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Dr. James Wilson walked in through the swinging doors and headed straight for the first sink to wash his hands. He was about to place his hands underneath the automatic faucet when he game-like shooting noise coming from a stall. Wilson gently tipped-toed up to the only closed stall down and placed his ear on the cold metal.

"Oh," a voice moaned and the electronic device chimed 'Game Over.'

'That could only be one person and one person only,' Wilson thought to himself. "House?" The room became quiet, suddenly the stall door opened, and Dr. Greg House stepped out. He scanned the room to find that only Wilson occupied it with him.

"Dr. Wilson, how can I help you?" House questioned and hopped on top of the sink while flipping his Game Boy back on.

"Well, you could explain to me why you are hiding in a stall while playing with your Game Boy and your team of hand pick professional doctors are out there doing your clinic work."

"I could, but then it would take away the fun of you guessing why I am here." House said back and smiled when he advanced to the second level.

"You are here because you are trying to get out of clinic work." Wilson simply stated.

"Eahhh, wrong!"

"Hiding from Cuddy?" Wilson guessed again.

"Eahhh, strike two."

"So you are not hiding from Cuddy, or clinic work. That means that you must be hiding from Cameron."

"DING, DING, DING! And tell Dr. Wilson what he has won." House mocks the generic game show host voice while switching off his game. He grabbed the cane and placed it in his right hand to help himself slide off the counter.

"She is just probably concerned with the fact that," but before Wilson could finish, House interrupted. "Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, I know. She wants to sit down and talk about my feeling and concerns about Stacy coming back to work at the hospital. And while I cry, she can be the shoulder that I can lean on during this very emotional time for me. After that, we can join hands and sing songs in a rejoicing manor. Then after all of that, we will all realize that she is just a woman with a high school crush." House spat out. He pushed the bathroom door opened and exited without saying another word.

Wilson stood in the center of the bathroom in amusement. Only House would fabricate a story like that and only House would turn down a gorgeous woman's offer of love. Wilson looked around and focused on the urinals.


House stepped out of the bathroom and turned to the left. Hopefully he would be able to make it to his office without Cuddy, Cameron, or being pressured for working clinic duty. House limped two steps and ran into Cameron.

"Good lord love a duck, do you stalk me now Cameron?" House questioned and held up his right arm with his cane against the wall to balance himself.

"What?" Allison Cameron shook her head. "No, it is just that I heard that Stacy began to work as the hospitals new lawyer and I thought that maybe you would like to talk about it."

"Stop right there." House placed his hand over her mouth. "Do you hear that?"

Cameron looked around, eyes wide open and alert to hear what House was hearing, but she heard nothing.

"I think it is coming from the men's restroom. I am going to go check it out. Hurry, scamper off and find reinforcements." House said while turning around and ducking back into the restroom.

House entered the restroom and looked over to his right, there was Wilson using one of the urinals.

"She cornered me outside the restroom." House stated to his long time friend.

"Who?" Wilson asked.

Cameron stood beside the door and replayed the scene in her head. It took her a while, but she finally realized that House was trying to get rid of her. 'I'll teach him.' Cameron said to herself as she busted through the men's door.

"House, don't think you can get away with that." Cameron yelled and then looked at what she had walked in on. Her face turned the brightest shade of red that House had ever seen. Her expression was priceless. "Oh god!" Cameron shrieked and spun around. She placed one hand over her eyes and the other over her mouth. She mumbled an apology and started walking towards the door.

"Cameron!" House yelled out, but he was too late. She had smacked right into the wall of the restroom and fell to the floor. Both House and Wilson surrounded her to survey the damage. Cameron clutched the top of her forehead, but still had her eyes squeezed shut.

"Dr. Cameron, are you alright?" Wilson asked and lifted her hand off of her wound.

"No." Cameron whined and opened her eyes to focus on House. 'He is never going to let me live this down.' Cameron thought as she gazed into his deep blue eyes.

"Is there something wrong Allison? Do we need to get you to the emergency room?" House asked as he helped her to sit up.

"No, no, I am fine. It is just that I am extremely mortified by this. I am really sorry Dr. Wilson." Cameron rose to her feet and kept her eyes on the ground. "If one of you could just point me to the door so that I could make my exit, that would be great." Cameron felt a pair of strong hands grasp her on her shoulders and spin her around towards the door. The left hand reached out, grabbed the handle, and pulled it open. Cameron noticed the long, slender fingers that were on her should and holding the door open for her. She ducked underneath his arm and glanced outside to make sure that no one was looking. Quickly she walked down the hall and through the office door.

"Oh, that my friend is what I like to call…HILARIOUS." House turned toward Wilson and smiled at his friend.

"House, please be nice to her and don't mention this to anyone. She is never going to live this down. I doubt that she will ever look at me again." Wilson pleaded.

"Oh, do you really think I would tell everyone at this hospital? Why that would be just rude." House chuckled and left the restroom. He walked down the hall and entered the same room Cameron had just a few minutes ago.