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Chapter 6

Nothing seemed to make sense at that point in her life. She was an innocent, hard working, young woman. Her parents were proud that she strived to become what she always wanted in life. After she earned enough money she would fulfill her dreams to study in Julliard—leave her home for a couple of years, and truly master the skills of dance. Her future promised a career she could be proud of. She could imagine herself becoming some well-known dancer who traveled around America and Europe showing off her skills. Yes, her parents were darn proud of her and she had no reason to be ashamed.

At least this was what kept running through Anzu's head as she entered Sweet Indulgences. Britney was standing by the reception desk with a client when Anzu sped past. Unfortunately for Anzu, Britney had a quick eye and saw how disoriented her friend looked.

"I'll see you next week, okay?" Britney bid her client a sweet farewell and then followed Anzu to her room. After a soft knock Britney entered the room. Anzu was going through her purse. It appeared as if she were desperately trying to find something. "Anzu? Are you okay honey?" Britney paused for a moment when Anzu's shoulders tense up. "You seem... tense." Taking the psychological approach, Britney sat down on a chair next to where Anzu was standing. "Did something happen?" Turning her head to look at Britney, Anzu narrowed her eyes.

"No." She tersely responded.

"Hmm… I see. So, something did happen." With a frustrated growl, Anzu slammed her purse down onto the table.

"Did it happen at home?" No response.

"Something at school?" Once again no response.

"Friends?" Nothing.

"Work?" Britney now asked with extreme concern. This time she saw Anzu's fist clench, as well as her jaw. "So it was work! Was it…"

"No! It was nothing. Britney, just please leave me alone. I'm not in a good mood right now and I'm liable to say, or do, something I wouldn't normally." Anzu ranted on how no one would find Britney's body if she continued to talk.

Britney knew the only person she had worked with today was…

"KAIBA!" Britney's sudden outburst caused Anzu to blush and jump back. It was almost as if he just entered the room.

"What! Where?" Nervously, Anzu looked around the room. When she glanced back at Britney, she saw the smirk and total accusing look on her friend's face. Muttering, Anzu knew Britney had caught on. Something was wrong, and that something had to do with the infamous Seto Kaiba. Seto Kaiba, a name she knew she did not want to hear ever again, and as for seeing him—to hell with that! At least, not until her blush reduced to a pink hue.

"Oh, come on, Anzu. What did he do this time? Make fun of how you touched his sun kissed body? Did he not like how your fingers slid through his chocolate locks, making him moan in complete and utter ecstasy? Did he tip you lousy for not massaging away the tension… as your petite hands went up his muscled thigh? Or, how about the way your fingers slid down his rock hard…"

"Does your mother know you talk like this?" Anzu asked, completely disgusted that those words had come from her friend's mouth.

"I was going to say abs—first of all. Second—what did he do that made you come in here like a zombie?" Taking a deep breath, Britney took a seat on the massage table in front of her co-worker and friend. "I don't understand that look on your face. Did you guys… Anzu?" Knowing Britney was thinking something, which Anzu was sure would force her to commit first-degree murder; she raised her hand to stop the girl from uttering another word.

"This is between you and me only! No one is to know this. Not even your mother." Britney nodded her head and stuck out her pinkie.

"I pinkie swear."

"Okay. Well…" Anzu didn't know quite how to begin. So, instead she fidgeted with her hand, which still throbbed. Kaiba sure did have a hard jaw. "I think…" Anzu fumbled for words once again, and then opted to look up at the ceiling.

"Oh come on! What the hell happened? Did you guys do something when you were at his house?" Anzu groaned at the mere mention of his house. "Oh my god. What did you do? Did you guys have sex or something? See! I knew that there was always some tension between you guys and sex experts always say that the best way to relieve that is through… "

"For the love of God, Britney! We did not have sex! I'm a professional, not some sex fiend." The room got a little hot for Anzu. She almost took off her sweater as Brittany waited impatiently for the complete story. The sweater hid evidence, which proved that it hadn't been a dream. Something had happened between her and Kaiba. Maybe she would take the sweater off after she confessed. Anzu, subconsciously, touched her lips.

"You guys kissed!" Putting her hand down, Anzu gave her a look that said how did you know? "That's what you did right? Ever since you came back you keep on touching your lips."

"But before you start going crazy, it was an accident!" Anzu tried to explain.

"Uh huh…" Brittany said in disbelief.

"It all started after the session was over. He made me mad, like usual, and I sort of…kind of..."

Anger made her hands reach up to Kaiba's collar. She pulled him close enough so that their noses were touching and he could see the anger in her blue eyes.

"No, I won't play games simply because you did. However, I'll sure as hell end it." Thinking that her plan was going to work, she gulped quickly before lifting her chin up and catching his lips with hers.

Britney looked like she was going to cheer for Anzu as she went on with the story.

"…. And then he kind of…"

"Weak." Kaiba whispered against her lips as she retreated slowly. Anzu's eyes fluttered opened, they looked with confusion at the young CEO. It was as if a spark arose within him. Kaiba laid his hands on her shoulders and lightly pushed her more thoroughly against the wall.

An unexplainable feeling went through her as his hands reached up to hold either sides of her face, drawing her closer. "You just raised the stakes, Mazaki." He huskily whispered about a hair away from her parted lips.

Britney fanned herself with her hand and leaned back against the chair. "I wish that happened to me! So how did he kiss? I bet he made you weak in the knees!" As Britney sat there pondering about how it would be like to kiss Kaiba, a thought entered her mind. "So, what happened next?" Rerunning the whole scenario in her mind, Anzu jumped slightly when she heard the question.

"What do you mean?"

"You just left off with him kissing you. What happened next?" Another sigh came from Anzu. Her stomach felt like it was in knots. Could she tell Britney what really happened afterwards? Could she trust her? Might as well, right? She had already explained everything up to the point where he started to kiss her back, right?



Against everything logical in her mind, Anzu closed her eyes the moment she felt his lips move irresistibly against hers. The force from his unrelenting mouth made her moan, but was it from pleasure or pain? Either way, as much as every part of her begged not to admit it, she didn't mind. At first they seemed to blindly test each other out. More so him, than her. He kept his eyes opened to see her reaction as he kissed her for the first few seconds. Her eyes were closed, yet her lips were still tense, either from shock or just nervousness. After those few moments passed and she started to kiss back with as much furor, Kaiba found that he too was lost. His eyes closed, no longer paying attention to her reaction, but wanting to meet her needs as well as his own.

Hands, which were still on his collar, pulled him closer against her. Obeying, Kaiba pressed her against the wall even tighter with his body. This not only made it harder for her to escape, not that she wanted to, but it made her heart beat like crazy. As soon as he did that, her hands left his collar and went to his soft hair, her fingers mimicking what she'd done in all their past sessions. This time, however, she took her time to feel his locks. For a nanosecond, Anzu swore he stopped kissing her just to take in the sensation of her gentle ministrations.

His knee went between her legs, pulling a whimper from her, as he moved his lips away from her own, much to her displeasure. He trailed kisses from her jaw to her earlobe. One of her legs lifted to encircle his hip.

Since she was literally on her toes, Kaiba took this opportunity to shift her. He slid his hand under her supporting leg. He pulled it up over his other hip, groaning when he felt her tighten around him. From there Kaiba nibbled on her neck. Now that she was elevated above him, she rested her head on his shoulder as he continued to work on her skin.

Their breathing became erratic. If it weren't for Kaiba pausing the kiss, they surely would have been breathless. Anzu could feel each little bite on her neck, making her shiver and also making her grasp onto Kaiba a little tighter. She heard him chuckle in her ear and for some reason she started to giggle as well.

"Is this extra at the spa?" Kaiba whispered in her ear. Anzu laughed. Not from the comment, which didn't even register in her head yet, but from his hot breath in her ear. As soon as his comment sank in she realized what she was doing. The mirror across the room allowed no misunderstandings.

Her image showed a disheveled looking Anzu with flushed cheeks and swollen lips. Her legs were wrapped securely around Kaiba's waist, and she could feel his hands were centimeters from her backside. One of her hands was lost somewhere in his hair, and the other was holding onto his shoulder. His lips were still on her ear, but stopped when he felt her tense up. The moment she saw herself in the mirror her body stiffened noticeably.

Anzu felt him stop. At once she began pushing at his shoulders, forcing him to let go of her. Kaiba took a quick step back. Without his body to support her, and her legs too shaky to help her plight—Anzu slipped and fell on her backside with a thud. Not bothering to look up at Kaiba and his possible smirk, she stood with as much dignity as she could muster.

'What the hell just happened?'

She kept asking herself as she walked across the room and picked up her supply bag and CD player. It was supposed to be a stupid payback kiss. He wasn't supposed to turn that kiss around and complicate things. Feeling tears in her eyes, she lowered her head so that her bangs could shield her from further embarrassment.

Hopefully, Kaiba didn't notice them—it would be another victory for him. Every move she made, she felt his eyes on her. He hadn't budged, or spoken, for that matter. From the corner of her eyes she saw that he was maintaining his space. Without a word, she walked towards the door

"Your tip," He spoke quietly. Since her back was towards him—she hadn't seen him move close. Seto Kaiba was now shoving the discarded bills into her hand. He then moved beside her and opened the door to leave. Their earlier argument came to mind, and Anzu was about to protest when he spoke. "Take the damned tip," his steps took him down the hall and she watched him disappear into one of the rooms.

Anzu stuffed the tip in her pocket and ran out of his house. When she reached her car, she sat there for a good minute to replay everything that happened.

"So he acted like normal Kaiba…cold and annoying?" Britney asked.

Anzu shrugged her shoulders. Retelling the tale made her realize that what happened was not a figment of her imagination.

"You know what it was? Passion. Why else would you lose control like that? The two of you fight like cats and dogs and that's because you're madly attracted to each other."

Feeling a headache coming on, Anzu rested her head in her hands.

"Please, enough with that theory. I hate him and he hates me. What happened back there was a freak of nature. A glitch. I just hope he forgets about it like I intend to. Or hopefully he can't forget about it and feels so embarrassed that he switches masseurs." Britney raised an eyebrow as if to counter with—'yea right'.

Kaiba sat behind his desk and stared at the blinking cursor. Having a ton of work to do, and a mind that would not cooperate, was the worst combination. Each time he attempted to write the proposal for the project he was set to work on, he could feel her slip back to the foremost part of his mind. Damn Anzu—and this stupid competition they seemed to be dancing around.

What exactly were they trying to accomplish?

He thought of their last session, of the kiss she had pressed to his lips. She had been trying to disgust him—to make him cringe and hate it. Unfortunately for both it was like a catalyst. He was so annoyed, grabbing her and kissing her to prove he could take complete control. She felt so good, especially when her legs wrapped around his waist. It was as if she belonged there—except he could picture it with a lot less clothing.

He ran a nervous hand ran through his chocolate locks. How could he even think that? Anzu Mazaki was tedious, annoying, and always so… positive. He hated cheerleader types, especially when they hurled venom at him. How many times had she attempted to make a fool of him in front of an audience? The worst had to be in Duelist Kingdom. Repeatedly asking him what he had at the end of the day. She never did understand it was about Mokuba, couldn't she see the sacrifice he was willing to make for his brother? A part of him had wished she had recognized his reasoning. Instead, she slammed into him with insults and accusations.

Glancing at the clock on his desk, he realized she would arrive soon. How would this session go? Would they argue? Ignore? He wanted to push her again, to feel more of her…heat. A smirk slid across his lips. He told her that she had she had raised the stakes. Until last week they were playing games, now the games were at another level. He intended to turn her on until her pretty little head spun. He liked how her cheeks flushed, and he gently ran his hands together, remembering that last session was the first time he had touched her. He would have to continue along those lines.

What would she do if he began to stroke her skin?

Looking up at the daunting Kaiba Mansion, Anzu cursed silently. Seto Kaiba was such an idiot. She had Britney call Kaiba's secretary and try to take over the session. Funny how that little knot had formed when she saw Britney smile warmly at the idea, but it was to no avail. A miniscule part of her was pleased that Britney wouldn't be allowed to touch him. A part of her that she would never admit to having…

Why did he still want her to do this? It was going to be more than embarrassing. She swallowed hard as she tugged out the equipment and struggled to the door. It wasn't as bad this time; she had gotten the hang of the mobile equipment. Once again the butler made a jest, or three, at her expense as he led her to a room. It was a different location this time—no longer in the same room as last week, one that had been a study of some sort. This room was warmer, a bit friendlier if it were possible. Anzu wondered why the change in venue, but didn't dare ask the man—fearing a sexually charged innuendo.

She set the table up with ease and then popped in a CD. She brought the sounds of the rainforest, which had a flute accompaniment; Kaiba seemed to sleep quickly to those sounds. A bathroom, which was off the room, stood open. Walking inside she washed her hands and examined her reflection in the mirror. How had her job, one that she had enjoyed, gone from fun to torture? She used her pinkie to smooth the gloss on her lower lip. A soft blush crept up her cheeks. Hopefully there would be no repeat of last time. She was determined to keep her feet on the ground—not locked around his hips.

As expected there he was, already in the room when she re-entered it. He was so stealthy; she never did hear him move. Her blue eyes refuse to meet his.

"I'm surprised you aren't on the table," she broke the silence.

"I've extended our session to 90 minutes today," he explained. "I called your employer and made the arrangements." He approached her and was pleased to see how flushed she was, he also liked that she was in a skirt, it would be so easy to accidentally touch her legs.

Anzu spun around and glared at him. How dare he?

"I have other clients you know? I understand how you think you are the center of the universe, but I must take a pin to your hot air-filled head and burst your ego. You can't have 90 minutes." She slammed down the lavender oil she used on him. Funny, she no longer used the scent on anyone else—for fear that it would make her think of him. Her conscious mind told her it was because the thought of him made her sick, her subconscious mind knew better…

"You're arguing over something that has already been decided. Your appointment was taken over by a co-worker of yours. Britney. Funny, she tried to assist me, but I knew how that would disappoint you. So, instead, I decided she could have the client that would follow me. I think that was fair." He walked towards her and tilted her chin up. "In the future—don't test your skills at manipulation—not on me. I'm the master."

Slapping his hand away, her blue eyes narrowed dangerously. "A master who gets his ass kicked every time he challenges a certain friend of mine…"

Anzu blinked as Kaiba untied his robe. Turning quickly, she avoided the dropping of it to around his ankles. Her heart was pounding. Neither had mentioned the kiss—which was fine by her. It was something that never had to be broached again. It could be a closed topic, one she didn't have a mind to repeat.

Hearing the table shift under his weight she knew he was settling in.

"Any time you would like to start earning your wages…" He let the smart remark linger in the air.

Anzu turned on the CD and sighed. It simply wasn't fair, why was she the luckiest girl in the world? How come Seto Kaiba tortured her and no one else? Shouldn't the wealth be shared? More of her co-workers needed to be gifted with this luminous presence. Unfortunately, she realized as she turned and saw him lying under a towel before her, she was beginning to feel fiercely protective of him. Heck, the thought of Britney touching him nearly drove her insane.

This had to be some sort of purgatory. Now all she had to do was figure out what she had done that was so bad and correct it. Maybe at that point this nightmare would end.

Kaiba nearly shivered when her fingertips began touching him. He thought he could control his reactions to her, but his mind kept getting yanked down the naughty corridor back to the luscious kiss they had shared. Gently fingers began working out knots in his shoulder as he recalled the taste of her neck and the feel of her tongue against his.

They had never been so quite. The room seemed to swell with silence, thank heaven the CD kept playing. Anzu was afraid to breathe and Kaiba was afraid of groaning from her touch. Had he screwed himself by requesting an extra half hour? As it was, he could hardly keep his thoughts on hating her long enough to quell his own body's reactions to her caress.

Had she always petted him this way, were her strokes always so sensual? Maybe she was simply trying to drive him insane. She was manipulating sore and aching muscles and driving him to his knees. He was thankful he was lying face down on the table. Face up would be too showing. How was a man supposed to mock a girl who had such a profound effect? Damn her, and yet he wouldn't stop her…no way in hell would he halt this…

Anzu tried to stay focused on her task, which was simple—relieve his tension. It was not in her job description to enjoy herself—but she was. He was built magnificently, skin so warm and smooth, muscles so hard and tight, and a backside that begged to be…manipulated by her eager hands. She didn't dare say a word, not a whisper. Last time their words led to her showing lust for him. Heck it was only supposed to be a game, she thought she would call his bluff and disgust him. Instead, he turned the tables. Well, maybe it was time to see how far she could push him. If he was forced to embarrass himself by admitting he was attracted to her—the enemy—she could laugh him off and then he would release her…right?

Her hands were deftly moving on his neck now, and every nerve ending was alive and wanting. How much more could he possibly take? Was she doing this on purpose, playing on skin she knew was sensitive? Hell, when they had wrapped themselves around one another and her hands sank into his hair—she had to have heard his moans. She was doing it on purpose, that was the only explanation. Fine, she wanted to play? He could play too, because he was sure her legs wouldn't have wrapped around him if she weren't responsive.

He flipped over on the table and smiled up at her. "I think it would be better if you did it from this angle." She blushed deeply. He would watch her touch him? That was almost intolerable. But, what could she say? Massages were given on the front and back usually—she just never requested that he turn over. She didn't want him to turn over for this very reason.

Blue eyes watched her. She moved behind his head and dug her fingers deeply into the straining muscles of his neck. His eyes fluttered closed as she worked her way up into his hair. It was a soft sigh, not a whimper, she heard as he shifted slightly under the pressure. Could a man be more beautiful? This was a very different view of him—a more intimate view of him. A view she would be treated to when they…if they…but, then again they never would… She coughed and tried to think of things that had nothing to do with him

"My hands and wrists need to be worked on. All the typing is making them tight." His voice was a gruff mumbling.

She nodded dumbly, watching his mouth move. Looking at the clock, she was only forty-five minutes in, only half way through. She might have to excuse herself and take a cold shower in the bathroom. How would that look?

Slowly she moved down the table and took his right hand into hers. She rubbed his palm—pulling a moan or two from him. His hands were very sensitive. Who knew they would be. She had to stop herself from tugging it to her lips and kissing each fingertip. Hands this strong and warm, oh the things she could envision them doing. He knew how to work a laptop, duel, and probably work with delicate computer wiring—what else could he do with his fingers and hands? What was he seriously capable of? She could only vaguely remember the kiss. He had pulled her up against him and forced her leg over his hip. He had been demanding but terribly gentle. Swallowing hard, she released his hand and worked up his wrist to his forearm, allowing his hand to dangle from the table.

Rounding his elbow she moved up the back of his upper arm. His triceps were incredible. When did he find the time to work out? He wasn't muscle bound, but this explained why it was easy for him to hold her against the wall, with her feet off the ground. He probably could carry her right off to his bed right now, and would she really complain? She groaned and rolled her eyes. Why couldn't she think of innocent things like puppies, kittens, and Ice cream cones? Ice cream cones that could be licked…much like she wanted to lick his lips right before she tasted his mouth…

Kaiba smiled, his little employee was raising a riot in him, but she seemed to be suffering some frustrations as well. How many times had she made that adorable little noise so far? She was pinned against the table, her hip pressing against his waist. He could simply wrapped his arm around her torso and grab her. She was conveniently inside the 'V' that formed between his stretched arm and body. Instead, as she worked her way up to his shoulder, he did something less expected and a bit wicked.

Anzu stilled her hands, her blue eyes widening. She had been leaning forward, trying to get to the underside of his shoulder. The problem now was—should she straighten or stay in her current position? She had no idea what to do. It was shocking, insane and yet so enticing…

Seto Kaiba's warm, strong, relaxed hand just cupped her hip. More exactly—what lay behind her hip… Blinking, but not reacting, she felt him squeeze her ever so slightly.

He would win at this rate, and for her that wasn't an option.

Leaning down, not daring to look in those blue eyes that mesmerized her, she whispered something very, unexpectedly, heated against his ear in almost a soft purr…

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