Chapter 1:

"Father?" A girl called through a huge mansion. "Father!" She called more loudly. "Where is everyone?" She asked as she walked into the dining room. There was a huge table made ofpure oakand matching chairs around it. There was a cabinet with expensive China in it to the right witha buffet next to it. Then there were windows to the left that took up the whole wall.

Suddenly, the windows shattered, but the girl didn't even fliched as men wearing camoflage and had machine guns came through the windows, landing all around her.

"Patricia Orwell, come with us." One of the men practically yelled at the girl.

"Aww... Did Daddy Orwell die?" The girl asked with a smirk. She was an average sized girl. Her hair was long and black, and she had sky blue eyes. She was wearing black. Black tight knit pants with a black tank top that was under and black sweat jacket with a hoot, and black boots that had heels on them. She looked kinda like a model. But there was something unhuman about her. She had a tail, but other than that, she looked human.

"No." Another man said from behind her. He looked to be the general. "And your real name isn't Patricia, is it?"

"How did you guess?" The girl asked in a charming voice.

The general sighed. Then he nodded to one of the men, who grabbed a rope and snuck up behind the girl. He was about to put the rope around he neck when...

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. How rude." The girl said as she wipped around and cut the man down with her bare hands.

"Men!" The general yelled. But it was too late. The girl had cut down a few of his men and was running out the door. "After her!"

Men raced out of the building, chasing the girl, but she was much too fast, and she knew it. She ran through the garden that was next to the pool and ran to the woods that surrounded the entire estate. She knew she could hide there. She made a sharp turn and ran through the bushes and it's the woods. Then she heard the dogs coming after her. Shit. She thought. They really wanted her. She made another turn and jumped into a creek, swimming across as fast as she could, and getting to the other side before running again.

Once she was a little farther from the creek, she shook off a little before continuing. She soon found what she was looking for; a den she had found when she lied to the owner of the estate, saying that she was his long lost niece and her parents died, leavingher with him. She had made papers and everything. She didn't know that man at all, but it worked for her.

She got down on her hands and knees and crawled into the den. It stankin there. Like something had died. Then she saw that something had died in there. Or at least it looked dead. It was a white wolf. She couldn't tell if he was dead or alive. She crawled cloer to it before it jumped up and turned into a boy, pushing her against the wall. "Who are you?" He growled.

He was quite hansom. His hair was a bit long and black, and his eyes were as blue as the girl's. He wore a white t-shirt with a black jacket over it, and a pair of jeans with sneakers. He bared his teeth at the girl. She knew he was a wolf, and she bared her teeth back.

"I live here." She growled.

They were both sitting. There was enough room for them to probably stand in there, but that sat instead. The boy looked the girl up and down. "What are you?" He asked when he saw her tail.

She pushed him away from her. "I'm a wolf. And I know you are too. And you're injured. I saw your leg was bleeding when I came in." She replied. "I don't know why I can't change so I fully look human, but I can assure you that I am just like you."

The winced in pain as he stodd up. He looked down at her. She stood and he still looked down at her. He had to have been a good half foot taller than she was. "Sit down." She ordered. "If you're hurt you shouldn't move."

Then a young boy ran into the den. "Kiba! I'm back! And I brought-" He stopped when he saw the girl standing next to Kiba. They both looked at him. "Uuhh... Sorry?" He apologized, not sounding too sure of himself.

"Toboe. Stay. It's OK." Kiba said.

"Who are you?" Toboe asked, sounding very friendly.

He acted so naive compared to the other wolf that the girl had to smile. "I live here." She told him. Then she looked back at Kiba. She didn't know why, but something about him was just so familiar. It scared her as much as it interested her. He might have been from her past. She couldn't remember anything. Not even her own name. "My name is Lilly." She told the boy, turning back to him. She had given herself the name of Lilly since she couldn't remember her real name.

"Pretty name." Toboe complimented."My name is Toboe. And that's Kiba. Sorry we're in your den. We had nowhere else to g-"

"Toboe." Kiba growled, angered by the fact that Toboe was so naive and told Lilly everything. "Where are Hige and Tsume."

That had gotten Lilly's attention. She knew the name Hige. She knew Hige. He was a friend of hers that she met while wondering in the city. "Did you say Hige?" She asked Kiba, making sure her ears hadn't been playing tricks on her.

"Yeah. Why?" Kiba asked.

"Nothing." Lilly said as she shook her head. It could have been another wolf named Hige. She didn't know. But she had a feeling she was going to know soon.

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