Healing Process

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Once upon a time

A voice had told me

'Never lose'

Ginny's whole body shook. She could not control her actions or stop these thoughts from crossing her mind. Thomas Riddle whispering into her ear. Promising to be a friend and an escape. Promising attention as he glides the silver dagger across her smooth pale skin. "Never lose…" The Slytherin whispers, "Never lose me and I will never forget you."

Grew up with a simple image

Repeating in my mind;

One less bullet-proof vest for me to use

Ginny's frail arms waved through the air. No one was in the room with her. Honey brown eyes were alight with panic. Thomas Riddle strokes young Ginny's blood red hair. His long slender fingers curl some locks. "I am all you need." Ginny felt her head nod, but did not remember ever wanting to. "You are me and I am you. Together we suffer…" Ginny releases a small gasp when feeling the prick of a needle. "Together we live."

I whisper in the night;

If only you knew

How the healing process works

Her breaths came out as short gasps and wheezes. Her throat was dry. What was happening?

I wish to be your protection;

If only you knew

How the healing process works

"I will be your protection." Thomas whispers softly. The whisper which brought the first year Gryffindor to her knees. A slight smirk was the only thing which told Ginny that the Slytherin realized what he could do to her.

Calling out when no one was there, you claim,

But let me tell you something

I'm screaming to a crowded room;

Still no one hears

Finally, Ginny heard someone knock on her bedroom door. Mother? Father? Fred? The thought came to her and she moved her lips to form the word. A feeble, 'help' came out of her mouth as she suddenly felt her throat close up. No! Another gasp of breath.

One last chance to put this in the past

Listen to me scream dear brother,

Listen to me scream

Ron opened Ginny's bedroom door and stood where he was. Ginny's slim body shook and her breaths came out in short gasps. "Ginny!" Ron ran to her bedside and placed his right hand on her forehead. She felt neither hot nor cold.

When I reach you I see

Only green;

Now I watch you through this window

Unable to save your soul

Ron grabbed Ginny's hand and whispered, "I'm here." "I'm here." Thomas Riddle whispers as he circles the fallen Gryffindor. "I'm the only one who can hear your screams, pleas, hopes, and dreams." The Slytherin stops and looks directly into Ginny's eyes. "I'm all you need." Ginny cried out as she tried to focus on Ron. Not Thomas Riddle; he's gone!

I leave these scars for all to see

If only you knew

How the healing process works

(I wish to be your protection)

After two long hours Ginny was finally tired enough to fall asleep. Ron never let go of Ginny's hand. That night Ron stayed by Ginny's as the tears fell and the process began…

The healing process never ends

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