stomach. Davis laughter mocked TK making him flow with anger. Davis didn't see the raging fire that slowly flickered inside of TK's eyes. With lightning speed TK to jump to his feet letting loose a furious kick which connect sharply with Davis' head.

The blow was so quick and powerful that Davis was struck into a dizzying spin. Davis flipped backwards and regained his footing sliding several feet back. He then drove his shoes into the ground and pushed forward with fist already extended striking TK across the face knocking him on his back. TK dug his hands into the ground and pulled himself back up. He brought a hand to his burning cheek and kept a slight distance from Davis. TK tried to push out any feeling of pain that he felt, for he had to fight without any distractions. "Kari... you shouldn't be here..." thought TK as he looked at her direction. "Get out of here Kari it's not safe!" shouted TK. Kari looked at TK with fearful eyes, she was scared for his safely. "You're distracting me. I know you mean good, and you don't want me to get hurt, but I don't want you to get hurt!"

Hesitantly Kari nodded "Please be all right TK," she said. With one last glance Kari ran to where Ken and Yolei were watching.

Even though Kari didn't want to leave she knew it would be for the better. Suddenly she slammed into something hard, almost like a wall. Kari sat up and rubbed her forehead. Slowly getting up and shaking her head she put her hands in front of her and felt an invisible barrier. Kari gave a fearful gasp, they were trapped. She could just make out an outline enclosing the whole area. "We're closed in!" yelled Kari catching TK's attention.

"What's the meaning of this Darkeru?" Demand TK turning to Davis who had an evil smile.

"I'm just making sure that neither of you can escape and no one can interfere with this little death match."

"What about Kari? She'll get hurt!"

"It will make things a little interesting," replied Davis, "Call it a little initiative for you to fight."

TK let out a growl, Davis wasn't even caring for Kari's safety anymore! "You want a fight? I'll give you one!" Catching Davis off guard TK drove his foot onto Davis mid-section, and then followed with a blinding wave of punches. TK pulled his fist back and give a hard right with all the force he could deliver and stuck Davis off his feet. TK cupped his hands and coiled them backwards as a yellow light seemed to funnel into his hand. A pulsing orb of energy burned to life growing in size as it was fed with more power. TK shot his hands forward unleashing a golden wave slamming into Davis who screamed in anger and was sent clear cross the park. A mere seconds later the wave of energy exploded showering the park with golden light, swallowing Davis whole.

"This is stupid," thought TK, "fighting in this enclosed area is too dangerous, Kari will get hurt." TK knew that Davis couldn't be beat this easily and would be back and ready for more. He turned to Kari "I want you to stay as far away as you can Kari," instructed TK. He stared onto those auburn eyes that he loved. He then placed his hand softly on her cheek, "I have to fight and I can't be distracted by the thought of you getting hurt."

"Hands off!" Before TK could turn his attention to the voice a powerful blow struck him clean off his feet.

"TK!" shouted Kari as she instinctively ran to his side.

"No Kari you can't help me," Snapped TK, "you'll only get in the way!" He the pushed her aside and got to his feet. He brought up his arms and crossed them in front of his face blocking Davis' forceful punch. The strength of the attack of so powerful that it caused TK to stumble backwards. Davis jumped at his opponent with a flying kick trying to catch TK while he was still off balance.

TK quickly found his footing and flipped backwards causing Davis' kick nothing but the ground. Taking this opportunity TK shot towards Davis with a kick of his own striking Davis in the ribs, and then swiftly kicked Davis across the face sending the boy crashing backwards.

"Quite impressive," growled Davis pushing off the ground and putting a hand under his jaw. "I shouldn't underestimate you." He then shot forward and unleashed a furious spinning kick only to be caught by TK's quick reaction.

"That's why you're going to lose Davis!" Growled TK tightening his grip on Davis' leg and wrenched it forward bringing Davis' stomach into TK's waiting elbow. Davis hissed in pain and hunched over then receiving a rising uppercut sending him tumbling backwards through several trees. TK brought both his hands over his head, and started to focus greater amounts energy.

A golden energy seemed to follow into his out reached hands and it was slowly growing bigger sparking with energy. Kari brought her arm up and shielded her eyes from the bright mass of light. "Must TK destroy Davis along with Darkeru, or could there be another way?"

"Take this!" Shouted TK hurling the mass of energy towards Davis. The spiky haired boy pulled his hand back and swung out with a quick backhand deflecting the energy upwards causing it to explode harmlessly above them. Kari's eyes widened in disbelief at what she just saw. Davis with little effort deflected the attack. TK growled at his failed attempt and cupped both hands to his side and quickly fired them forward unleashing yet another wave directed at Davis.

Davis saw the attack and laughed to himself, "This is too easy!" Pushing off the ground he ascended over the beam as it passed under him. He quickly jetted forward body checking TK into the barrier. The blond boy slid down and fell face first to the ground. Coughing from the impact he raised his head only to see Davis fire a dark blast of energy directed at him.


Patamon laid snuggly beside Gatomon. He felt pretty stupid about fainting right when Gatomon kissed him, but he was sure that she understood. He felt so happy that words could never describe what he felt. It was still like a dream. He turned around and faced Gatomon and stared into her shiny cat eyes. "I love you," said Patamon as he wrapped his pair of wings around Gatomon in a type of hug. He never wanted this to end.

"I love you too," purred Gatomon nestling closer. She could do this forever. When all of a sudden she heard a snapping of a twig in the distance. "Someone is coming," alerted Gatomon perking her head upwards.

"Where?" Question Patamon looking around the whole opening.

"Hey guys!" Said DemiVeemon jumping out of the trees.

The two turned around to greet DemiVeemon running up to them. "Hello," replied the couple at once, who had already broke their embrace.

"Um, what were you two doing?" Questioned the blue digimon eyeing the two suspiciously.

"Just having a relaxing moment," Gatomon stated a little irritated.

"Did I come here at a wrong time?" Ask DemiVeemon who had noticed Gatomon's harsh tone.

"Well in a matter of fact..." started Patamon but then was cut off.

"We were just about to go look for TK and Kari," replied Gatomon standing up from her seat on the soft grass. She started to feel uneasy on what to stay to DemiVeemon, she didn't want to hurt the little digimon's feelings. She let out a little sigh. "You might as well join us," motioned Gatomon.

"You sure you don't mind?" Smiled the in-training digimon.

"No course not, it'll be fun," Gatomon smiled her best. "You coming?" She asked noticing Patamon was lagging behind. What she saw next frightened her, the orange winged digimon was trembling and fear was written in his eyes. "What's wrong?" cried Gatomon as she bounded to Patamon seeing him fall over.

"Is he alright?" Asked DemiVeemon with concern running up as well.

"I don't know," replied Gatomon putting a paw over Patamon and giving a gentle shake. To her relief his eyes slowly opened.

"There's so much dark power," said Patamon slowly standing up with help from Gatomon. "It feels like TK is making this evil energy, but yet I can feel two powers one good and one evil."

"What are you talking about?" Questioned DemiVeemon, "there can't be too TKs right?"

"I don't know," said the Patamon filled with confusion, "There are two of them and they both feel like TK." Suddenly the ground shook violently and a massive explosion ripped through the whole park.

"I think what ever caused that will give us our answers," Added Gatomon, looking at the direction of were the blast came from. She then turned to Patamon. "For some reason I can feel a strange power almost like it was coming from Kari, it's weak but it's there."

"We better hurry then," said DemiVeemon running up ahead, "who knows what else will happen?"


"Authorities are blocking off roads and making sure bystanders are vacated for the immediate vicinity. Also no immediate steps are being taken to intervene since a plan of action is still being formulated. All we can hope is that these two fighters keep their battle within this area to reduce property damage and casualties.

"Where do you think you're going Tai?" Demanded Sora as she grabbed hold of Tai's arm. "You don't think your going to try and stop those two are you?" Tai still didn't calm down and was still fighting in her grip.

"Let go of me Sora. I have to make sure Kari is safe!" Stated Tai rather frantically. He pushed the girl from his arms and continued to run down the street. He had to do something. "Those guys better not hurt Kari..." Tai said to himself. "TK and Davis what are you guys doing?"

"Look at me Tai," said Sora with concern yanking Tai around to face her, "I don't want you to be barging in like that who knows what's going happening." Tai stared into her eyes and saw that she was scared, who wouldn't be. "It's not safe."

"I know it's not safe, but that's not going to stop me. I have to make sure that my sister is going to be alright, and it's much better if I'm with her." Again he run off.

"Fine, I'm coming with you," Shouted Sora, which caused Tai to skid to a halt.

"No you are not. I don't want you to get hurt out there too." Said Tai with eyes full of concern.

Sora smiled weakly, "It's the same with me, I don't want to see you get hurt either." Tai frowned and let out a sigh.

"Fine, we're quite far from the park, we better hurry." Sora nodded and ran along side Tai in the direction of the park.


The dark energy barreled towards TK with break neck speed. Planting both his feet on the ground TK forced himself up jumping over the burning energy blast. The dark mass slammed into the barrier and exploded with a deafening explosion. Davis leapt into the air to intercept TK. TK spun around and dodged Davis' punch, and returned with his own to be blocked. They darted at each other letting loose punches, then pushing away only to jump back in for more. They were moving so fast that it looked like they were only gold and black lines crashing into each other. Finally TK struck Davis with his swift knee and followed with both his fists hammering Davis to the ground. When the spiky haired boy impacted with the earth TK shot his hands forward unleashing a brilliant beam of energy cutting through the air. All that was beneath him vanished in a golden explosion of light. He could see Kari was pressed up against the barrier shielding her eyes. Slowly lowering himself TK back on the ground. His breathing was getting quite heavy, and his sore body was getting to him. He could still sense Darkeru's dark energy. The fight was still far from over. What more could get worse?

"TK!" piped up a small voice. TK turned around and saw Patamon, Gatomon, and DemiVeemon, leaning up against the invisible barrier looking inside. "What's going on? I sensed that you were using a great amount of energy, and when I got here, I see you blowing stuff up!"

"It's not safe here guys, Davis is possessed by an evil force. Were right now in the middle of a battle," said TK waving the digimon to run.

"TK is right Patamon," said Kari running up, "you have to get away from here, Davis is dangerous."

"TK!" shouted Davis who erupted from underneath the rubble. He brought his palms together in front of him. Slowly parting them he created a spherical mass of burning dark energy. Pushing his hands forward he launched the burning mass, laughing hysterically. The gigantic sphere raced towards the group ready to swallow them whole.

"Darkeru you heartless monster!" shouted TK. Aiming his hands TK fired off a wave of light directed at the massive dark energy. The golden light slammed into the dark mass pushing against it. TK gritted his teeth at the amount of exertion it required to cancel out Davis' attack. Finally the golden light swallowed up the dark mass and it exploded pushing TK back against the barrier. He quickly stretched out his hands and caught Kari before she slammed into him. "Darkeru has gone way too far. He's involving other people into this fight other than me. He could have almost killed you all." TK clenched his fist in pure anger, "He's going to pay!" Looking around desperately he saw no sight of Davis. "Where are you Davis!"

Kari turn to Gatomon, "you have to get out of here now. Darkeru is going to use you against TK as a distraction."

"But Kari you're stuck in there I have to find a way to protect you!" Said Gatomon striking the barrier at an attempt to break it.

"You can't help me Gatomon. You have to get out of here now. Same goes for you guys." The three digimon faces sunk at their inability to help their partners.

"Please be alright," Said Gatomon as they all turned and headed for safer ground.

"Where do you think you're going?" laughed Darkeru. Appearing far above TK and Kari. Davis had in his hands a dark fire. "I'm going to make things even more interesting." He brought his hand downwards. TK's eyes widened in shock. The attack this time wasn't directed at him, but at their digimon outside of the barrier. The attack passed thought the invisible barrier and raced towards their digimon.

"No! Patamon!" shouted TK slamming against the barrier. He madly pounded away at it, but it never once gave in. It all happened in less then a second. DemiVeemon, Patamon, and Gatomon, disappeared underneath the black energy and when it faded they were gone.

"Gatomon! No!" Shouted Kari, she pounding her hands against the barrier until they stung. She slowly slid to her knees and stared blankly at the charred spot where their digimon once stood. She hugged her arms as tears came to her eyes. Even though digimon were reborn it still didn't make the pain go away. "How could you Davis?" Screamed Kari. "You killed them!"

"Stop your whining Kari," smirked Davis, "who needs digimon when we possess this great power!" He then turned to TK, "Those pathetic creatures never die anyway, and that's why they're so annoying!"

TK stood there trembling with anger. His eyes narrowed and focused at Davis. This was the second time he saw Patamon die, and again it felt like was all his fault. Even thought Patamon would be reconfigured and be sent to primary village. He wouldn't never forever give anyone who killed Patamon... not even Davis. TK continued to stand there motionless, weighed down by his collecting anger.

Darkeru could sense TK was about to explode at any moment. A smile began to spread across his face. "Good now the fun really begins," thought Darkeru. "Come on TK, show me you anger! Don't hold it back use it do destroy me! That's what you want right?" Davis descended several feet away for TK. Just a little more pushing and TK would be raging mad and controlled by his anger. Davis let out a taunting laugh.

Kari, was feeling an anger of her own. It was rising inside of her, it felt like nothing she felt before. She was mad at how helpless she was. She couldn't help anyone. "I couldn't help Gatomon, and the others. I can't help TK, I can only watch everyone I care about get hurt. Why can't I do anything? Why must everyone suffer?" Kari tightened her fist, as the strange feeling continued to flow within her. "Why am I so useless?"

"Fight me with you're anger TK! I want to see you angry!" Davis then turn to Kari, "Don't make me involve Kari." TK's eyes widened all his attempts to hold back his anger failed and it rush forward with a mighty force. There was no holding back now, TK was going all out. Throwing his head back TK shouted at the top of his lungs. "You want anger! I'll show you anger!" Roared TK he brought his fists up and his aura exploded with flames. Yelling out TK lifted his hands up to the sky and a shockwave of energy erupted from his body throwing up debris. TK stood there with his aura burning with anger and his golden hair pulsed with new power. Shouting out TK ran to the half ready Davis and drove his fist into Davis' stomach. He then delivered volley after volleys of punches. TK was a lose cannon, attacking at any spot that was unguarded. He pressed onward striking Davis without mercy who was barely able to keep up with TK.

Jumping backwards, Davis could feel TK's new power. Davis blocked one of TK's punches and then ducked under a kick. "Now this is getting better!" thought Darkeru finally encountering a fair match, "We can't waste our time, when were done toying with him, we kill him."

"Right," replied Davis who caught the last phrase. He then blocked a swift elbow aimed at his chest, but then felt a sharp pain as a lightning fast kick struck him at the side.

TK ducked down and clutched his hands together swinging in an upward motion knocking Davis high onto the air. Davis gritted his teeth as TK's attacks were getting more damaging. He stopped in mid air and turned around only to feel TK's fist connect with his face. Davis stumbled back and was getting annoyed. He tasted something bitter in his mouth, it was too familiar, blood. Davis slightly turned his head to the side and spat out the metallic taste. Letting out a low growl Davis swung at TK's head only for his fist to be caught in mid-flight. TK twisted Davis' arm in the most awkward position cause the boy to bend in pain. "Now you'll pay Davis!" TK brought up his other arm and elbowed Davis back to the ground.

Kari saw Davis' body crash to the ground then rebounding from the impact. TK was winning but, it looked more like he was just toying with Davis drawing out this battle as long as possible. She watched TK dart downwards at Davis slammed his knee on top of Davis' chest driving all the air out of the boy. TK grabbed Davis by the neck with his blazing fist held high ready to strike. "I'm never going to let you walk out of this alive Davis!" She couldn't watch it. Darkeru is the one who deserves to get killed not Davis, he was their friend.

"Not TK don't!" Shouted Kari as she ran up to TK. "There has to be a different way!" She looked at Davis' battered body, and imagined how much pain he must have gone through. "You can't kill Davis!" Pleaded Kari, "Darkeru's making him do this, you can't kill Davis too, there has to be another way!" Kari looked into TK's icy blue eyes, all that anger was still inside him. "Don't let the anger tell you what to do TK!" Said Kari tugging on TK's arm. "We have to help Davis not kill him!"

TK growled and dropped Davis to the ground who desperately grasped for air, "You're right..." replied TK turning away, all the anger that was welled up inside him needed to be unleashed upon someone, it shouldn't be upon Davis, but only Darkeru deserved punishment. "Don't try anything funny Darkeru," commanded TK turning back, "I have you beat. I'm stronger than you."

"Oh really?" Questioned Darkeru, "You're only stronger because you used your anger and hatred fuel your power." TK eyed Davis as he stood up.

"So what?" Snapped TK raising his fist ready to attack once more.

"You're own anger will be your down fall TK." Davis wiped a stray trail of blood from his mouth, " for you see those who are aligned with the forces of evil can only use negative emotions to their advantage!" Davis was engulfed with a solid black aura disappearing beneath it since light could no longer penetrate it. "Watch now TK, I will destroy you and everything else with your own anger!"

"No!" Thought TK, feeling all the energy he was using being drain from his body. What Darkeru said was true. "He was just tricking me all along I could never have beaten him in the first place! I just made him even stronger!" TK fell to one knee from the sudden lack of strength his aura shrank to its original size and his hair stopped pulsing with energy.

Davis reappeared from beneath the blackened aura. "Too bad TK, but play time is over," Davis smiled evilly. He then shot his right arm forward and a dark energy jumped out. TK's eyes widened at how quick the attack was made and leapt to his right. Blinding hot pain shot through his left arm as the dark beam slammed into it. TK spiraled in the air and slammed into the ground hard. With his sleeve burn to a crisp TK saw his exposed arm, bleeding and limp at his side. TK slowly pushed himself up clutching his aching arm.

Kari was at TK's side terrified by the sudden change of events. "No, what have I done?" Thought Kari. "I let the only chance of stopping Darkeru slip past us." Darkeru stood there radiating a massive amount of dark energy. His aura burned furiously making TK's look insignificant. She turned and saw TK holding his left arm, it looked like it was broken. Things weren't looking good. She had to stop this, "Enough! Please stop!" cried Kari running in between the two boys. "Davis please stop, only you alone can stop this!"

"Oh I'll stop," replied Davis pausing his actions. Kari let out a sigh of relief, but then knew something was wrong, "I'll stop once TK is dead!" He lifted up his right hand upwards and a flat circular disc materialized into his hand. With an evil laugh Davis threw the disc forward.

"Get down!" TK quickly pushed Kari to the ground. He brought his good hand forward and flaming power ignited in his hand. TK launched ball of energy forward slamming onto the disc at an attempt to cancel it out. But the dark disc continued to pass through without any indication of stopping. Davis attack was faster than a blink of an eye and TK could only at the last moment dodge to the right. He wasn't quick enough though as he felt the razor sharp disc tear away at his side and ripped right past him. The pain was excruciating. TK stood there wide-eyed, nearly motionless. His mouth was open with shock, and finally his right arm covered the deep bleeding wound. Pain overwhelmed his body and TK fell to his knees. He clutched his side as blood continued to pour out. He cocked his head upwards and saw Kari's horrified face.

Kari had swerved around and saw the razor like disc slicing TK's side. "TK!" Kari pushed herself to her feet and bolted back to TK.

TK breathed heavily and gripped his bleeding side. Staggering to his feet with Kari's help he could hear his blood continue to seep between his fingers and drip to the ground. His left arm was hanging limply probably too damaged to use. He growled under his breath, how could he have been so stupid and let his anger control him. Darkeru had used all his negative energy to empower him. Now what could he do?

"End of the line TK," laughed Davis walking towards the two. In on last desperate attempt TK clenched his blood covered hand and ran at Davis.

"You!" Shouted TK swinging wildly at Davis'. Davis only had to duck under the swing, and grabbed TK's neck in a death grip on the way up.

"Pathetic," smirked Davis as he kneed TK on his injured side. Seeing the blond hair boy yell in agony only made Darkeru more torturing. He tightened his grip around TK's neck cutting out all air causing to boy the cease his pain filled screams.

TK did what ever he could possibly do to loosen Davis' grip from his neck, but at every attempt he got weaker and before he knew it he was barely able to move.

"Davis stop it!" shouted Kari no longer able to stand aside seeing TK being tortured to death. "You've gone too far! Not even you would kill TK! Stop listening to Darkeru!" She breathed deeply and let her tears run down her eyes. "Your dreams are becoming evilly twisted just like Darkeru's, they'll never come true!" Davis slammed TK to the ground in a crumbled heap.

"Does this look like a dream to you?" Snapped Davis grinding his foot into of TK's bad arm. The golden hair boy opened his mouth in pain, but was so weak he could even produce a sound. In fact he felt his power slipping away from him, soon enough he wouldn't be able to maintain his transformed state.

"No! Leave him alone!" Kari ran up and pushed Davis off TK with all her might. She needed to do something but what? If only there was a way to stop Darkeru. "This must stop now! If you want this to continue you have to go through me!" Kari clenched his fist as tears continued to flow down her face.

TK tried desperately to stand up but with no luck. Sinking back down, he could only watch as Kari tried to hold Davis back. "I never thought that it would come to this," thought TK. "I never wanted to tell Kari about her powers, I didn't want to burden her. It's my fault! Now we're all finished." TK looked up and gasped in shock, he didn't believe what he saw next, Davis brought his hand up and grabbed Kari around the neck. "Davis! What are you doing?"

Davis held Kari up high and stared into her frightened eyes, "The child of light," spoke Darkeru, "It's been a while since I sworn my revenge against you." Kari struggled against Davis' grip, "You're just like her. She always sided with good, even though she knew it was the losing side."

"What are you talking about?" Gasped Kari, "what do you know about me?"

"I know nothing about you in this world, but were I come from, you're not this weak and pathetic, I don't even know why Davis likes you." He then tightened his grip around Kari's neck sneering at her. "I would ask you to join me but if you can't awaken the powers inside yourself, I have no need for you!" Kari's eyes widened as Davis raised his hand towards her face and a dark energy began to appear. Kari closed her eyes hearing the crackling of energy inches from her face.

"Davis, think of what you're allowing to happen," Kari spoke weakly as her eyes began to slowly close. Even though it was a soft voice it rang and echoed with in Davis' very soul. The girl that he cared for was going to be killed by him. Davis' eyes widened as a flow of emotions flooded his mind. It was like at this very instance his mind wasn't clouded by Darkeru, he finally realized that he wasn't in control.

Davis released Kari from his grip and the dark energy faded for his other hand. The chocolate brown haired girl fell to the ground gasping and coughing for air. "I almost killed her!" cried Davis. He fell to his knees and clutched his head in agony. Davis had seen the truth. Darkeru was just using him as a pawn. Everything told to him were false promises. "What have I done? This is all wrong!" shouted Davis.

"What are you doing?" Shouted Darkeru inside of Davis' head. "Destroy them both. TK and Kari are just insignificant get rid of them! Kari is only holding you back!"

"No! I won't! This ends here Darkeru! You can't control me anymore!" Davis yelled out loud.

"Foolish boy," growled Darkeru, "I gave you your chances, now I'll just have to take it from here!" Darkeru assumed full control of Davis' body pushing Davis' soul deep down.

Kari had scrambled back to TK and helped to lift him back to his feet. "Don't worry TK everything will be alright."

"I'm afraid you're dead wrong," said Darkeru appearing in front of Kari. "You may have reached to Davis but you can't sway me. By ridding the both of you nothing can stop me."

"Davis, you can't let Darkeru win!" Shouted Kari staring into Davis' hardened eyes.

"Davis won't be able to help you now." Darkeru brought an arm up with dark electricity sparking around it. The sparks seemed to multiply in number covering the whole arm. Darkeru pulled his arm back and the electricity flowed and focused in his hand forming a deadly sphere of dark power.

TK pushed Kari behind him and prepared to an energy attack of his own. The brilliant aura that once surrounded him struggled to stay burning as he channel all that was in him to this one final attack.

"It ends here... AHHHHH!" shouted Darkeru the energy dissipated from his hand and he bent over in pain. "What are you doing?" Demanded Darkeru staggering backwards.

"I'm not going to let you win Darkeru," yelled Davis, "No matter what is takes you're going down!" Davis was in a battle within himself to regain control of his body. The pain was getting unbearable as he felt like Darkeru was trying to wrench him entirely out of his own body. Davis continued to fight back with all the strength inside of him trying to overcome Darkeru.

"Davis!" Shouted Kari as she tried to help Davis who was clearly in extreme pain. "What have to help him!" cried Kari.

"No! You can't!" Davis yelled still fighting for control. He looked at TK with pleading eyes, "You have to destroy me along with Darkeru it's the only way!" Davis dispersed the power from his body causing it to revert to its normal state, one blast was all that was needed to end this insanity.

TK looked at the focused energy glowing around his hand. Slowly nodding his head TK pulled back his fist. "I wish there was another way," said TK with despair in his voice.

"No TK!" Yelled Kari jumping in front of TK, "Davis can fight it, we can help him!"

"Idiots!" Snarled Darkeru with pure rage. He forced Davis in the deepest recesses, and regained control. He quickly summoned all the dark energy inside of him once again.

"TK now! Before he can power up even more!" Shouted Davis. TK looked at Kari.

"This is the only way... I'm sorry" Kari looked at Davis then at TK. She lowered her head and stepped aside, she couldn't stop crying. "It's over Darkeru!" Shouted TK thrusting his burning fist forward releasing a wave of the collected energy.

"It can't be!" Yelled Darkeru. He quickly countered by firing a dark energy blast slamming into TK's. To his surprise TK's sliced right through the dark beam and continued straight towards Darkeru. Davis was weakening him. Darkeru brought up his other hand and fired combining the two blasts.

Davis watched on as Darkeru used his body to try and stop the attack intended to kill them. Davis was trying to suppress Darkeru as much as he could, therefore weakening the evil spirit. The whole process was draining him and he felt like he was slipping, sooner or later he couldn't stop Darkeru for using more of his power. Davis could see TK was also losing his energy.

Kari saw TK's legs begin to buckle, he was about to fall over from exhaustion. She ran up to TK and supported his arm that began to waver. Darkeru was getting stronger by the minute. She must not let Davis' attempts to save them go in vane. "Don't give up TK!" She could see that TK was barely able to maintain this pace. His face was damp with sweat and was barely able to catch his breath.

Darkeru felt Davis weakened and began to draw more power to the surface. "No!" thought Davis, "I couldn't help them..." he struggled to hold on, Darkeru's influence was so strong, finally Davis lost his very last grip of control and suddenly all was black.

Darkeru felt the dark energy once again flow through his borrowed body with his strength returning to him. Again he summoned the dark sparking energy that flowed around his arms and focused it into his beam.

"I get to kill two birds with one stone!" Laughed Darkeru directing all his energy at TK and Kari.

"It's too much Kari!" breathed TK weakly, "get away from here. I can't hold Darkeru off." TK could feel that any second he would give out to exhaustion and then get blown into nothingness.

"It's no use running TK!" Replied Kari giving more support to TK's arm. "Don't give up!" Kari closed her eyes. This wasn't happening. She wouldn't allow it. All this time TK and her had gone through so much, and for what? How she wanted to see her dreams come true. She wanted to finally have a nice peaceful day with all her friends, and TK, but every time something would interfere. This was all she wanted, everyone to be happy, to finally tell TK what she wanted to for so long, and it would never come. "TK's fighting to protect the good and for what he believes in. Davis was fighting too, he tried to set things straight when he finally saw the truth. Do I also have to fight?" Kari eyes snapped open and saw the dark energy blast a few feet away from them, ready to swallow them whole. "No!" shouted Kari, maybe she was selfish, but she really wanted her dreams to come true. If fighting for them was the only way, them fight she must. Something inside Kari snapped. The desire to fight grew so strong inside of her. She had to do something, to protect her dreams, to fight for them. Kari screamed at the top of her lungs unconsciously tearing down all barriers which were holding her back unleashing a massive power within her. Her soft hair began to flow wildly from what looked like a mysterious wind. A pink light shined from her chest and shot out encircling her whole body. It then flowed to her arms then into her hands burning brightly. The pink light then flowed into TK's beam with gold and pink light mingling as one. With a newfound strength TK focused the energy and pushed the shining beam back against Darkeru's attack. The bright light and the darkness mixed together in the center slowly swelling.

"How could this be?" Growled Darkeru. The two energy waves were equal in strength, one not giving way to the other. Finally the allotted amount of power was so great that it unleashed it's self in a massive explosion knocking the three off their feet. The blast was so strong that Darkeru was sent in an uncontrollable tumble. The only thing that stopped him was the solid stone fountain in the middle of the park. Feeling the energy fleeting for his body, he cursed under his breath as the dark aura faded from his body. "Stupid weak body," Darkeru blamed, "If only I had my own back again,"

"I may be able to help you," spoke a strange yet familiar voice. Darkeru tilted his to see a shady man standing above him.

"Who are you?" Darkeru managed to say before a blanket of darkness covered him.

TK lost sight of Kari and Darkeru as he was knocked into the air. A sharp pain struck TK when he slammed into something hard. A cracking then shattering sound was heard as it resonated through his whole body. Was it him or the object that gave way? It didn't matter, he closed his eyes and fell back feeling gravity taking over, finally darkness drowned out all of his pain as his limp body met the soft grass.


When Kari ears stopped ringing she opened her eyes to see nothing but dust and smoke. She crawled out from a group of dense bushes and slowly got to her feet. The bushes were probably the only things that cushioned her fall. When TK's and Davis' energy blasts collided with each other she thought the whole city was going to get leveled. Stumbling forward she walked to where she last saw TK. Bring up her hands she examined them. The pink light that once flowed through them had vanished, maybe she had dreamt it all up. Panic slowly crept in when she couldn't find TK. "TK?" Kari called hoping to hear a reply. Receiving nothing she continued to push through the thick cloud of dust and smoke blindly searching.

After about five minutes the smoke had faded and the dust settled. "It looks like the barrier was destroyed," Kari noted, "That shattering sound must have been it breaking." She then saw what looked like a figure not too far in the distance with distinct blond hair. Her heart raced as she ran to TK. The closer she got the more she saw how badly he was hurt. He had bruises just about everywhere and the grass around him was stained with blood. The cut that he received from that razor like attack looked horrid. TK had his hand tightly clasped over the wound while blood flowed through his fingers. His breathing was labored and shallow, and his eyes were tightly closed. She slowly bent down not knowing whether to move him incase he had any more injuries. Slowly she placed her shaking hands on TK cheek and then pushed his hair away from his face. As if just by her touch TK's eyes slowly opened. Just seeing the pain in those blue eyes made her want to die.

"Am I dead?" asked TK in a weak voice cringing in pain. He couldn't tell how badly he was hurt but from the look on Kari's face it wasn't good.

"Please don't say stuff like that TK!" said Kari taking holding TK's hand as if trying to convince him that he was alive. "You're going to be fine."

"Oh, it's just that I thought you we're angel," TK smiled weakly as his consciousness was slipping from him. He tried to sit up but the pain was so intense that he yelled out.

"Don't move TK," pleaded Kari in a terrified voice. TK was in such pain that she never seen before. She steadied him by placing a hand on his shoulder not allowing him to move. TK didn't argue and rested back down. Kari removed her long pink gloves and folded them together forming a temporary bandage. Kari gently placed it over TK's wound and it slowly took on a red color as it soaked up the blood. TK swallowed hard, his throat was so dry, and his vision was getting blurry, but he gave a reassuring smile trying to calm Kari down.

Kari looked over TK trying to make him as comfortable as possible until help arrived. She applied more pressure on TK's side trying to stop the bleeding. "I'm sorry TK," apologized Kari as she might have pushed too hard causing TK yelp in pain. "I have to keep pressure in it... you're bleeding very badly." TK slowly propped his head up and finally saw his blood soaked side. His eyes widened in shock. "You'll be alright," replied Kari motioning TK to lie back down.

"It's getting cold Kari... and I'm feeling so tired," said TK slipping into a less than aware state. His head slow began to drop to the side.

"No! You can't rest now TK. Just hold on until help comes!" Kari slapped TK's face causing his eyes to shoot open. "I'm sorry but you can't sleep no matter how you feel." Kari's mind zoomed why wasn't any help coming? She looked around and there was no sign of an ambulance let alone a sound of a siren. She must keep TK awake at all cost. "Look at me TK," Kari placed her hand under TK's chin and guided TK's gaze upon her. "I want you to promise me that you won't d... fall asleep. And you promise me that you'll get all better."

TK nodded his head in response and coughed. The frightening taste of blood was in his mouth. "Why is this happening?" Thought TK. It was like evil always had a way of finding either Kari or him, and wanted them dead, this time it may have succeeded. TK closed his eyes. "I won't die," TK said to himself. "This whole thing isn't over yet... I can't die now..." Suddenly he felt a sharp sting across his face.

"TK!" It was Kari, he probably had his eyes closed for too long.

"I'm... OK," replied TK looking into Kari's tear filled eyes. "Don't worry about me... I'll be fine." TK gave to best smile he could give.

"I have to keep him occupied," thought Kari.

"Where's Davis?" Question TK. Kari scanned the area and there was no sight of him anywhere.

"Do you think it's over?" Asked Kari as she gazed upon TK.

"I'm not sure Kari," coughed TK. "I don't want to spoil it, but I have to say it's not over yet."

Kari lifted up one of her hands and examined it once again, "TK, what happened back there? What was that pink light that came from me?"

TK sighed and took Kari's hand into his. He took a deep breath for it was getting harder to speak. "I didn't want to tell you Kari, knowing that you hated to get involved with fighting directly. I just wanted the best for you, so I hid the truth from you." TK turned his head away feeling like he endangered Kari more than protected her, if she had the power earlier they wouldn't be in this situation. Now Kari was so sad and afraid, she feared for his life. "I'm sorry Kari."

"What do you mean TK?" Questioned Kari still a little unsure of what TK was trying to say. "TK?" she repeated after not getting an answer. TK's body had grown limp and his eyes were closed. His grip around her hand loosened and fell to his side. "TK? TK!" shouted Kari shaking TK with tears down her eyes. "No TK! You're going to be alright, just hold on!" She leaned over and cradled TK crying into him. She just sat there crying not knowing what was going on in her surroundings. She didn't want to leave TK.

"Kari!" Came a familiar voice. Kari lifted her head from TK to see Tai and Sora running towards her. "I'm so glad that you're alright." Said Tai catching his breath. He looked over Kari's shoulder and froze, "oh no..." was all he could say when he caught a glimpse of TK in his sister arms. Sora let out a gasp and ran past Tai and knelt beside Kari. She saw TK's pale face and injured body. She brought her two fingers and placed them against TK's neck to check for a pulse.

"It doesn't look too good," Sora said slowly looking down at TK. "He has to get some medical attention fast!"

"TK, I know you still can hear me," cried Kari holding TK face up to hers. "Hold on, help is on the way. Please hold on... for me."

Tai looked away he couldn't see his sister in this state. He was powerless to help her, nothing he could tell her now would make things feel better. "Why aren't the paramedics showing up? It must be those police road blocks slowing them down!" Tai kicked the ground in frustration. He looked down at the battered boy in his sister's arms, "TK you better live, I don't want my sister to be sad like this forever... she needs you..."

Finally sirens could be heard in the distance. Kari laid her head on to TK's chest and hugged him tightly letting her tears soak into his torn shirt. She could hear his heart beat weaken by every passing moment. Kari couldn't stop crying, she was losing him. Through her tear filled eyes she could see Tai wrap his arms around Sora trying to comfort her. They all knew that help would arrive but would it be too late?

To Be Continued...

*Note*: Talk about massive cliffhanger! I am so sorry, I really am. I'll try with all my writing ability to bring out the next chapter a fast as I can. AHHHHH!