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Heaven bend to take my hand
And lead me through the fire
Be the long awaited answer
To a long and painful fight

She looked up at the sky the night slowly fading to the horizon. She sighed and walked back into the house. Opening a door she laughed slightly at the sight of her brother and his lover sleeping. Riku held Sora close to him his face in Sora's hair. She flipped the light switch on earning a groan from her brother. "Serith, sto early to get up." He yawned as his gingered haired lover rolled in his arms trying to hide his eyes from the light."Riku, Sora, come on guys get up!" She walked over to the bed and flipped it over dropping both boys to the ground. Riku yelped as Sora fell on him. "Sora , get up." Sora shook his head," I don't want to. To tired." He yawned as he snuggled into Riku's chest. The silver haired boy could only smile and pick his lover up. He sat on the bed and rocked Sora's body helping Sora drift back to sleep. When he was sure Sora was asleep he laid him down slowly. He kissed his forehead before walking to Serith. She covered her mouth to keep herself from laughing. Riku punched her arm lightly. Putting on a hurt face Serith pouted," Iku you hurt me." He looked at her and frowned," And you woke me from a decent sleep."

Serith looked down," I'm sorry bout that but we really need to think about what we're going to do. The clan is everywhere. How are you going to protect him? Riku you know what's going to happen if they catch him? They'll kill him! I overheard some clan memebers talking about it last night." Riku rubbed his temple before looking at her. "Do you know which memebers we really have to worry about right now?" Serith looked down," I know one."

"Well?" Serith looked at her brother. "Her." Riku's eyes widened. "You means she's back?" Serith nodded. "I saw her there last night bragging about some unfinished business she had here. When one of the guys mentioned it she said she'd kill Sora if she ever saw him after she had a little fun that is." Riku stood up so fast the chair tipped over. "WHAT! If I ever see her near Sora I'll kill her." Serith's eyes softened as she pulled her brother into a hug. "I know you will, but we have to watch Sora. He's not safe here." Riku nodded and returned his sister's hug. "Don't worry Iku, we'll protect him. You know you have me, Cloud, Leon for sure. Not to mention Aerith, Yuffie, and Lain. Don't worry we'll keep you two safe no matter what." 'No matter what Riku I promise.'

Truth be told I've tried my best
But somewhere along the way
I got caught up in all there was to offer
And the cost was so much more than I could bear

Sora tried to reach for Riku's hand but there were only covers. He let his eyes slid open slowly. He sat up quickly and looked around the room. "Riku?" He covered his head with the blanket to try and hide himself from the dark room. He could hear the door creak open and footsteps walking to the bed. Sora could feel his body quiver in fear before Riku's voice spoke to him," Sora you ok love?" Sora threw the covers off of him and jumpped on Riku giving him a hug. Riku sighed and held his lover close to him. 'No matter what Sora's still afraid of the dark.' Riku pulled Sora back and smiled at him. "It's ok Sora I'm here." He cupped Sora's face and pulled him into a kiss. They parted when Serith knocked on the door. "Come on you two we have to meet up with Cloud and the others." Riku pulled Sora up to him," Come on get dressed." He kissed Sora's neck before letting him go. "Riku you are a tease." Riku smiled," Yea but you love me." Sora smiled and pushed Riku back. He pulled out a black long sleeved shirt and a pair of black jeans out of the closet. He pulled them on slowly and turned to see Riku drooling.

He smiled and closed Riku's mouth. "You looked like a dog." Riku hugged Sora around the waist," One of the hottest dogs you ever seen though." Sora smiled and kissed Riku as Serith came in. "You two can make out later after we eat so come on." Riku pulled back and grabbed Sora's hand bringing him with him. As they walked along the empty streets sora had a feeling someone was watching him. He clung to Riku's arm trying to bury himself in Riku's side. "It's ok Sora I'll protect you." Sora smiled into Riku's arm as he loosened his grip slightly. "We're here!" Serith opened the door and held it open for Sora and Riku. Cloud and Leon were fighting over some video game that Cloud had beat him at before they came. Aerith and Yuffie were kissing in a corner and every now and then laughed at Cloud and Leon calling them babies. Sora noticed a man walk over to Serith and kiss her.His black hair shone out against her silver hair. She grabbed his hand and went to introduce him to Sora.

"Sora, this is Lain. Don't worry he's on our side." She smiled and laid her head on his arm. He smiled and Sora could tell that Lain really loved Serith. "So Serith how did you two meet?" Serith smiled," It was a long time ago when I was still human. You wouldn't believe that I'm 15 years older then Riku would you?" Sora shook his head." Well I am. I feel for Lain here but I was sick and I was dying. When he found out that I had died he stole my body and brought me back. I have to admit I was terrfied but in time I grew to accept it. When Riku turned 18 he died in a fight trying to protect a little girl. I found out and I changed him. He was shocked to see me because I hadn't spoke to him since he was about 2. He thought I was dead and when I told I was he freaked out. Lain helped me with Riku and soon he came to terms with everything. Thus forming the Riku you know today." Riku sighed," Yea yea the big sister Serith saved my butt from dying completely. " Serith frowned," If I wouldn't have saved you you would have never meet Sora." Riku thought about it," Good point. Ok you win that one."

Though I've tried, I've fallen...

I have sunk so low
I have messed up
Better I should know
So don't come round here
And tell me I told you so...

About an had passed since they had arrived. Cloud and Leon finally stopped arguing and were playing cards with Yuffie Aerith watching over her shoulder. Lain was whispearing something to Serith making her blush. Sora laid his head on Riku's chest as Riku stroked his hair. "I love you Sora." Riku smiled down at the boy. "I love you too." Sora pushed himself up and kissed Riku softly before laying back down. A knock at the door brought everyone out of their thoughts. "Is someone else suppose to be here?" Lain shook his head before standing up and opening the door. "Lain! How long has it been since I last seen you. You still hanging around with trash I see. Well are you going to let me in or what." A red headed girl walked into the room looking from face to face before resting on Riku's. "Riku! Is that you?" Sora heard Riku mutter," Oh shit." The girl ran over to where Riku and Sora were sitting. She wrapped her arms around Riku and kissed him quickly. Riku's face twisted in disgust. "Riku, who is that?" Riku wiped his mouth before looking down at Sora. "Nobody important Sora." Kairi looked from Riku to the boy in his arms. "Riku, who is this?" She glared at Sora causing the boy to dig himself deeper into Riku's chest.

"He's my lover Kairi. That's all you need to know about him so back off." Kairi pretend to look hurt. "But Riku I thought you and me were still together I only left for a little while." She pushed Sora outta Riku's lap and placed herself there instead. Riku glared at her but didn't move. She kissed his neck before whispearing into Riku's ear. "Is he the one? Is he the reason you left me before?" Riku pushed the girl off of him. "Yes Kairi he's the reason. He's the reason I hate you. He's the reason I would kill you if you hurt him again. He's the only person I ever want to be with so why don't you take your bitchy additude and get the fuck outta here." Kairi glared at Riku before standing and slapping him. "Riku you will pay for that. You will come back to me wait and see." She raised her hand to slap him again but Sora grabbed it and pulled her hand behind her back. "I don't know who you are but get out. You have no right to talk to him like that." When Sora let her go Kairi turned and slapped him.

"You little brat. Don't you tell me what to do. You think you deserve him? Hmm. You are nothing. You are trash. A scared broken little boy that has no way of living without someone to protect him." Riku stood ready to hit Kairi but Sora pulled his hand back and punched her. Kairi fell holding her nose. "You fucking bastard!" "Get out!" When she didn't move Sora grabbed her leg and dragged her out. She stood and turned to yell some more but was greetedby a door slamming in her face. She screamed before turning to leave. "You will pay for that you little brat." Sora turned from the door to see everyone looking at him. Shock was evident on their faces. Serith ran over and hugged him close. "Sora I didn't know you could do that. You showed her." She kissed his forehead and gently touched his bruised cheek. Cloud ,Leon, Aerith, and Yuffie began clapping. Lain who had heard about Sora being shy and scared of everything stood up and walked over to Serith. "I thought you said this boy was weak." Serith turned to him," I thought he was. That was the first time I've ever seen him mad." Everyone smiled at Sora as he walked over to Riku. "Riku?" Riku's hand shoot out and pulled Sora down to him kissing him deeply. Riku hugged Sora close to him. Sora just laid his head down and closed his eyes.

We all begin with good intent
Love was raw and young
We believed that we could change ourselves
The past could be undone
But we carry on our backs the burden

Riku thought back to everything that had happened before Sora had actually met him. He wanted to tell Sora that the reason he was afraid of the dark was because of Kairi and him. "Riku, Kairi. I want you two to watch over my son. Riku you should remember him you were there when he was born. Do whatever you want to him just scare him. Scare him until he's screaming for his wench of a mother." Riku and Kairi nodded. Kairi grabbed Riku's hand," This will be so fun. I have so many ideas for tonight, and afterwards we can you know." She smiled at Riku who just stared ahead. Ever since he had first laid eyes on Sora his mind drifted to the boy often. He was beginning to think he had fallen for the boy. Riku smiled and Kairi thought that he was listening to what she was saying. '6 years have past since he was born. I really don't want to do this.' He looked down at Kairi who was still rambaling,' I really really don't want to do this.' When they arrived at the boy's house his mother had left for work.

The girl that was suppose to be watching Sora was yelling at Sora. "Your worthless. I don't see why your mom still has you around. I would have had an abortion or left you in the streets but then again your mother probly didn't know keeping you was the biggest mistake ever. I'm sick of looking at you go to bed!" Little Sora looked at her his sapphire eyes filled with tears. "I'm hungry though." The girl slapped Sora leaving a mark. "Whoops looks like you got mad at yourself again Sora. Now get to bed bad little boys don't get to eat." Sora let the tears fall and ran out of the room. Riku could feel hatered for the girl who had hurt Sora. He wanted to go down there and kill her but Kairi's hand on his arm pulled him out of his thoughts. "Come on Riku." She pulled him with her to Sora's window. Riku could hear the boy's sobs through the window. Kairi slid the window open silently before stepping into the darkness. Sora was still crying when Riku jumped into the room. "Well well what a crybaby." Sora's sobs stopped as he jumped. "w.w..who are ou?" Tears where still sliding down his chubby cheeks.

Kairi walked over to him and pushed him down. "Look how ugly it is Riku." Kairi slapped Sora's face where a bruise had started to form. Sora cried out in pain as Kairi sat on his stomache. She lifted his shirt to see burises on the boy's ribs. "So you get hurt often. Don't worry I'll make you forget about that pain." She pulled his shirt off and stuffed it into his mouth. Sora's eyes widened as she punched him in the ribs. A crack sounded in the room as tears slid down Sora's cheeks. He bit down on the shirt trying not to be weak. "Your so weak and so easy to mess with. Let's see how you like this." Her nail grew about five inches. The tip was sharper than any knife. She ran her nail down Sora's chest cutting him open along the way. Blood gushed out of the wound as Sora screamed into the shirt. She started carving symbols into his skin. She wrote things like worthless, weak, and broken into his stomache. Sora's voice ran out after awhile and all he could do was cry. When Kairi was done she licked the blood off of her nail and brought it back to it's normal size. "Perfect." She stood up and walked over to Riku who was hiding his look of disgust from Kairi.

Time always reveals
The lonely light of morning
The wound that would not heal
It's the bitter taste of losing everything
That I have held so dear.

"Riku, are you going to have some fun with him or not?" Riku looked at her. "Sure Kairi go wait at my place okay?" Kairi smiled," Must be really evil. Alright love you." She kissed himj not even noticing that he wasn't particapating in the kiss. "Bye bye Riku." She turned to the window and jumped out. When she was far away Riku walked over to Sora. The little boy was crying wrapping himself into a tight ball. Riku rubbed the boy's back lightly. Sora tensed and tried to scoot away. "Pleas..e...d..d..don't...hurt..me." He cried into his pillow. Riku bit his lip. "I would never hurt you Sora." Sora turned to look at him. "How do you know my name mister?" Riku looked at him and smiled," I was there when you were born Sora. I've been watching you grow up. " Sora sat up ignoring the pain in his body." Why would you wanna watch me?" Riku pulled the boy to his chest." Because I've always thought you were beautiful Sora. I'm sorry for everything you've had to go through. But what happened tonight you won't remember." Sora looked at him confused.

"What do you mean?" Riku smiled at him. He kissed Sora's lips softly. "You won't remember Kairi or anything she did tonight and you won't remember me." Sora touched his lips lightly. His lips seemed to tingle from the kiss. "I don't wanna forget you though mister." Riku smiled at him. "I'm sorry Sora." He kissed Sora again before going to his neck and biting it. He drank until Sora became lightheaded his memories of the night fading. "Mister, will I ever see you again?" Riku nodded," We will Sora. One day I'll come for you would you like that?" Sora nodded. "Can I have another kiss before you go?" Riku nodded and kissed the boy's lips as Sora fell asleep smileing slightly. Riku healed all of sora's wounds that Kairi had inflicted on him. After he was done he watched the sleeping boy for a moment before jumping out of the window. He was breaking it off with Kairi tonight. When he did Kairi became angry and hit him asking him why he was leaving her. Riku never answered but left her screaming at him.

'Good thing Serith said I could come live with her again.' Riku had been planning to end it with Kairi for awhile and had asked his sister if he could stay with her afterwards. Of course Serith had welcomed him with open arms. That night Riku had sat in his bed staring at the ceiling. He could still taste Sora's blood in his mouth. Energy was running coursing through his body. He tried to imagine what Sora would look like when he turned 18. He imagined the baby fat would fade and he'd become taller. He could tell the hair would always be untamable. That night he jackoff to images of Sora flashing through his mind. He had watched Sora grow up and heard him scream when it was to dark. He had been there the night Sora's mother shoot herself. The day of the funeral he decided it was time to get Sora. When he found him his father had torn his innocence from his body. When Sora's father looked up he ran. Riku had brought the dying boy to the hospital and when he woke he brought him home. Everything had been perfect. ' Everything would be perfect if the clan would just go away and leave us alone.'

"Riku?" Sora's voice sounded like he was on the verge of tears. "What is it Sora?" Then it hit him. Sora had heard everything Riku had said in his mind. He forgot to close the link. "Sora, I'm so sorry. " Sora looked at him and smied slightly," So that was her?" Riku nodded. "I thought there was something about her I didn't like besides the fact that she was touching what was mine." Sora snuggled into Riku's chest. "Your not mad?" Sora shook his head," You didn't do anything Riku. The only thing you've ever done was love me. There's nothing wrong with that." Riku opened his mouth but Sora kissed him. "Drop it. i won't have you blaming yourself for anything that witch did." Riku could only smile as he hugged the boy closer. "I love you Sora." Sora sighed as he drifted to sleep," I love you too. Riku."

I've fallen...
I have sunk so low
I have messed up
Better I should know
So don't come round here
And tell me I told you so...

Kairi walked to where the clan was hanging around. When she walked in she saw the vampire leader Alec. Alec was Sora's father she remembered that now. 'They look alike.' "Alec?" Alec turned around and looked at Kairi before jumping down to hug her. She smiled," I have some good news for you." Alec looked at her," You always do. So have you found them?" She nodded," Their at Lain's place. Your little brat just kicked me out." Alec raised and eyebrow at this," My little Sora managed to kick you out? Maybe I am underestimating him. After all he is my son which is the reason he has to die." Karir smiled," Why don't you send some guys for him while we catch up." She kissed him and smiled. "You heard her go. Kill him." As they left Alec took Kairi into the other room. "As soon as Sora's dead Riku and the rest of them will come back to us. Then you will be a queen to all of them. He laid on the bed. "But as for tonight you are mine and only mine."

A knock on the door woke Sora. Lain grumbled about him being asleep. "Who is it?" When no one answered he opened the door. A guy pushed him out of the way. "What the hell. Get out of my house." A group of people walked in. "Oh no." One of the guys punched him in the stomache. "Riku get Sora out of here!" Riku jumped. He looked up to see people from the clan walking into the room. He picked Sora up and ran out of the room. "Riku?" Riku looked over his shoulder to see Cloud and Leon pulling out their swords. Aerith and Yuffie were fighting as well. Serith had pulled out her crossbow tossing her sword to Lain. Riku silently thanked them as he ran. "Sora please be quite." Sora nodded and buried his face into Riku's chest. Riku took flight as silently prayed for his sister and his friends safty. He landed in the clearing holding onto Sora as if he were a lifeline. "Riku?" Riku cried into Sora's shoulder. He could feel his link with his sister vanish.

Sora bit his lip. Riku brought him to a cave as the sun began to rise only to be covered by rain clouds. Sora cried in Riku's arms as Riku cried holding onto Sora. "They're gone aren't they?" Riku nodded. Sora wiped his eyes, "We have to be strong Riku. If we just sit here and cry then everything they gave up will be for nothing. We have to be strong for them. We have to." He fought his tears back. He remembered the last time he had to fight not to cry. 'I was a mistake and now I'm suffering for it. If I wouldn't have been born my mother would still be alive. Serith and the rest of them would be too. Riku though. Where would he be?' "I'd be dead. I wouldn't have a reason to live and I would have killed myself." Sora looked at him. "Your right we have to be strong but I don't want you thinking about what if. What could have been because it'll get us nowhere. Your father wants you dead because he's afraid of you Sora. He's afraid of what you will become in the long run. you'll be stronger then him and he's terrified. Serith knew this and she gave her life up in hopes that you would take over and stop all of this nosense. That's why Serith stayed back along with Cloud, Leon, Aerith, Yuffis, and Lain. They all believed in you and that's why your still here. I believe in you Sora. I always have." Riku pulled Sora to him.

"I made mistakes Sora. I did so many things that I wish I could take back but being with you, haveing you around isn't one of them. Serith would agree with me. You were the best thing that ever happened to us. You are part of our family and you always will be. So please don't think of the what ifs. Promise me you won't think like that again." Sora could fell Riku's tears sliding down his cheeks. "I promise Riku. I promise." Both boys drifted into a dark dream.

Heaven bend to take my hand
Nowhere left to turn
I'm lost to those I thought were friends
To everyone I know

"What do you mean they got away?" Alec threw a chair at the man who told him Sora got away. "Riku took him and ran." Alec stopped. "Riku? Riku. It's time to get rid of that traitor. This will be the last time he messes something up. I'll take care of him personally." Alec stood and walked to a sleeping Kairi. He woke her," I have to take care of something." She smiled," You mean Riku and Sora?" Alec nodded before kissing her and walking out the door. 'I'll be queenas soon as those two are gone. Sorry Riku but power calls.' she laughed as Alec closed the door. He could sense his son as soon as he stepped out. "Your not foolish enough to go back there are you Sora?"

Riku dropped Sora as they opened the door to Lain's place. The walls were painted with blood and bodies were everywhere.Sora found Cloud among the bodies. He was holding onto Leon's hand tightly. Both of their bodies were covered in blood and gashes. Riku found Lain with his stomache ripped open and blood still pouring out. Aerith and Yuffie were holding on to each other blood dripping from their backs and down their chins. Sora looked around trying to find Serith but a cough caught his attention. He turned to where Cloud and Leon were. "Damn. That hurt." "You think?" "Cloud! Leon!" Sora ran to them and the two men smiled at him. "Sup Sora." Sora hugged Cloud lightly. "I thought you two were dead." "They won't die to easily." "Then again niether will we." Sora turned to see Aerith and Yuffie sit up. "How'd you guys..." "Survive? Well We pretty much passed out and were mistaked for dead." Cloud smiled at the two girls and Leon as he sat up.

They could hear a groan come from Lain as he opened a eye," Speak for yourself I was about to die." He held his hand over his stomache and healed his wound. "Where's Serith?" Sora looked around," I haven't seen her. Where'd Riku go?" A scream came from the other room. Alec walked in holding Riku in one hand and Serith in the other. Both were breathing. Riku's hair was stained with blood. His lip was bleeding and his arm was twisted at an odd angle. Serith's arms were bleeding and she had a cut from her forehed to her lip. Alec dropped them at Sora's feet. "Whoops. Sora how nice to see you again." Cloud tried to stand but Sora stood his ground. "Cloud stay down." Alec looked at his son," So noble. Trying to stick up for yourself to keep your friends safe? To bad this is where you die." He pulledf a sword out of the air and lunged at Sora. He stabbed Sora through the stomache and grinned. "Good bye my son."

Oh they turn their heads embarassed
Pretend that they don't see
But it's one missed step
One slip before you know it
And there doesn't seem a way to be redeemed

Sora fell backwards as everyone turned their heads. Alec pulled his son up by his hair," They're ashamed of you Sora. They know you can't win. No one can stand up against me and live." "Leave him alone!" Alec turned to see Riku get to his knees. Alec walked over and kicked Riku down. He kicked him over and over until Riku cough up blood. "Sora." Alec lifted his sword," Good bye Riku." He swung his sword down. The sound of clashing metal filled the room. Everyone turned their head to see what had happened. Sora was holding a sword shaped like a key. "No! You will not hurt him. It's your fault for my life being a living hell. It's your fault for my mother's death. Everything is your fault, and now you'll suffer for it." He lunged at Alec and stabbed him through the heart. Sora glarded at him and twisted the blade before jerking it out.

"Sora?" Sora watched the body fall and dissolve into thin air. "Good-bye father." He turned to Riku and Serith. Serith opened her eyes slightly and smiled at Sora. Lain stood and grabbed Serith in a hug," I thought I'd never see you again." She smiled," I wasn't ready to die all the way. I had to see the end." She smiled and hugged him. Sora kneeled beside Riku and wiped the blood away from his lips. He kissed him before pulling back and smileing. "So I guess this means your the leader now." Sora nodded and hugged Riku. "I think it's time to make that known." Riku nodded and stood with help from Sora. Everyone stood and followed Sora out the buliding.

Kairi stood wondering how long it would take before Alec returned. "God I want to be a queen!" "Then get a garbage can and you can be queen all day." Kairi jumped and turned to see Riku and Sora. "What are you doing here." She sneered at Sora. "I'm the leader now. So I would wipe that smug look off your face now." Sora smiled sweetly. "That can't be." She grabbed his wrist to see a mark appear. "You are." Her face fell. "Can someone ploease remove the garbage from my sight?" Cloud and Leon stood up," Gladly." Riku hugged Sora from behind," Let's go home Sora." He kissed the boy's neck. "Everyone knows your the newest leader so it's safe to go back home." He wrapped his arm around Sora's waist and lead him from the house they had been in. 'Everything worked out for the best. Riku never left my side ever if I'm broken. I can slowly fix the bad things with Riku's help. Someday I'll be able to push all this behind me. Not to forget it. Because to forget would be to ask for it to happen all over again. I'll have to take everything slowly from now on but then again I did have to wait most of my life to love Riku and now I have an eternity. I still don't know why he put up with me for so long. After all I'm broken.'
Though I've tried, I've fallen...
I have sunk so low
I have messed up
Better I should know
So don't come round here
And tell me I told you so...

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