Title: Beautifully Imperfect
Author: Tsubasa Kya
Disclaimer: Sorry, I do not own Inuyasha or Yu Yu Hakusho people. I'm just a fan.

This is a different version to Sunset's Shrink.

Chapter one: What bad dreams you have

"And how long have you been having these dreams?" Kali Onigumo asked. She was a Psychiatrist, her patient a girl named Kikyou Motshuria. Kikyou looked strickingly like Kali's daughter. The two looked completely identical except for their eyes; her daughter had dark midnight eyes, while Kikyou had chocolate brown. Both had long hair cut to their waist, the tan skin of a Japanese, and stood five feet six inches in height.

Kali was fourty-six, married to the heir to the Onigumo estates, and had two children. She had graduated college young, high school even younger, and formed her office on her deceased grandfather's estates after her mother died in an accident. She did miss her mother, but never let this infect her work. She enjoyed what she did, which was an honest plus.

Kali had started the office when she graduated college and received the shrine, before then had been an assistant in the Psyche ward at the hospital in Sunset. Her son Souta was seventeen, ridiculously rebellious like his sister, and ten months the younger "twin" to Kagome. They weren't really twins, but they sure did act that way.Kali was glad that the private school she had her children enrolled in didn't graduate until age twenty-one. It gave her more time to spend with them before they rolled away to college.

Kagome was looking for an apartment already for her college years. She would have to reserve it early, and Kali was glad her daughter was going to college, even for an unstable career like writing. Souta intended to specialize in banking. While Kagome struggled in mathematics, Souta was great at it. They were like opposing sides of the spectrum, yet were of the same being, all at once.

Kikyou, on the other hand, was a new patient. During the customary pleasantries, Kali had learned that Kikyou was working her way toward being an android technician. When Kali had inquired as to why that particular profession, Kikyou smiled and said, "It intrigues me." That had ended that subject, so Kali had turned elsewhere.

Kikyou was almost nineteen, ten months older than Kagome was. They bore no relation at all, which made the similarities in their looks seem rather drastic. Kikyou had moved in with her grandmother at a young age along with her younger sister, but the shocking thing that Kali saw was the haunted look in Kikyou's eyes. She had seen many looks, but not one so deeply etched into the lines of a young girl such as Kikyou.

Kikyou's parents had, according to Kikyou's file, killed themselves in front of their children. Kali suspected the reason Kikyou had the nightmares she was having was because of that fact. Children haunted by death usually suffered from emotional trauma. If such was the case, Kali already knew what plan of action she would take. If not, she would have to find out more.

"The nightmares," Kikyou claimed, "are always of a man in a black trench coat. He's holding a gun to my head…" The girl's eyes were heavily lidded, though slightly cracked open. She shivered and shrunk towards the side of the divan that was placed nearest the window.

Kali's eyes rose into her eyebrows. "Is the man here now?" she asked quietly, not wanting to frighten Kikyou. If it was suffering emotional trauma, she knew the situation would be delicate. She had to be careful not to frighten her more.

"He… he's standing right in front of me… can't you see him?" Kikyou sounded afraid.

Kali's pen slipped deftly across the paper, taking notes. She didn't need to look at what she was writing anymore. Years of practice had granted she be able to multi-task like that. "I see him, Kikyou." She promised the younger girl, though there was no one in front of her in reality. Kali was the only other person in the room, and she was off to the side. "We need to do something about him, don't we?"

Kikyou nodded. "He's going to shoot Grandmother. And Kaede!" Her eyes shot open and she stared around with a look like she was a deer caught in headlights. She looked guilty, and Kali sorely missed the opportunity. For a moment, Kikyou had been in a state of trance, one of the simplest ways that Kali could have helped her. Her brown eyes locked with Kali's midnight orbs. "I've had the dream for as long as I can remember. I don't remember a night where I don't have the dream."

Kali nodded her understanding, watching Kikyou look again out the window of Kali's office. The room used to be her grandfather's prayer room and bedroom, but Kali had it remodeled to fit her needs. She wouldn't waste the space, even though her grandfather had loved it so much. She was sure he would want her to make use of all her resources. "Do you know who the man in the dream is?"

Kali was sitting comfortably in the chair next to the divan that she'd strategically placed in front of the window for her patients. Most of her patients, new and old, congregated to the divan, but for the rare few, Kali had other furniture in the room. There was a set of two chairs in front of the large oak desk that a patient of her's named Soaumisia and his young wife Lila liked to sit in during their marriage counseling. They claimed it placed them on an even level with each other.

There was a love seat in the back of her room with a chair next to it. The love seat was something a young boy named Kouga—who went to school with Kagome—preferred to lie upon when he came for his session. He came because it was hard for him to cope with his mother having breast cancer and having to go through chemotherapy all the time. Another boy named Maten—also a school mate of Kagome—would often sit on the love seat. He too had cancer and dealt with chemotherapy.

To the left of Kali's desk was a door that led out of the office and into the group counseling room. Furniture in that room was rather sporadic and had more variety from footstools and floor mats all the way to divans and couches. To get into the office, Kali had to walk through the counseling room.

Kali hadn't removed the fact that the Shrine was a sanctimonious place and doubted that the holy ground would even allow it if she wanted to. People came and went, picking up little trinkets and wards from the Shrine store, leaving donations, and spent the night fasting in the rooms. Keeping the Shrine up wasn't a money saver, but it didn't lose her any money either, so either way it worked out well enough.

With all the new patients she was getting, Kali had decided to expand her business and put an ad in the paper telling people she was on call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. She required only one half an hour notice before the patient came. This did leave her rather tired, but she enjoyed the work, and it allowed her to get her mind off of her own haunting problems that—try though she might—she could not find a solution to. Most of her patients came from seven AM to nine pm, and with small breaks between she had time enough for her family.

"No, I don't know him. I only know he's going to pull the trigger, and then I wake up screaming…" Kikyou was silent, but Kali knew this type of quiet. She could see Kikyou grating and grinding her teeth together, her fingers tirelessly wringing the bottom hem of her shirt. She was debating with herself about whether or not to say more. Kali waited, knowing from experience that she would most likely continue. "The man…shoots Kaede. And grandmother… before he points the gun at me."

The buzzer sounded, ending the session. Unlike Kouga, Kikyou didn't spring up off the seat, eager to leave. She stood quietly, slowly as though she were old and afraid her bones would creak if she was too hasty. "Shall I schedule you another session?" Kali asked and Kikyou nodded slowly, as though the movement was carefully thought out. Flipping through her schedule book, Kali asked, "Is next Tuesday okay? Three o'clock?"

"I can't… I have to work at Soh-A-Tech then."

Kali nodded. "Well, here's my cell phone number." She handed Kikyou a card. "Why don't you call me when you have a chance and we can set things up. Does that sound okay with you?"

"Thank you, Doctor Onigumo. I was dubious when I came here earlier, but…"

Kali nodded, waving away the praise with a hand. "Don't mention it. I enjoyed our session, and I hope you will come again."

End chapter.