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Chapter 1

"Thanks for a great session!" A woman around thirty years old holding a brief case stepped out from a room. Behind her was a smiling petite brunette who was wiping her hands with a paper towel.

"No problem! Just lay off of that brief case for at least two minutes." The blonde woman grinned and rubbed her neck as if she was relieving her experience.

"I can't help it, I'm a workaholic!" The two women laughed and parted ways. The brunette went back into the room and shut the door. She had worked with all kinds of people, the extremely sweet ones to the horribly rude ones. The woman who just left was one of those rude customers, but after having a message session with Anzu, she learned to smile much like the dancer did.

The spa allowed workaholic women like the one Anzu just dealt with to have a couple hours of royal treatment. There were different sections in the spa; from facials, to mud baths, to what Anzu was highly praised for...massage therapy. Only important business types came to this kind of spa. When she first heard about it she thought she'd never be up to par with the women who worked there.

Everyone looked so glamorous and expensive. Working at a job like that would certainly help her save up for dance school. Ever since she was young her only dream was to go abroad to Julliard and dance. The one thing she didn't realize was that her dream came with a price. A price she knew neither she nor her parents could afford. The easiest, and most lucrative, thing she could do was become a masseuse. Her friend's mother offered her a job. She had to take classes at the local college, but she finished quickly and her employment started upon graduation at the upscale day spa. She intended to save all her money, so that she could start living her dream.

The first week she started work her fellow employees took bets on how long she would last. They would whisper that she was too young or too pretty and it would only be a matter of time before she got involved with a client. As professional as they looked, sometimes they acted far from professional. They lacked the obvious maturity Anzu exuded.

The eldest and longest working women were the ones who gave Anzu the hardest time in the beginning. Her friend Brittany, who's mother owned the spa, told her it was just jealousy that caused them to say such things.

"A new and attractive girl comes into their 'territory' and of course they'll feel like they need to push you away!"

One of the women named Karen was cruel enough to give her one of her most memorable clients. Excited and naïve Anzu simply accepted the appointment. It was a mistake she learned the hard way. After that client she learned to always scrutinize before accepting.

"Listen, Anzu. I know you're new and everything, but can you take a one o'clocktoday?" Anzu raised a delicate eyebrow and smiled.

"Yea, why wouldn't I take it?" Karen covered her mouth to stop her laughter.

"I just figured since you're free from one to three, I could book you a client."

"Oh! That's fine. I'll go get set up." This was her first client. The thought of it excited her. She wanted to make sure everything went well.

"Right." A glint in Karen's eye showed nothing but malice. After turning around, Karen sighed heavily and waved her hand at Anzu. "Good luck with him."

"Him?" Anzu asked cautiously. The nervousness in her voice made Karen hold back another fit of giggles.

"Yes my dear, him." With her hand on the doorknob ready to leave the room, she glanced behind her to a scared Anzu. "Eventually you're going to have to do a male client." Karen paused and glared at Anzu. "You have done males, haven't you?"

"Of course I have! I went to school for this. They wouldn't just make me work on women. I learned both." Anzu explained defensively. "See the certification?" Her hand pointed to a hung frame with her license as a certified masseuse. Karen seemed to doubt Anzu's abilities and schooling. Anzu felt the distrust, but she had suffered through all those credited hours of massage boot camp, and that slip of paper proved it.

"Well then you should have no problem." Karen bitterly responded after rolling her eyes and stepping out of the room. The slamming door almost made Anzu go after Karen, and tell her to take the appointment and shove it. As much as she wanted to, she couldn't. She said she would take him and she would.

When one o'clock rolled around Anzu waited in her room for the client to come in. Thinking that the man was like all the others she massaged, she readied the table for the assumed tall, handsome, and built man. Every time she had one of those kinds of clients, she felt like she should put on a bib to stop her drool from drenching her clothes. After a couple dozen of these handsome clients, and a few too many butt slaps, she got over touching their bodies. All in all she thought all those clients were chauvinist pigs, who thought they were gods gift to women. Those men reminded her of a particularly cocky CEO.

Karen knocked once, then entered the room and Anzu put down the different kinds of massage oils. The curly haired red head lowered her eyeglasses and looked around the room. "You're still not done?" Holding back a growl, Anzu cocked her head to the side and smiled sweetly.

"I'm done now. Is my client here?" The words sounded like she was gritting them out through her teeth. Karen really knew how to push someone's buttons.

"Yes. He's ready when you are." Nodding Anzu gave her the okay to let the man in.

A minute or two later, Anzu heard the door open. "I'm Brent Campbell, your client." The short heavyset bald man smirked. What freaked her out was that it was not a sexy smirk but an 'I'm gonna eat you' kind of smirk. He obviously didn't know a beautiful young girl was going to be his masseuse.

"Hello. My name is Anzu Mazaki." She held out her hand to greet Brent. After a firm shake, she let go, wiping her hands sneakily on her shirt. His palms were beyond sweaty—they were drenched! "I'll give you a minute in here to get prepared and lay on the table. There are towels on the chair by the door." She smiled once more, and walked out of the room. Cursing quietly she never expected a man like him to be her client. She was just trying to be professional. Her boss would be on her case if she did a bad job with Brent, so she would just have to suck it up and get to work.

"I'm ready," He shouted out. Anzu heard him, and rolled her eyes. It had only been half a minute since she left. There was no way he took off his clothes that fast! Unless he was terribly excited... The thought made her cringe. The man was obviously deprived.

Cautiously, she opened to door to find the man not standing stark naked like she expected. Instead she got something she would never expect in her whole entire life. Her first instinct was to scream and hit whatever that was in front of her with a broom--to kill it.

"What's wrong?" Brent heard her loud gasp and that's when she realized that Chewbacca was not laying on the table, a very hairy Brent was. Just a towel was covering his buttocks. Gulping, Anzu tried to push down the bile that was threatening to come up.

Never, ever in her experience of being a masseuse had she encountered such a hairy man.

"Nothing!" She stammered, "Nothing is wrong." If he knew her well, he would know that her high-pitched voice meant she was terrified. Namely, terrified of his back. As she stepped closer to the table, she had to fight the instinct to run far away from such a sight.

"Can you use the coconut oil? It' makes my back nice and smooth." Nervously laughing, Anzu reached for the bottle but it slipped from her fingers and fell on the ground right below the massage table. "Better get that." He said, smoothly. Bending down she crawled under the table, looking up she saw him wink at her and lick his lips. Jumping up, she hit her head on the table and then struggled to stand up.

"Are you okay, sweetheart?" He turned his body so that she could see his now exposed even hairier chest. Covering her eyes to shield her sight from him, she pretended to rub her forehead. What really needed to be rubbed was the back of her head.

"I'm fine! Perfectly fine!" Her high pitched and squeaky voice said. Hearing him lay back down, she lowered her hand. Enough fooling around. She needed to get her work done. This man was the key for all the other women there to know she could handle anything. If she just got through this man she could do anything.

"Hey Anzu?" Snapping her head at him, she jumped back a little.


"I want my back massaged, but I want you to concentrate on …" He grunted as his hand raised and tugged at his towel. "This pain I have in my right butt cheek. Could you possibly…" Before he could finish his sentence his towel fell to the side of the table making Anzu's eyes widen. "Do this part as well? I already paid for it." Breathing heavily, her eyes watered, and the room spun. When he looked up at her once again, he noticed her eyes roll to the back of her head, as she fell down with a loud thud before him. "She fainted..?"

"Hey, earth to Anzu?" Britney called out to her friend, who was sitting down for the first time that day, and obviously spacing out.

Anzu was stirring her tea. Flipping through the newspaper, she paused to look up at her friend. It was nice to have a break from the clients and just breathe.


"I was wondering if you could do me a HUGE favor. I have to get to the dentist, they managed to squeeze me in—I have the worst toothache. Could you take my three o'clock? Please…I will so owe you. Please?" Britney was pleading, and Anzu knew the girl had been in pain most of the morning.

"Who's the client?" Anzu asked, hoping it wasn't someone horrible.

"A very rich one, consider it a gift." The girl hugged Anzu and then raced for the door. "By the way, he's very prompt and hates to be kept waiting. Chaio!"

"Wait a minute," Anzu whispered…he?…she raced for the door. She wasn't supposed to take on male clients…not since the Brent experience! How could Britney do this to her? Hell, she couldn't. Anzu raced to the appointment book and checked to see whom she could slam with this male client. Everyone was booked—solid. Damn it! What now?
Slowly she got up from the desk and made her way to her boss's office. This would be hard to explain. After the whole fainting incident she was labeled as a 'no men' person. She had screwed it up so badly and Brent had been an important client. Karen was a real bitch for doing that to her. Unfortunately, it looked bad on her—not so much Karen. Malice was never proven.

She knocked on the office door, and quietly waited for an answer.

"Come in," Samantha Cordeau watched the door open, then returned to her paperwork. "Good afternoon Anzu," she said, acknowledging the girl as she looked up, briefly.

"Hello." Anzu replied, not sure how to explain how she made this mess for herself. "I have a tiny problem, and I have no idea what to do." She stood there, looking around the room—anywhere except at her boss. "It seems that Britney had a toothache and had to go to the dentist, so I agreed to take her client."

"I know, she was in a lot of pain this morning, I told her not to come in, but she insisted. I'm glad she's going to take care of it." Cordeau frowned, "What's the problem Anzu? Are you feeling okay? You look a bit pale."

"I'm feeling fine…it's just that I agreed to take on Britney's afternoon client." Anzu shifted, uncomfortably, praying that she wouldn't be fired. "Unfortunately I didn't realize that it was with a male. I just agreed and she raced out the door. As soon as I found out, I tried to shuffle, but it seems everyone is busy and no one wants to switch from their regulars."

"After the Brent incident you were told no more men Anzu." She sighed heavily as she pulled up the schedule on the computer. "Unfortunately, I can't cancel this appointment, the client is far too important. You'll just have to muddle through." She smiled at the girl who was now going quite pale. "Sit down Anzu." She pointed to a chair and waited for Anzu to get comfortable. "This client is demanding, but fairly easy. He comes in for a straightforward massage, not deep tissue, he's always on time, and leaves—promptly. You should have no problems."

Anzu nodded her head, still feeling quite foolish from her previous male encounter. How stupid had she looked that day? Being slapped softly by Britney while her client tucked his tail between his legs and fled, she saw her life pass before her eye. That man should have had a wax, not a massage.

"I think I'll be fine, but I thought I should clear it with you…because of my …um…history." Anzu intertwined her fingers, in an attempt to calm her nerves.

"You'll be fine, but next time—make sure you only cover female clients okay?" Cordeau smiled at her. "You better get going, he's very prompt and will probably be waiting for you when you get there."

Anzu eyed the clock on the wall, and nearly passed out in fear. She raced down the hall and kept chanting 'not another wookie…not another wookie…' She finally arrived at the door to Britney's room. It was her client, so she figured he would be here, in his normal place. He just wouldn't be getting therapy from his regular therapist. Hopefully, he would understand, and she could please him. Well, help him…not please him…well, please him too…just not in that way.

Softly she rapped on the door and waited for a response. She heard a slight grunt, was that her opening? Just to be sure, she tried again. "Come in already," she heard a distinctly male voice call out. A rather upset—male voice.

"I'm sorry I kept you waiting…" she noticed the lights were dimmed; she fumbled around for a moment, waiting for her eyes to adjust. Going to the sink, she washed her hands and approached the table. There he was, face down, towel draped over his backside. Chestnut brown hair, tall, muscular, but not grotesquely built—he was quite intriguing. Best of all—not back hair. She smiled at that thought.

"Are you going to begin already? Or do I have to start docking your tip?" He snarled. Geez, he was a pleasant one…

"Sorry Sir," she moved closer, having selected lavender scented oil. "Britney wasn't able to work on you today, so I'm filling in."

"Do you know what you're doing?" He snapped, but didn't move.

"Of course, I'm very qualified…" She answered, simply.

"Then get to work," Mr. Wonderful barked his final order.

Slowly she worked the soothing smelling lavender oil between her palms and then slowly moved them across his back. He had to work out…he just felt too amazing not to. She could feel the bunched muscles beneath her hands, her fingers working out knots that seemed massive. "Do you have a headache?" She asked softly, leaning down close to his ear so she could whisper.

"Ummm," was his response. It was no surprise; he was so tense and tight. She went to work on one of the larger spasms and softly started to work it out. His contented sigh alerted her to a job well done. She smiled. For someone so rude, he did make the sweetest sounds, and hell, what woman wouldn't find a little pleasure in someone built this nicely? Another kink vanquished and another small groan. She wondered if he made these little sounds when he…

Oh Anzu…just don't go there…

She lifted on of his hands and worked on his palm. "Do you use your hands constantly?" She asked as she worked on the palms and then fingers. He grunted. Did that mean yes? She couldn't be sure. She moved to his left hand, and was surprised to find he was single. Surprised? Hmmm, that was too strong a word. He seemed disagreeable—who wanted a difficult man? Not her. Eye candy was nice, but she needed no drama…her life was dramatic enough, thanks to her best friend Yugi.

Oh god ewww…mental note to self: Don't think about your best friend while you are rubbing down a man. It just feels way too weird to think about someone, that way, when you feel like they could be your sibling!

"How is the pressure? Am I dong okay?" She asked. There was no response. She smiled; Mr. Wonderful had drifted off to sleep. Slowly she eased her fingertips down along his spine, working out various trouble spots. His skin was amazingly smooth and so wonderful to touch. She sighed, just who was enjoying this more? She worked on his legs, noting how long they were. She wondered how tall he was. She itched to remove the towel and at least have a look, but that would be quite inappropriate.

Must resist all temptation, Anzu!

He stirred softly under her and grumbled something in his sleep. She nearly laughed, if she wasn't mistaken, it sounded like—'let's duel.' But she was sure that was just a remnant of the Yugi thoughts…for the love of…she was going there again. She shook her head, feeling her hair brush against her shoulders. Slowly she worked her way to his scalp and softly started massaging her fingers through his hair. He moaned. So, he liked having fingers run through his hair. She had never worked on him before, so she was coming into this cold. She frowned; too bad this was a one-time favor for Britney. He was better than most of her clientele. He wasn't complaining and bitching about life. He was actually relaxing enough to sleep, the sign of a great massage.

All too soon the hour was up. She reluctantly stopped touching her delicious skin. Did Britney know how lucky she was? Maybe she could do her friend a favor and she'd let her have him again. Gently, she shook him.

"Sir, time to get up…sir…" She moved closer to his ear. Oh, he smelled good, a mixture of lavender and his cologne, which was a clean, crisp scent. "The hour is up…it's time to get dressed and go…" her fingers moved through his hair one more time. She simply couldn't resist the urge; it just felt so good.

Slowly she washed her hands in the sink, and took a towel to dry them. He was beginning to stir.

"I'll leave you to get dressed," she whispered as she slid out the door, barely letting the light in. She watched him rise a bit, and she smiled.

She walked back to her own room, to check her schedule; she didn't think she had another client for an hour. She could have lunch. Actually, lunch sounded great at this point—she had built up quite a hunger. Unfortunately, she had to go back to Britney's room to clean it up. Anzu would change the sheets, the towels and then set Britney up for her next client. It didn't seem like she would return after the dentist appointment, but she would be back tomorrow. She made her way back down the hall, which was bright from the skylights. It was kind of cold, in comparison to the warmth of the dim room he was in.

He was gone—she tried knocking, but received no answer. She shrugged as she walked in. There on the table was her tip—three crisp hundred-dollar bills. Wow. She picked them up, not believing it. It had to be a mistake. Maybe he thought they were fives? She scooped them up and raced down the hall, hoping to catch him. She made it all the way to the front door but, obviously, he was gone. Great…now she felt totally guilty. Turning she noticed Samantha standing at the receptionist desk. Anzu smiled at her and she smiled back.

"Well kid, you did good. Seems Britney lost a client and you gained one. Same time next week." Anzu looked down at the bills.

"Can you call him and let him know he accidentally tipped me too much?" She asked, blushing a bit. Next week too? Had it felt as good for him as it did for her? She bit her lip nervously.

"Honey, that man never does something 'accidentally.' You must have made quite the impression on him. Most girls are chewed up and spit out by him, but you were actually requested…was he at least amicable?" Samantha asked.

"Yes, he treated me nicely, and then fell asleep." Anzu shrugged as her boss's eyes widened.

"He fell asleep on you? He never does that. Seems you have the magic touch." She walked out from behind the desk. "The other girls will be happy to know they won't have to deal with him anymore. Seems you have your first steady GQ guy…then again, he could also make the cover of Forbes…" She shrugged and climbed the steps. Leaving Anzu to ponder.

The money would be tucked into her school funding. She grabbed her purse and left to go get lunch. She'd clean Britney's room when she got back. Obviously, the girl was done for the day and the room wouldn't need a rush job. Suddenly, Anzu was craving something a bit pricier…

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