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He opened his eyes tears falling silently. Blood was falling from his lip and he was sure something was broken. He tried to stand but pain shot through his legs and back. He could only stay in the alleyway staring at the cars that past by as the figure laughed at him. "You look so good when your bleeding." The boy felt the man lick the blood off his neck. More tears slid down his burised cheeks. The man grabbed the boy's neck killing him slowly. "Now now love can't have you telling people about this." The boy closed his eyes wishing for death to come quickly and take the pain away. His head seemed lighter as his life was slowly leaving him. That last things he heard that night was the man whisper," Your nothing more than a broke toy that needs to be taken care of Sora. I don't know why your mother protected you for so long. Then again by loving you she died and it's all your fault. It was all your fault. Even though we both agreed on one thing about you Sora. You are extremly beautiful. Goodbye son." He kissed Sora roughly taking what little air the boy did have. Sora's world grew dark and cold. ' So this is what it's like to be dead. No it still hurts. Why am I still in pain?'

" Yo Sora, you there?" Sora opened his eyes, "Sorry Serith. Just remembering things again." Sora smiled at the silver haired girl. "You ok Sora?" Sora nodded and brushed his tears away. "I'll be fine. Where's Riku?" Serith shrugged. "Before you came around I would have said he's off getting laid but your right here so he's probly hiding or sleeping." Sora laughed. " How bout we let him come out of his own free will. I've been working on something you might like." Serith jumpped up and down. "Really? Is it another song Sora?" Sora smiled ," But of course. Now pop a sqawt and listens." Serith sat on the couch as Sora pulled out a guitar. He strummed out a few chords before playing a slow and steady beat. " I thought I was dead. Lost and lonly in my head. Dreaming of life without the pain. Stripped of innocence. Left broken and stained. Bleeding slowly Dieing in my tears. Trapped after all these years. Bound by chains of humanity. The memories that never fade away." The beat became quicker and more hardcore. " I wanted death to take me away away! But an angel was there to save me. The hand that took me from the shadows that slowly eat away at the surface. The things that we say. The people we blame are all the same. The strands unravled the damage done. The end has begun. tears of crimson coursing through your veins. Only to be washed away.Sitting in your grave say goodbye today. The sounds that never go away. The screams that never fade. And your the only one left to blame." The beat became steady and slow again. " You got away but when your found. Your screams will be your only sound as you fade away. Fade away." Sora's voice drew out away as the song ended.

"It's not that good I gotta work out the bugs." He smiled. Serith looked at him. The pain that surfaces just beneath the mask he wore. "I liked it Sora." Serith and Sora jumped at Riku's voice. Serith saw Riku smile as he wrapped his arms around Sora's waist. Sora leaned back into the embrace. His mind wandering back to the first time Riku had ever held him.

Sora's body felt weak. He wasn't dead but he didn't know why. He could hear voices. "What's the boy's name?" "Sora, I beileve." "Where did you find him?" "In an alleyway. The guy that did this got away though" Sora opened his eyes slowly. He was in a hospital. The smell of alcohol and steralizer became apperent. The white walls blinded him for a second as he sat up and looked at the people in the room. The docter looked at him, "You shouldn't be awake not after all that's happened to your body. Lay down boy. You don't need anymore damage." The docter looked at the boy with silver haired and left. Sora looked at the guy, "Who are you. How did I get here." He noticed it was still hard to breath but not because he was hurt. Sora's heart pounded in his chest as the boy came closer. 'God he's hot.' A blush came to Sora's cheeks as the boy placed his hand on Sora's forehead." My name is Riku and I brought you here.Who was that guy or do you know?" Sora nodded. "Who was he?" Sora felt the tears build up but he begged for them not to fall. Images of his father grabing him and throwing him into the alley and taking away his innocence.

Sora's body felt heavy as he was falling back onto the bed he landed in Riku's arms instead. "That man is the reason I was born. He's the reason my mother was sad. He's the reason I'm broken." sora cried into Riku's shoulder as Riku rubbed the small of his back. "Shh it's ok. It'll be fine." Sora shook his head. "No it won't. He should have never done that. I wasn't some random person off the street. I was his fucking son." Riku cupped Sora's face and made him look up at him. Depression could be seen beyond the boy's anger. "Sora. Your not broken first off and your right he shouldn't have done that, but for right now don't think about it ok. It'll only make it worse." Sora nodded tears still falling down his cheeks. The whole night they sat there Riku with his arms wrapped around Sora, and Sora sleeping lightly in his arms.

"Sora quit daydreaming and come on." Serith grabbed his arm and pulled him into the club. Serith kissed his cheek, "See you after the show." She ran off her silver hair bouncing behind her. A arm wrapped around him. "Sora, you ok? You've seemed out of it." Sora smiled at Riku's concern. "I'm fine. Just scaring myself." Soft lips kissed his neck. "Chicken." Sora shurgged. "You love a chicken what can I say. I'm afraid of the dark so what." Riku smiled and turned the younger boy around in his arms. "I love you Sora, but I have to go." He kissed Sora gently before making it more heated. A tounge slipped into Sora's mouth as a battle began. He always lost but he didn't mind. Riku bit his lip softly before pulling back. "See you after the show." He hugged Sora grabbing the smaller boy's ass. Sora moaned into Riku's ear. "You better get up there before Serith comes looking for you." Riku nodded, "We'll finish this after the show." He kissed him and ran into the crowd.

Sora found a table far away from the crowds. Sighing he laid his head down. The lights dimmed as Riku, Serith lead guitarist, their drummer Cloud, and their bass Leon took their positions on stage. Sora looked up to find Riku staring at him from the stage. He smiled and turned to the crowd. "Tonight our first song is Broken by Seether." Riku's voice echoed through the almost silent room. The songs started off Riku's voice filling the room. " I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh. I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away. I keep your photograph and I know it serves me well. I wanna hold you high and steal your pain." Serith joined in." Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome. And I don't feel right when you're gone away. You've gone away, you don't feel me, anymore." Riku dropped out as Serith took lead. "The worst is over now and we can breathe again. I wanna hold you high, you steal my pain away. There's so much left to learn, and no one left to fight. I wanna hold you high and steal your pain." Riku rejoined their voices going perfectly together. "Cause I'm broken when I'm open. And I don't feel like I am strong enough. Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome. And I don't feel right when you're gone away. Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome

And I don't feel right when you're gone away. You've gone away."Serith dropped out as Riku finished, "You don't feel me here anymore." Sora laid his head down. He knew Riku and Serith were watching him.

After a few songs Sora walked outside to get away from the smoke that filled the building. " God I hate smoke.Then again I smoke. Heh I hate drunks to, and I am a drunk that's pretty bad." he laughed at himself as he pulled out a cigertte. Leaning against the wall he let his mind wander.

It had started to rain as he ran from the funeral. He refused to cry for her. He just wanted to run away and never give a backwards glance. The alley was dark enough so no one would find him there. He heard people looking for him. the walk past the alley barely glancing in. One man whispered, "Could he be down there?" Another whipered, "No Sora's scared of the dark. One night his mother turned the light's off and Sora screamed. When see turned them back on Sora was pale and shaking. Kept saying something came after him." The man's voice seemed to find it funny. "Wow kid gots some issues." They walked off laughing at him. Sora's fist clenched together. He punched the first thing that came to his vision and that was the wall. Sora punched the bricks untill his hand was torn. Skin was ripped and blood falling down his hand and not a tear fell. A hand grabbed his bleeding hand. Sora's body tensed his skin paleing sightly. "It's been a long time Sora." The cold hand that held his lifted the bleeding limp to his lips. The figure licked the blood off his hand. "You taste very good my little Sora." Sora tried t opunch the guy but his body felt heavy, His breathing became harder. He could hear the people coming back.

"Anyone know why she killed herself?" "Nope but we think we know. Sora looked like his father and well it was to much for her." The other sighed. Sora wanted to scream that it wasn't his fault. we wanted to defend himself but his voice betrayed him. "Guilt must have been to much on the kid. Does he get into fights often cause there was a bruise on his face." "His mother hit him and he ran off. When she asked him to forgive her he wouldn't the next thing you know BAM! That's the end." "How do you know all this?" "Easy I live next door and those two were fucking loud." "Oh. Well we better head back. When he gets scared he'll come back." The footsteps faded. "Poor little Sora. You killed your mommy? How sad." The figure laughed at him. Sora became light headed, "Who are you?" He sounded far away and his mind was fogging up. "I am the reason your mother's life was ended so shortly. She saw me in you. Isn't that a shame." A car light gave the alleyway a spark of light long enough for Sora to see his attacker's face. Blue eyes looked down at him. Two fangs stood out against the light. Black hair that looked like Sora's graced the man's head. Sora tried to scream but it was caught in his throat.

The man smiled as the light faded , "Now now Sora don't fight against me. It'll only hurt in the beginning." The man ran a hand slowly down Sora's waist. Before Sora could blink his shirt and pants were gone. "Beautiful." The man touched Sora's bruised cheek softly. Sora's body worked on it's own as he became hard. He felt tears slip down his cheek. "Cry my little Sora. Cry it'll be okay.Just let go of the pain." With that the wall Sora had managed to hold up broke. Tears streamed down his face. A blush formed on Sora's cheeks as the man kissed Sora's neck."I'm going to make you mine Sora. Mine and only mine." With that the fangs bit into his throat forcefully."NO!"

Sora's eyes flew open. He held his neck feeling a warm liquid running down it. Sora looked at his hand. A sob trapped in his throat. 'Why me? Why me?' Tears came forcefully. "It's been along time Sora." A voice came from the darkness around him. The street light blinked and blew out leaving him alone in the dark. A cold hand grabbed his wrist. Sora tried to pull away but his body froze as the figure bit into his bleeding neck. "No. no no no no ." Sora's voice was forced as the man feed from Sora's life. He started to become lightheaded. " Sora! Sora you out here?" "Riku?" Sora's voice came out low. Riku wrapped his arms around the boy, "You ok?" Sora nodded and touched his neck. 'No blood. Was it a dream?' Sora laid his head against Riku's chest. Tears began to stain Riku's shirt. "Sora what is it? Why are you crying?" Sora's tears contined to fall, "I don't know. I'm afraid and I don't want to be alone anymore." Riku began to pet Sora's head whispering words of comfort to him. After awhile Sora's sobs were replaced by soft breathing showing that he was asleep. "Your not alone Sora and you never will be as long as I'm here."

Sora could hear voices around him even though he was half asleep. "We took him in you can't just take him back!" Serith's voice echoed through his thought. 'Take him back? Who are they talking about?' "I claimed him! I saved him when you left him for dead! He's mine." Riku's voice dragged Sora out of his sleep. "He is my son though meaning that I can take him back. I put a claim on him you can fight me for him if you want even though he isn't worth it." Sora could hear somebody get punched in the other room. "Riku!" Serith screamed. "He deserved it Serith. Sora isn't nothing he means everything to me and if I have to fight for him I will." Sora lifted himself up off the bed. "Riku?" Riku stopped talking. "Sora, your awake." Riku opened the door to see his lover barely standing, " Sora! Lay down you shouldn't be up." He ran over in time to catch Sora. "Riku, who else was here?" Riku looked at the boy in his arms. "Sora, there's something me and Serith have to tell you." He laid Sora back on the bed as Serith walked in. "So we're gonna tell him now Riku?" Riku nodded. Serith sat next to Sora on the bed while Riku sat at the edge. "Serith and I are vampires Sora. That guy in there is the same guy that attacked you seven years ago. Your father Sora and a powerful vampire leader." Serith hugged Sora's trembling body, " By doing what he just did me and Riku are now abandoned by our kind." Riku shrugged, " He deserved to be hit. Sora's worth more then any clan."

Serith smiled at her brother. "You two are ..like him?" Sora managed to choke out through his new tears. "Sora, we're not like him. The same kind but nothing like him. We love you I love you Sora."Sora look at Riku tears streaming down his cheeks. He stood on shaky feet. "I'll be back I have to think about a few things." his voice was barely audiable. "Sora." Sora looked at Riku and kissed him softly before turning and leaving. Riku watched the door close before a stream of red fell down his face. (1) Serith hugged her brother close, "He'll come back Riku but we can follow him to make sure he stays safe." Riku nodded and followed Serith out the window.

The park was dark and cold when Sora got there. Sitting on a swing he started to think about all the things Riku had said. Pushing off the ground Sora started to swing stareing at the sky. The stars seemed to shine just for him at that moment. just trying to tell him that it'll be ok. His thoughts wondered off to the night he met Riku. 'It's been seven years. I can't beileve I never noticed that they were vampires. Come to think of it they never did eat with me. They never went out during the day either, and they never agged.'

Riku looked about 18 and Serith about 17. After leaving the hospital Riku brought Sora to his house to meet his sister. Serith had hugged Sora and talked about how cute he was. "How old are you sweety?" Sora blushed and looked at the floor," I'm just turned 11 yeasterday." Serith looked at Riku," So you got attacked on your birthday? That's horriable. Oh I know how bought I'll go buy you a cake. Would you like that Sora?" Sora nodded, " Thank you." Serith smiled and hugged Sora," From now on Sora your our family. We'll make sure your always safe and we'll bring you a cake on your birthday." She smiled and kissed his forehead before leaving. Riku sitting on the couch smiling at Sora. Sora smiled back and sat next to him," Can I stay with you and Serith?" Riku nodded, " Of course your family now. We'll never let you go."



Sora smiled at him and laid his head down in Riku's lap. Riku smiled and petted Sora's head until Serith came in with the cake. That had been the best birthday Sora had ever had. Every year after that Riku, Serith, Cloud, and Leon would come celebrate with him. When Sora turned 16 his feelings for Riku had started to change. One night after Serith had fallen asleep and Cloud and Leon had left Sora had sat on the roof thinking. Riku came up behind him and hugged him, "What are you doing up here all alone Sora?" Sora leaned into the embrace. "I'm thinking again." Riku smiled," If I asked you about what you'd tell me right?" Sora looked at him. "You'll think I'm weird."

"I won't I promise."

"I can't really say but i can show you."

Riku smiled at the boy again." Ok show me then."

Sora turned to face Riku and kissed him. Riku tensed up and relaxed. He wrapped his arms around the younger boy's waist. They parted for Sora to breath. "Riku, I love you." He hugged the older boyand nuzzled into his neck. "I love you too, Sora. I always have."

He kissed Sora's neck up to his lips and claimed them in a passionate kiss. He licked Sora's bottom lip wanting to taste Sora. Sora opened his mouth to Riku's questioning tounge. Clothing was removed quickly. "I promise it'll only hurt for a moment tell if it gets to painful ok?" Sora nodded as Riku pushed into him. The pain only lasted a moment. They spent the night on the roof. After they were sate Riku lifted his lover and brought him to his room. Sora was so happy when he woke to see Riku's arms wrapped around him pocessivly. That morning they told Serith and she laughed and hugged them both. Leon and Cloud smiled and congrulated Riku on a fine catch. Riku only smiled and kissed Sora again. They had been together for almost two years and he was just finding out that his boyfriend was a vampire.

Sora laughed softly," Riku and Serith never changed or anything. Guess I just never noticed." Sora stood ready to go back home and lay down next to his lover. A hand grabbed his wrist and turned him around forcefully. "Look how pretty." Sora tried to pull his hand free back the man was stronger. "Aren't you just a pretty little boy." Another man grabed Sora's waist from behind," He looks so scared, Malik." The one named Malik kissed Sora, "Don't be scared love. We just want to have a little fun. Ain't that right, Dereck?" The other nodded and licked Sora's neck. Malik pulled out a knife and touched Sora cheek with the blade. Blood fell from the wound as a tear fell from Sora's eye.Malik reopened the wound a little deeper. He did it again and again until Sora cried out in pain. Blood gushed from the wound. "Such a pretty color love.Don't you think Dereck?" Dereck licked the blood on Sora's cheek, "Of course." "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Serith kicked Malik away from Sora as Riku pulled Dereck away. Malik smirked at them." We were just having a little fun. That's all. Now you can play too." He lunged at Serith knife in hand. Serith grabbed his wrist flipping him over," How about not." Malik went to stab her again but Riku threw him into Dereck. Riku turned to ask Serith if she was ok.

"You should never turn your back on an enemy!" Malik jumped and stabbed at Riku. Riku turned in time to catch a bleeding Sora. "Sora!" Sora's hand covered where his heart was. "Sora no no. Sora say something to me." Sora opened his eyes slightly, " Riku?" Riku felt tears sting his eyes. "I'm right here Sora." Sora smiled slightly," Can we go home. I feel a little tired." Riku nodded, "We can Sora. Just please don't fall asleep ok? Sora. Sora!" He shook Sora slightly," I'm awake Riku. I'll try to stay awake but it's hard." Riku kissed Sora's blood stained cheek. "I'll be right back." He gave Sora to Serith. "Take care off him please." Serith nodded and Riku walked over to Malik and Dereck. "Look We were just doing our job.The boss said to hurt Sora to bring you out then kill you. The boy wasn't suppose to get hurt that bad." Malik looked at Riku. "So you two are the ones I'm suppose to fight to keep Sora?" Dereck nodded. Riku brought his hand up and pulled a dragon wing sword out of the air. He killed both men in a matter of seconds."Riku we have to get Sora to a hospital quick!"

Riku paced the waiting room while Serith sat down trying not to cry. The docter came in shaking his head. "He won't make it. The blade punchered his heart I'm sorry." He left the room. Serith looked at Riku," What are you going to do? We can't lose him and you know it." Riku looked at her and smiled softly," Then we'll just have to bring him back." They walked into the emergency room where Sora was laying. The white lights shined off of the blood that covered him.Serith locked the door as Riku walked to Sora's side. "Sora can you say something anything." Riku grabbed Sora's hand and kissed it. "Riku." Sora's voice was weak but loud enough to hear." Sora." "Riku can we go home. I know I'm broken and not worth much but when I'm with you I feel like i'm worth so much more. In the eyes of others I'll never get better but with you I'll never die so please take me home. I want to be part of your family forever." Riku smiled at his lover, "Sora I'll give you eternity and it'll never be enough time with you." Sora smiled as the heart moniter stopped and Riku gave him a kiss of eternity.

(1) I read that vampires have tears of blood so in my story they do. this is meant to be a one shot but I don't know. i left it open for a second chapter if I decide to put up another. So review and tell me what you think.