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Chapter 1

The cause of everything

As the girl suddenly positioned herself in a sitting down manner in her relaxing and soft bed- she heard something- came from nowhere at all.

"Who are you?"

She turned her head around to examine her room's surroundings, but nothing was to be seen, but her plain old normal room. Her right side was just a door that leads to the hallway of the different rooms. The left side of her purple room was a cabinet that her clothes were neatly piled up. And at her front- was a window that the cold wind outside desperately trying to beat its way inside the room.

Her room was just a small area. They actually didn't have that much money to afford such house. To be in short- they were sort of broke, ever since that day, which she didn't want to talk about with anyone- ever. She just thought of that as a nightmare- but it became true- everything became true. She became a loner in Luca high- she and her mom was broke- and everything. But something still made her love her life- her mom loves her so much.

Then the low voice of a man that called her awhile ago- spoke again.

"You, Yuna- have been in this life for too long; you are humble and friendly to everyone. You must enjoy the life of popularity and fortune- But- if you don't want it- you must prove it."

"Where are you? What are you saying?"

The brown shoulder length hair of this 16-year-old girl named Yuna, swung her head from left to right- right to left fretfully and nervously. But suddenly- the voice was gone.

"You Tidus, has been an arrogant, conceited and self-importa-"

Even though the blonde haired guy was still freaked out on whom this guy's deep voice- and where the hell he could be from- he still had himself one of his personality, he interrupts with people.

"Look- whoever you are- I'm one of the filthy stinkin' rich people in this universe and also the number one popular guy in my school, Luca high- all of the hot and sexy chicks want a piece of me!"

"Silence! Let me finish (ahem) You, Tidus, has been an arrogant, conceite-"

"Whoa- guy- calm down- I'm not interested in these 'lesson' things, okay? So guy- chill-"

Then a sudden thunder and a sudden 'annoyance'? appeared inside his room.

"I said- Silence! (Ahem, again) You, Tidus have been an arrogant, conceited, and self-absorbed-"

The deep and giving shivers to the spine voice was slowly fading away since Tidus keeps on mocking him- but just opening his mouth without words coming out and opening and closing his hand, by his side. The 'suppose' to-be guy that was threatening him can't stand him no longer-

"All I'm saying is that- you have exactly 1 month- and you're a freaking arrogant, self-absorbed, and conceited guy! And you need to be punished- and you also need to talk to the girl- that's all."

"Man- what the hell are you saying!"

No response was given to him- but then, he tugged his comforter back and put it on top of him and got some sleep from his wearing and exhausting party- without even putting one single bit of information on his brain- that was entirely important.

The chattering hallways of Luca high was stopped since a guy with sandy-colored hair and cerulean eyes stepped up the hallway.

The girls were squealing when Tidus gives them a little wink- except one girl with bi-colored eyes, which he didn't mind at all and just gave her a death glare.

Tidus met up with his pals- Wakka and Gippal. Then when the messy blonde haired guy was about to tell them what happen last night- the bell rang.

In one blink of an eye- the students were saying their goodbyes to each other and some just broke their conversation and walked away, then went to their perspective classrooms. Then for about a minute or even a second, the babbling of the students was gone and the hallway was in silence.

As the blah blah blah of the teacher went on- the hazelnut haired girl that was in the 1st row, was taking down notes and was actually listening to the teacher attentively- while the sandy-colored haired guy was already amused with his paper airplane and was about to target it to the light-brown haired girl.


As Yuna tried to rub her head that was just hit- by a paper airplane? She accidentally threw her ballpen right at the face of the laughing-that-his-eyes-were-watery Tidus.

"ow- what the hell was that-"

When Yuna finished rubbing the part where she was hit, she cupped her hands ready to write again and placed it on top of her notepad- but where's her ballpen?- she saw at her back some rackets and the messy sandy-colored hair guy was covering his face- murmuring some words that you don't wanna know.

When Yuna got a sneak at his azure eyes and saw- that he was crying?- what the- , she thought that it was just a ballpen and not some knife or some sort, since she had a theory that it was that ballpen that hit him, and it was her last and most favorite ballpen, she was about to think where in the world she would find another ballpen that smooth to write- th-

"Excuse me, what's this noise all about?"

Yuna's thoughts with her prized possession ballpen got loss of track since their teacher faced their class and sensing that 2 of her students were causing this.

"I see something's brewing up"

"Ms. - she hit me on my face that almost hit my eyes, with her fuckin' ballpen which I don't even know what I did-"

Tidus yelled and pointed out the innocent Yuna that was shocked and just opened her mouth. And after that, the class was quiet, since they were interested on what just happen- even if a small paper falls- that can be heard.

"Tidus- is that true?"

"Yes Ms.- she hit me-"

"No Ms. He started it with his paper airplane- and I accidentally threw my ballpen- I didn't mea-"

The teacher shook her head then concluded.

"Both of you- 1st warning- so the atmospheric blah blah blah…"

When the teacher kept on discussing- Yuna just kept her notepad and just listened to the teacher and suddenly feeling uncomfortable stares at her and most of all- a piercing gaze from someone's azure eyes.

"Hey Yunie! So how's life?"

The brunette just gloomily replied. Seeing at her sides some people eating their lunches and some even looked at her. She slowly twisted her fork in her spaghetti like she didn't want to eat at all.

"Hey Rikku- "

"What's up with the long face?"

"Nothing much Rikku- Just something happen…"

"Yunie? Tell me what happen! Tell me tell me tell me!"

As Rikku got on with her hyper ness in repeating those words- Yuna thought about it- if she could tell someone about it- or will she just let it be, it was just her imagination- she thinks.

"Um… didn't you notice that that Tidus guy is so-"

"Why? You think he's hot? Well I-"

"RIKKU! You're telling me the complete opposite thing- I hate him."

"Oh, that's what's bugging you- so you think he's a meanie?"

"Yes Rikku- well- got to go…"

As Yuna picked her untouched tray of food- she bumped into Tidus then spilled his mocha-frap to his stunning white shirt and caused another scene.

"YOU! AGAIN! That is it- you're gonna pay!"

Yuna just thought that all of these things- in one day? How could it get any worst…

"I'm sorry…"

The brown haired girl just left the scene with noticing the silence broke the clamor. With Yuna leaving with those words and shocked faces surrounded her.

… … … … … … … … … …

"Sweetie- you got to open this door-"

The brunette still had her clothes on and placed her crying face on top of her pillow that was actually- wet, everything's wet.

She actually cried not because of what happen today- but actually- it was- but not just about that, she actually cried about something else.

As Yuna's mom opened her door with the duplicate key- she saw her daughter soaking wet from the rain outside, even her hair was wet- and even her pillow- that was mixed with tears.

Her mom got near her and Yuna started to sit at the end of the bed with her mom comforting her- and patting her back and Yuna leaning on her shoulder.

"That's ok sweetie- everything will just be okay…"

… … … … … … … … …

POV Yuna

Well, everything went well yesterday… Hum… might as well forget about everything that happens yesterday.

Hey… did mom change my bed that I didn't even notice- wow- it's all spacey and everything, and so relaxing… I can be in here all day long.

But, when I opened my eyes- I saw…

This isn't my room! This is some kind of someone's room that didn't even bother cleaning it up… It's so unorganized and chaos all over here. Yeah I know this room is so big and huge- but- wait a second- something's not right with me- when I saw my reflection-.



… … … … … … … …

POV Tidus

What the hell is going on here? These pillows are so- freaking flat- it looks like it isn't a pillow anymore- need to get- pillow.



Wait- there's suppose to be a lot of space at the left side of my room- why did the old man put a stinkin' cabinet here? Wait- Something's wrong- My room isn't- purple? - Wait- mirror-

"Double- Fuck."


… … … … … … … …

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