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To Love Again

The sun comes up and the rays of light shines through the window. BBRRIIIINNNGG! The alarm clocks goes off and Kikyo slams her hand on the off button. She yawns and cursed the alarm clock for disturbing her sleep. ' Today's the day the science teacher is going to pair us up with a partner for dissecting frogs, YUCK!' Kikyo Miko is in 11th grade and she's 16 years old. Kikyo gets dressed in a black shirt with red letters saying ' Pure Miko vs. Evil Demon ' and blue jeans. Kikyou is not Gothic. She is more into rock and some dark places. She is the absolute opposite of her sister. She's just wants to be herself. She's an A student and has a boyfriend, Inuyasha.

Kikyou comes downstairs to greet her mother good morning. "Hey mom... hi 'Kagome' " Kikyo said in a low voice. " Good morning " said Midoriku. Kagome just ignored her but then said " Good morning,". Kikyou rolled her eyes and said " You were better off ignoring me." Kagome glared at Kikyo but then relaxed. "Kikyou, how's Inuyasha doing?" asked Kagome with her fake smile. " Why do you want to know?" replied Kikyo. " Something is going to happen that will make both me and Inuyasha happy," explained Kagome. Kikyo just raised an eye brow. " Why is that?" asked Kikyo. " You'll find out," replied Kagome as she left to walk to school. Shikon High was just a few blocks away. Kagome is Kikyo's twin sister. She's the most popular girl in school, but too bad for her, Kikyo doesn't care. Kagome has been after Inuyasha, but it seems like she is leaving him alone and started to go out more often then usual and Inuyasha has barely spend more time with Kikyou then he usually would and this started to suspiciuos. Kikyou wanted to talk to Inuyasha about that, but she trusted Inuyasha. Kikyou thought he must had more important things to do. Kikyo met Inuyasha at 10 grade and they soon started to fall in love. It was a dream come true. Sadly that dream will fade and turn into a nightmare.

Kikyo rolled her eyes and kissed her mom goodbye as she walked outside. There, Sango and Miroku were standing out in front of her gate, waiting for her. The silence broke when she heard a slap. ' There goes Miroku, hasn't he learned his lesson, yet?' thought Kikyo as she saw Sango trying to regain her cool after slapping Miroku. Sango and Mroku were her best friends since the 3rd grade. They had been going out for a month. 'Sango is a great friend and I tell her everything, as well as Miroku. Miroku is wise and make good decisions... sometimes. He just can't seem to control his hands,' thought Kikyo as she greeted her friends.

As they walked, Sango broke the silence, " Do you know who you are going to partner with Kikyo?" Kikyo thought for a moment and replied, " Actually, I hope I pair up with Inuyasha. And you, Sango?" " Well I hope it's with Miroku," said Sango. She blushed and Miroku put his arms around Sango and pecked her cheek. ' They make the cutest couple ' thought Kikyou. Kikyou continued to wath them and wondered if Inuyasha will ever spend time with her again. He always had something to do. He always go out and Kikyou is always there to wait for him. She wanted to pair up with him even if it was dissecting frogs. It would at least have Kikyou and Inuyasha spend time together. Kikyou couldn't help, but frown. She missed Inuyasha. All of these thoughts continued her in her head every single day. Then Kikyou and her friends arrived at school.

A/N: I'm sorry if its too short. But this is my first time writing a longer story and plus I was lazy. I will try and make other chapters longer. And also I'm trying to get their personalities right so please forgive me if they seem o.c.. But Kagome will be o.c. There will be some bashing on her and maybe Inuyasha too.