(Shots of a golden-sheathed spear head inside a glass display case)

Narrator: Prior to the Crucifiction, a Roman solider by the name of Augustus Longinus pierced the flank of Christ, which caused his death; contorary to popular belief, that wound is what caused the death of Jessus.

(Shot of Nazi Soliders breaking into a museum)

Narrator: It is the year 1939, solider's of the Third Riech broke into the Veina Museum and took the spear, which is said to have gained the power of Bringing he who posseses it victory in battel.

(Shot of Hitler taking the Spear into his hands and locking it in a vault)

Narrator: A succes in the Blitzkrie war followed, There is great unrest among the Allies; for they feel their Reign is coming to an end.

(Cut to London, England)

M(Voice Over): For a man like yourself it probbly isn't difficult to believe that the fate of the war depends on the retreaval of the Separ. You will join a team of men and head to Berlin in a few days.

(Shot of Prof. Broom in a suit nervously walking through Oxfrod University)

Trevor Bruttenholm

the Professor

Broom: But the the spear is locked away in god-konws-where! And who would be thick headed enough to do it anyway.

M: You wouldn't believe who.

(Shot of a man sucking on the blood of a rat in New York)

Liam Callaway

the Vampire

(Shot of a blonde woman of mid thirtys)

Margo Lane

the Telepath

(Shot of a solider threatening a Nazi solider with a pair of tweasers)

James Skinner

the Solider

(Shot of a man adjusting a gatling gun)

Geofrey Boothroyd

the Quartmaster

(Shot of a night club in Casablanca)

Rick Blaine: You're either idiots going to get yourself tortured to death, or a group of men with hearts of fire going to save us all.

(Shot of Castel Wolfenstein, we see several odd looking scenes of strange experimints, we also see Kroenen)


Coming Soon

We'll maby not, depends of how you react to this one. This is based on actual events, the spear was retrived by a group of English operatives in 1943, but no one knows who they were.

In case you're confused, the members are:

Prof Trevor 'Broom' Bruttenholm, of Mike Mignola's Hellboy.
Lt. James Skinner, my original character, is Rodney Skinner's son.
Liam Callaway aka Angelus aka Angel aka the Vampire with a soul, from Joss Whedon's Angel and Buffy.
Margo Lane is a charcter from the movie 'The Shadow'
Cpt. Geofrey Boothroyd, of Ian Fleming's James Bond, otherwise known as 'Q' as in Quartmaster.

Rick Blaine, from the movie Casablanca.
Karl Ruprect Kroenen, from Hellboy.

Forgie the spelling mistakes, My Word isn't working well so I can't use the spel checker, I will be careful with the actuall story, I promise.The story is stil in development stage and won't come out till July, if that. And by then a lot of characters ma change, but the plot will stay the same.