My Pride
By: Alchemist X

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THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS SPOLIERS! If you don't know how Homuncil's die, don't read. If you don't like character death... don't read.

Authors Notes: Ladies and Gentlemen... its over.

Chapter Fifteen


"Pipsqueak, mini-bean, Edward Elric. State Alchemist, alias 'Fullmetal Alchemist.'


"Mother dead. Father... Long gone, leaving him and his little brother, all alone in the world."


"Two foolish boys, wanting their mother back more than anything in the world, tried human transmutation. While Ed lost an arm, Al lost his entire body... Ed lost another limb just for the chance to get his brother's soul back. And once he had it in his possession, he placed it in a random suit of armor, using his own blood to draw the array."

Arm hurts so bad...

"He and his brother searched and searched for the Philosopher's Stone, something that they hoped could bring their bodies back. Under the command of a Colonel... In fact there were rumors about him and this Colonel..."

"Shut up!" Envy screeched, his body lurching as he threw a hard punch into Greed's jaw. It connected with Greed's already built up shield, and though he heard a few fingers crack, he didn't let his fist down.

Greed flashed him a bizarre grin and pushed Pride out of his lap, as he stood and threw his own punch at Envy. He took it head on, but wasn't moved by its force. Instead, Envy threw a kick at the Ultimate Shield's side, once again connecting with the hard shield.

Envy gritted his teeth, and prepared himself for a rough fight as Greed threw another punch.


Pride curled up on the ground, trying hard to steady his breathing. His left arm was clutching his aching right one, as the red marking burned with an eerie glow. He bit his lower lip hard as he heard the clashes from the fight behind him.

"Pride!" someone called, and he looked in front of himself to Hohenheim, his father, with an aching in his eyes as he fought to stand up while the chimera pushed him back down.

Pride clenched his teeth, and with inhuman speed, quickly smacked the chimera away and into a near by wall, leaving a bloody dent.

Hohenheim gaped at what Pride had just done, as the homunculus once again began to fawn over his aching arm.

Hohenheim eventually climbed over, and rested a reassuring hand on Pride's shoulder. "Show it to me, son..." he said.

Pride's pupils began to dilate, and he winced, turning his body toward his father so Hohenheim could get a better look at his invisible injury.

Another smashing sound was heard from the battle behind them. Pride turned, and watched Envy fighting the Ultimate Shield while Hohenheim tended his wounds.


Greed quickly took away five of Envy's lives, and Envy had barely taken two from him.

The long-haired homunculus darted quickly to the left. Greed turned and watched what he was doing, raising his arms in a defensive stance, and then Envy jumped to the right, and landed a hard kick to Greed's face.

Greed's shield was already up, however, and he grabbed Envy's leg and ripped it off.

Envy fell to the ground, immobilized for a moment while his body used yet another one of his precious stones to remake a leg.

Greed stalked up to his prone body, while all of this was happening. "How many times do I have to kill you?" he laughed. "Lust must have taken at least one life, and I've taken a couple myself." He raised his hand, sharp dagger like nails glimmering for a moment. "Meaning, sooner or later, you're going to meet your end." He laughed and brought the hand down, piercing Envy's chest.

Envy coughed, and gasped. He fell to the ground 'dead' once more, and his body began the process of healing. Greed burst into laughter. "I can do this all day!" he announced.


Pride's body lurched, and he gently pushed Hohenheim away from his arm, as he watched his lover getting killed, again and again. His arm ached more, and he made a heart-wrenching sound as Envy was murdered once again.

"Pride..." Hohenhiem warned, "Don't. You're too weak."

Pride's mouth twitched, and he continued making that sad noise, "Envy... Envy..."


Envy barely had enough time to turn his head and give Pride a pitiful look of reassurance, before Greed plunged his nails into his neck.

Another life gone. It wouldn't be long now, he was down to his last 'breath' in a way. And then it would all be over.

The last red stone beat profoundly in his chest.


Greed raised his hand, a crazed look on his face. "It must be close now!" he announced, and brought the nails down to the other sin's chest.


Pride's body jerked again, and this time Hohenheim did not hold him still. His father knew it was over, and a small part of Pride did as well, as he watched Greed's hand coming down.

It didn't take a second though, for him to figure out that no one was holding him down any longer. And that for once in his life, he might be able to do something!


Greed's nail hit something, but it wasn't his target. Envy opened his eyes, as he realized that he was living on his last life, but he was still staring up at Greed, who was holding Pride only by the hand in his chest.

Greed wore a look of disbelief, and Pride was trying to put on his bravest smile, as he reached up with his glowing arm and placed it over Greed's gaping mouth. A moment later, a loud explosion thundered around them, and Greed fell over.

The Philosopher's Stone that had given Pride his life and power, had been used to destroy all the red stones that lived within Greed's body.

Greed was dead, and his body melted in a hissing heat.

Pride's body followed shortly after.


Roy, after being lost for a while, which was a pain due to the various gashes that covered his body, found himself in a grand hall of some sort.

The lights shimmered brightly and it gave a false illusion that there had been a happy ending...

...But the piles of ash in the center of the room and a very distraught Envy told him of a different ending.

'At least Edward... And Pride, can now be in peace,' he told himself.

"Pride only had one Philosopher's Stone in his body," Hohenheim explained to him, "Greed destroyed it, so he..."

"I get it," Roy answered in a monotone, silently watching Envy grieve. "Will he be all right?"

Hohenheim nodded. "In due time," he answered, before his voice turned very stern. "General, I hope you know that everything you've seen and witnessed must not be spoken of."

Roy gave Hohenheim his trademark smirk. It was hard, considering what had just happened. "Of course," he said.


Roy Mustang became Fuhrer three months after. The news of the notorious drug lord, known as Greed, being killed was brought on his shoulders. And rumors spread that he had killed Greed when the criminal refused to give himself up peacefully. (But then again there were many stories considering these events.)

The promotion, along with the promotion party, was a big one and many famous and well-known people went. Including the mysterious Hohenheim Elric, the Light Alchemist, accompanied by his son, Hoju, and another strapping young lad (who looked to be related to both Elrics), known as Greed.

The End

Edit/ Author's Notes: Okay, for any of you that is confused, here is some explaination on my part. Please take notice, that this contains spoliers.

What happened to Envy? Envy, believe it or not, has a semi happy ending. He is Hoju at the end, with the fact that Hoju was his name when he was human. And it says that he is accompanied by the New Greed at the end. Winkwink Hinthint Nudgenudge

So, New Greed? The new Greed is suppose to have Ed's body. Hohenheim created him, because Envy was so down. But then again, I didn't really go straight out and say it. So the new Greed 'striking a resemblence to Hohenheim' could also be Al, due to the fact that in the fanfiction and in the game Bluebird's Illusion, he died. But since I didn't straight out, say it, its really up to you, the reader:)

Sequeal? Seriously, haven't thought about it, and truthfully, probably won't happen. Since this story (in my opinion ) is really bad. A rewrite for it, may happen in the future, and the sequeal isn't a totally closed idea. If inspired enough, it may happen.

But for all those Sequeal seekers out there, I will have you know that more stories with everyone's faviorte blond Homunculi (Pride) will defiently happen! D

So thank you everyone for reading, and please don't be to mad with the ending. Its happy, and a weird twisted way. You've all been great! REALLY!