Chapter 12:

"What the hell was that?!" Tsume yelled at Hige and Kiba. The 'pack' had found a nearby cave to hide in. Raven was still asleep, passes out from the events earlier that night. Hige paced around her thinking while Kiba sat next to her glaring at Tsume. "Well?!" Tsume yelled again. "You two are the ones that know her! You've never seen this before?"

"We never had anything like this in our pack before." Kiba said, trying to think back. He couldn't remember ever seeing anything like that. Whatever happened with Raven was not normal...

"I never saw her do anything like that.. She was always normal around me." Hige answered, still pacing. He knew she would disappear once in a while from him and their old group. He would try to find her around the city but never could. Maybe that was when something like this happened.

"Maybe she can tell us about it when she wakes up?" Toboe asked. He watched her with a sad face. He hoped that she was okay. In the short time that he had known Raven he had gotten very fond of her. She was a sweet person and seemed to care about his friends. And so he cared about her.

"Mmm..." Raven rustled around a little. Kiba placed his hand on her back and try and soothe her some. She lifted her head, blinking a few times to her get her head together. "Ow..." She moaned as she sat up. "What happened?"

"What happened?!" Tsume yelled, taking a step towards her. "Are you kidding me? What happened?"

"Umm... Yeah?" Raven said glaring at Tsume. What's his deal?

"How about that little show you pulled out there on the soldiers? Don't tell me you don't remember that!" Tsume yelled.

"That's enough Tsume..." Hige said.

"What is he talking about?" Raven looked at Kiba.

"I'm not exactly sure.." Kiba said, trying to figure out how to describe what Raven had done. "You just-"

"She just turned into a monster and killed them all! That's what she did!" Tsume yelled, not a care toward Raven's feelings. "And what's to say she isn't going to do that to us?!"

"I did what?!" Raven yelled. She looked at Kiba, but he looked down at the ground, not at her. She looked at Hige but he wasn't sure how to tell her either. "What did I do?! Someone please tell me!" Tears started welling in her eyes as she looked at all the other wolves around her.

"You kinda did what Tsume said... You turned into this monster thing and killed everyone.. Then you kinda passed out and we brought you here." Hige summed up what happened.

"I did what?!" Raven looked at everyone. "What kind of monster did I turn into?!"

"I'd say a werewolf." Kiba answered her question. As baffled as he was by it, that was the only explanation he could come up with. She stared at him, not believing what she was hearing. She turned into a 'Werewolf'? Like the one that attacked her family? She touched her lips, the same ones that bit into the beast's neck. Could her having bit it, it's blood going into her mouth, have made this happen?

"Oh my God..." Raven whispered. "This isn't good! You guys could be in danger with me!"

"Have you always been changing like this?" Hige asked.

"I don't know! I never had anyone with me to tell me if I was or not."

"So you don't remember if you've ever changed before?" Kiba asked.

"This is bullshit! We can't travel with her like this. All that needs to happen is her to change in the middle of the night on us and kill us all like she did to the soldiers." Tsume said, not happy one bit about this situation. He knew he didn't like something about her from the get go. First she caused tension between their pack members, Hige being jealous of her and Kiba, Kiba being wrapped up in her worse than when they stole Cheza, and now this? He was not dealing with it.

"Tsume, she obviously doesn't know she does this." Kiba said, trying to keep the mood calm until they could figure out what they were going to do.

"Yeah Tsume.. And she and I traveled for months and she never attacked me in my sleep. I'm still alive and walking." Hige added, trying to convince everyone that this wasn't as bad as it looked.

"You saw what she did to those soldiers." Tsume said, crossing his arms and leaning on the wall of the cave. "I'm leaving in the morning. You can all stay together if you like but I'm not risking myself to travel with someone that does that."

"Tsume! Don't be rash! Let's talk about this!" Toboe exclaimed, not believing what he was hearing from Tsume. They'd all been together so long, there was no reason for them to separate now.

Tsume chuckled. "Sorry kid. Looks like our family isn't staying complete." Tsume said and walked back into the cave further, ready to go to sleep so he could wake up early and head out before anyone could stop him.

"Tsume!" Toboe yelled to him.

"Save your breath runt.." Hige moaned. "He's not going anywhere... He's all bark and no bite."

"I'm sorry guys..." Raven said, tear about ready to fall down her face. "I didn't want to break you guys up and I definitely don't want to hurt you. I'll leave in the morning. You all should stay together." She saw Kiba open his mouth to protest, but she stood and ran out of the cave before he had a chance to say anything. He got up, watching her run out.

"I'm going after her. Don't wait up for me." Kiba said, then ran after her. "Raven!" They heard him yell one last time, watching him Run after her.