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"Sara," Grissom said holding out a slip of paper. " You got a DB in a house on the outskirts. Take Greg with you okay."
Sara smiled and took the assignment slip. Then she set off looking for Greg. She found him in the break room drinking some of his semi-famous coffee. He was chatting to Nick, who was obviously on his way out.
"Hey Greg," Sara said waving the paper. "We have a road trip ahead of us."
"What," Greg said, snatching the paper out of her hand. " Oasis! Who names a town Oasis."
"Got me," Sara said with a shrug. "Have Archie map-quest it or something. So we don't get lost."
"Alright." Greg took the paper and went off to the A/V room.
A few minutes later they were in the SUV on their was to Oasis. Sara was driving, of course and Greg had the directions in his hand. Greg was telling Sara about a girl he was dating and Sara felt and unexpected twinge of jealousy.
"Sara take this exit," Greg said
" The one labeled 'Oasis this way'
"Yeah that's the one" laughter filled the SUV.
Greg looked out the window as they drove through the town. It was a very small residential town. And it was quite, a fact he voiced aloud.
"Very good observation Greg," Sara joked.
"Hey, I'm just surprised. It's the smallest, quietest town I've every scene."
Sara glanced at him quickly but found no evidence that he was joking. He looked serious.
"I grew up in New York and then moved here. I've never lived anywhere else." He said answering Sara's question before she even had the chance to ask it.
"Ah, the two cities that never sleep," Sara said as they pulled into the drive way of a small, one floor house. She killed the engine and opened the door. She grabbed her kit and walked up to the house. Detective O'Riely was standing on the stoop.
"Hey O'Riely," Sara greeted the detective. She guessed Brass was probably still in Vegas.
"Hey guys. The house belongs to a Regina Phelps age 27. A friend discovered the body, Coroner's in there now. First officer cleared the scene. The body's in the bedroom, the door at the end of the hall."
Sara nodded and the she and Greg stepped around the detective and into the house. The followed O'Riely's instructions and walked to the end of the hall. The door was open and they found David bending over the body of a women. She had obviously meet a particularly bad death. Blood soaked the bed and some dripped to the surrounding floor.
"Hey David. What do you have for us," Sara said. The assistant coroner looked up.
"Hey guys. She hasn't been dead long, maybe 20 minutes before time of discovery. She's been stabbed, 3 times in the stomach. I'm guessing she bleed out. No restraint marks, and she has defensive wounds on her hands. I'll be sure to scrape under her fingernails for you. We were just about to get her out of here." He stood up as another person entered the room with a dark blue vest labeled Coroner. Sara and Greg watched as the two placed the woman in the body bag and put her on the gurney.
When the body was out of the room, Sara and Greg both put their kits down and surveyed the room.
"Which side you want to start on," Greg asked. Sara chose the right side of the room, and Greg took the left. Sara had just put her gloves on and taken out he flashlight when she noticed something odd. There was a trail of blood leading from the bed to the closet door, and there was blood on the handle.
'They cleared the place huh?' Sara though. Sara pulled out her weapon, mostly as a precaution and wrenched open the closet door. She shined her flashlight into the dark closet and cursed. Sitting on the floor, his knees drawn up to his chest, was a little boy. He couldn't have been more then 5, and he was completely covered in blood.
"Greg," Sara said half panicked and she holstered her weapon.
"Go get the paramedics!" She bent down near the little boy.
'Please be alive' She thought.
Greg left the room quickly and raced down the hall. Sara reached out a hand to check the boy's pulse and was very shocked when a tiny hand darted out and grabbed her arm. So the child was obviously alive, which meant it probably wasn't his own blood covering him.Sara looked into the boy's face and was meet with round hazel eyes. He didn't speak but his grip tightened. Sara wouldn't have thought a kid that small would have such a tight grip. There was a deep fear in his eyes.
"We're going to get you help okay hone. If, you let go I'll -"
She stopped because the little boy shook his head violently, getting blood everywhere. he obviously didn't want to let Sara go. His eyes were pleading, begging her to stay.
"Okay, tell you what. If you let go, I promise to stay with you okay?" Truth be told she wasn't that hopeful but the little boy's grip began to loosen and he did let her go. Sara gathered the small kid up in her arms and walked out of the house, very happy she saw the ambulance already waiting. Only when she climbed into the ambulance, the little boy gripping her arm again, did she realize how fast her heart was beating.

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