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Dried Tears III: Complicated Hearts

By Neko Phoenix Girl



And so… it begins…

"WHAT?" came the exploding scream that shook the entire Kinomiya dojo. Startled by the yell, the Chief and Hilary stopped whatever it was they were doing at the computer, and Daichi quit his bellyaching, all turning their attention to Tyson and Kai. The former was looking tensed up; his hands were clenched into tight fists, his chocolate-brown eyes quivering, while the latter remained stoic as always, muscular arms crossed over an equally strong chest, and his crimson eyes hidden behind closed eyelids.

"What do you mean you're leaving the team? Kai, you can't do this to me. You're the only one I have left!" the blue-haired Dragoon wielder cried out, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

"I'm sorry, Tyson. Don't get me wrong… it has nothing to do with you." Kai responded, sounding somewhat bitter. He turned on his heel, alabaster scarf flowing majestically back into place. "Now, if you'll excuse me…"

"Wait, Kai!" Hilary called out, standing up side by side with Tyson. "Please, you can't leave… Ray and Max left… BBA Revolution will fall without you." She whispered, her voice almost choked. But Kai remained unfazed.

"My resolution is final." Kai declared solidly, starting to walk away, when he was stopped by a hand being placed on his shoulder. It was Tyson.

"Kai… please…" he pleaded, his eyes quivering as his gaze fixated itself upon the dojo's wooden floor. "Max moved on… Ray moved on." He emphasized on Ray's name, at which Kai tensed slightly. "We're on our own… Don't leave me too. We just don't cut it without you."

"Tyson…" Kai considered, but then shook his head. "Sorry… I have to go."

Easing himself out of the younger boy's grip, the young Russian blader continued on his way, exiting through the dojo door, disappearing from sight… for good. Tyson remained standing there, his eyes obscured by his hair… his face emotionless. Hilary and the others looked sadly at him. This was hard on all of them, but most of all on the Dragoon master. First Ray… his best pal and companion… then Max… his love and devotion… and now Kai… his trusted friend. One by one… they had slipped away…

With the same somber silence he held up 'til now, Tyson turned on his heel, walking right by the Chief and the others, who looked at him with anxious expressions on their faces. The bluenette disappeared through the door to his room, which he then shut tightly behind him. Hilary let out a pained heavy sigh.

"Oh… poor Tyson… As if it wasn't enough for Max and Ray to leave…" she shook.

"Oh well… Big deal. It's not like we NEED Kai." Daichi snorted carelessly, causing Hilary's fist to collide with his head.

"Do you have ANY idea what this means, you little brat?" her voice then broke. "We barely stand a chance in the Championships now…"

"The thing is…" came Kenny's voice, drawing Hilary's attention to himself, "Max had a concrete reason to leave us for the PPB All-Starz, but Ray… and Kai… there's something going on."

Hilary silently nodded, as she then flicked her gaze from the dojo exit to the door to Tyson's room. Yes… something was going on, all right… Something that had to do with the way Kai had reacted when he heard Ray's name…


"K-Kai? What're you saying?" Ray took a step away from his phoenix, gleaming golden eyes wide in anxiousness. Kai's face was dark, and his crimson eyes were obscured by his slate bangs.

"I… I'm sorry, Ray. But… but I…"


The neko-jin blader slowly fell down on his knees, his hands dropping helplessly to his sides, shimmering tears threatening to fall from feline golden eyes.

"No… please. Tell me it's not true…" he sobbed, but Kai cruelly gave him his back, not even sending Ray a glance.

"I'm sorry… Goodbye."


To be continued…

Ruby: Well, there it was… the Prologue for the final chapter in the Dried Tears Trilogy… Complicated Hearts. Short, yes, but I didn't want to give away much. Lol Normally one doesn't publish a sequel if you haven't finished what comes before, but… well, I'm just weird. ;-3 I know it might seem very confusing… but the prologue really acts more like a teaser… Bet you're all curious as to what's going on. (wink) But don't worry. It will be cleared up through the story…

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