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A Sad Sorrow

I slowly walked down the halls of Hogwarts. I looked to both sides and saw all of the painting staring at me, their glares bitter. I moved my eyes to the end of the hall, there stood Harry, his face full of sadness despite him trying to hide all emotion.. Beside him stood Ron and Hermione; hands inter-joined. Only for a moment I saw them smile but then their faces became lifeless and pale once again. Ginny seemed to be a little annoyed, I don't still know why. Maybe she was still upset at me for all I've done. I stopped at the end of the hall and couldn't help looking back, the hall was empty. It would continue to be empty the rest of our lives and for all eternity. Now that Hogwarts was being shut down, no one knew what would become of us. Sure there were still two other magic schools, but it wouldn't be the same. No more Gryffindor's running to potions class late, no more Slytherin's poking fun at Gryffindor's, no more Hufflepuff's helping everyone in need, no more 'partying' with the Ravenclaw's. I just hoped we'd all remain as close as we are right now when we move to the next chapter of our lives.

We all walked out of Hogwarts almost in tears, our lives, hopes and dreams had been taken away. It was just as if our safety blanket had been ripped out of our reaches. No one had any idea why Hogwarts had been shut down, accept me. It was a hard fact to live with. I looked back one last time. I had never realized before how beautiful Hogwarts was! I had always taken it for granted. That was the last time I'd ever take anything for granted.

We all sat down on the train and headed towards home. It was the last time we'd ever sit in those small compartments again. Its funny how you can hate something so bad at first but when it's being taken away forever you want nothing more than to have it forever. I sat down next to Harry and put my head on his shoulder. It was the only thing that felt right, the only thing keeping me from plunging off of the railroad bridge into the depths of the water below. I could see out of the corner of my eye Hermione was snuggled close into Ron and Ginny was no where in site. I felt a tear-drop fall down my cheek, but it didn't feel real. Almost as if everything in the past year had been a mere dream, nothing more. I hoped deep down that it might be, and Hogwarts was still standing high and proud as before. But nothing could wake me from the nightmare, not even blind love. I knew that all our lives were coming to a horrible stage, where we all must face the test of our friendship, but maybe I could have stopped that inevitable pain and sorrow that will lessen over time but never completely fade. Being the Loon I am, (and always will be), maybe I could have actually have made it end.