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Author's Note: I want to state before anyone reads this chapter that Cameron in this story is going through a rough time. So she may be a little over emotional, a little rash, or un-Cameron like. Just work with me here.


House entered the lab and couldn't find Allie, but then he heard a small ruckus in the supply closet. He opened the door to reveal Allie and a step stool reaching above her head to the top shelf. "Is that where you hide your crack?"

Allie whipped around, lost her footing and began to fall. House instinctively took a step forward and caught her before she had a chance to hit the floor. But with her upper body leaning on him and one foot on the step stool, House began to teeter himself. Before they knew it, House was flat on the floor with Allie on top of him. "What an interesting position you put us in Allie." House cracked, but then he noticed the tears streaming down her cheeks. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" House began to look over the body parts that he could see.

"I am losing him aren't I?" Allie croaked.

"Unfortunately, yes, you are."

"What am I going to do with out him?" Allie buried her face in between his neck and shoulder. "Who is going to be there for me when things get rough?"

House stroked the back of her head with his hand. "I will Allie, I will be there for you." He laid on the cold floor with Allie on top of him until her sobbing stopped. "You know, he is waiting for you to go and see him."

Allie lifted her head up and looked him straight in the eye. "Will you walk me there?"

"Of course I will."


"Here she is, Miss America." House sang as Allie entered Nate's room, where the rest of the gang was.

"Cameron, I don't want to alarm you are anything, but ummm, you have been hanging out with House way too much because you have developed a limp." Chase pointed out.

"I'll take care of Chase, you talk to Nate." House whispered in her ear. "Come on guys, lunch is on Chase." House said and shoo'ed the gang out so that Allie and Nate could have some private time together. Once they all left, House turned towards Allie, "I am going to be right there in that chair. If you need me, fire the flare gun."

Allie smiled and watched House leave the room. She quietly walked and took a chair that Wilson had occupied moments earlier.


"I fell off a stool." Allie answered.


"I burnt my tongue and mouth."


"What?" Allie's hands flew up to her face to touch her nose. "What is wrong with my nose?"

"Nothing, I just wanted you to show another emotion other than 'pissed off'." Nate watched as twelve different emotions ran across Allie's face until she settled on grief.

"If you leave me, who am I going to call to vent to?" Allie sobbed.


"What if it is about House?" She choked out.

"Wilson, Foreman, even Cuddy. Not Chase though, he might go tell House what you said." Nate's remark finally got Allie to smile.

"I am sorry Natey, for everything." Nate nodded at her apology.

"I am sorry too Allie Lou, for everything." He could see her cringe at his horrible nick-name for her, just like he does when she called him Natey. Nate grabbed her hand and held it in his. "I want you to promise me something though."

"Anything." Allie replied.

"Don't go find yourself a new gay husband. That is my title and my title only."

"But what about Joshua? Can't he by my 'new gay husband'?" Allie asked.

"Phsss, he is not good enough for you. I already told him that he can't put the moves on you. Now get up here in the bed with me and lets watch a late Oprah. Brad Pitt is her guest." Allie snickered and climbed up on the bed, curling up beside him.


House waited what felt like forever outside in the hallway. It was almost 8:00 PM and he was starting to wind down from the exhausting day. All he could think about was Allie and his bed. Standing up, he grabbed his game boy and made his way to Nate's room to find Allie and Nate asleep in the bed. He quietly walked over to the side that Allie was at and nudged her. "Hey Sleeping Beauty, visiting hours are over."

Allie opened her eyes and climbed out of bed. "I don't want to leave him."

"I know, but Foreman and Wilson are on duty tonight; they lost a bet or something. They will watch over him and call if anything changes." House helped Allie slip on her jacket.

Allie looked down at Nate's sleeping figure. She stretched over, kissed him on the forehead, and whispered something that House couldn't hear. House could see a small smile stretch across Nate's lips and he mumbled something in return.

"Lets go." Allie pulled the hair out of the back of her jacket and linked arms with House as they exited the hospital.


House gently flopped down on his bed, trying not to awake Allison from her sleep. He had been up for most of the night softly playing the piano. When he heard the clock chime 11:30 PM, he knew it was time to go to bed. So he laid there and concentrated on Allison's breathing, which eventually lulled him in to sleep.

He felt that he had only been laying there on his bed for minutes before he heard a familiar ringing beside his ear. Reaching for the phone, House sat up in the bed. "What?"

"House, it is Wilson. I tried to call Cameron but she isn't at home. It is Nate, he is not doing so well."

"We will be there soon." House hung up and switched on the lights.

"Mmm," Allie groaned when the lights flicked on. "Off."

"Allie, get up. We need to get to the hospital now." Allison immediately sat up. "It was Wilson, Nate doesn't have much time."


House pulled out of his drive way and sped down the road. The hospital was only a few minutes away and he knew they would be there in less than that. Once they reached the building, House pulled in to the closest parking spot and turned off the engine. He hopped out of the car and tried his best to keep up with Allison.

'This can't be happening,' Allie thought to herself as she ran down the hallway towards Nate's room. 'It is just going to be a scare, he is going to okay.'

She stopped in front of his doorway to hear Wilson announce, "Time of death, 12:56AM."

Allison couldn't remember much after that. To her, it seemed like life was moving in slow motion. Foreman was writing on Nate's chart. Wilson was unhooking him from the machines. And out of the corner of her eyes, she could see House approaching. "No," she softly whispered, letting her presence known to the men inside the room.

"Cameron," Foreman dropped the chart on the table and made his way towards her.

Allison pushed her way through the room and clutched on to Nate's arm. "No, I am not ready for you to leave me." Allison felt Nate's lifeless arm slip through her fingers and she turned to see House standing beside her.

"Come here." House opened his arms and waited for her.