Title: Harry Potter and The Children Of Fate

Rating: G

Summary: Takes place during Harry and his friends third year, but doesn't follow the line of the third book. Hermione Granger's children arrive to continue a war that was started in the future, a war that drove Hermione Granger away.

Disclaimer: I've enchanted this story so that I don't own it.


Once there was a marvelous witch by the name of Hermione Granger. She had been trained by the finest minds in the Wizarding world and had developed a number of amazing and fantastic abilities. Not wanting to die alone, she used her magic and her knowledge of the Muggle world to give birth to ten children. She had five in one year and the other five a year later.

Her first five, which were all boys, were born from the Lupin, Black, Potter, Snape, and Flitwick line, all lines that were dead. The last five, all girls were born from the same men, Lupin, Potter, and Snape, but she then gave the last two girls the bloodline of Weasley and Longbottom. For many years, the Granger's lived in peace and quiet and her children had inherited some, but not all of their mother's fantastic powers. One day Hermione left her children alone with a former classmate, Lavender Brown. While she was gone Lavender managed to turn two of the children to wickedness, but the eight, couldn't be coxed.

When Hermione returned home her children were at war with each other. They were using their talents to either protect each other, or to cause pain. Hermione not recognizing some of the goodness that had once been in her children's hearts ran from the war, taking with her an owl, a cat, and a boa. Over the years people magical or not, have been helped by this girl, with a golden heart and a troubled past. The cat, owl, and boa go with her everywhere she went. As for her children, the eight left England and went to Hogwarts, their evil siblings following suit. One day, the eight vowed, their mother would return home.