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Kagome noticed her sister wasn't in her room nor in the house. Kagome got worried and set off to find Kikyo. 'Why the hell did Kikyo go out in a rain?' thought as she walked faster in the rain. Kagome heard a voice much like Kikyo's. " Rain is like me, Kagome. Happy and Sad. Happy because it can make flowers and other plant life grow and help get rid of droughts. And after the rain is done a beautiful rainbow comes out. Sad because the rain get get very cold and you get sick. Too much rain get kill a good things. They bring floods. They can represent good things in life and bad things in life," said the voice in Kagome's head. "That's what Kikyo sad when we were young. I can't beleive I would forget that. So much has changed," said Kagome.


Kagome and Kikyo are at thier room coloring in their coloring books. " Hey Kags, what are you going to be when you grow up?" asked Kikyo. Kagome look up from her coloring book. " I'm not sure?" said Kagome. Kagome closed her eyes and thought. " I know! I want to be a model," said Kagome with excitement. Kikyo stared dumbfounded at Kagome. " What's a model?" asked Kikyo. " Mom said a model is a person who wears cool clothes and show them to others," said Kagome. " Why would you want to do that?" asked Kikyo. " Nevermind," said Kagome.

End Flashback

Kagome stopped and saw Kikyo with Inuyasha's half brother. Embracing in the rain. " You are better off with Sesshomaru than Inuyasha," whispered Kagome. " They are a good couple, huh?" Kagome turned around and saw Inuyasha standing right in front of her. " Come on let's leave them alone," suggested Inuyasha. Kagome took his arm and walked away with him. " It's sad really. I betrayed Kikyo's trust and love. I gave her a lot of suffering. I thought that was biggest mistake I made," said Inuyasha. Kagome look sadly at the ground. Kagome is thinking that Inuyasha didn't love her. " But, If I didn't then Kikyo wouldn't be with Sesshomaru right now. She wouldn't be with someone who is worthy of her love. And I wouldn't be in love with you," said Inuyasha as he looked at Kagome and smiled.

Kagome looked at Inuyasha with tears. " Y..You don't regret what you did?" asked Kagome. Inuyasha shook his head, he stopped and wrapped his arms around Kagome. Kagome embraced him back. Kagome looked into his eyes. She pressed her lips into his and they shared a passionate kiss together.

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