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After Greg knocked on the door Sara's thoughts were confused and disoriented, like she was viewing everything through a sheet of water or something. Everything she saw or heard or felt seemed to be processed differently and didn't make any sense. Maybe it was a hint that her body was coping with too much pain.

She could vaguely remember feeling some cold and metallic pressed against the side of her head. She remembered a loud bang, and she remembered blood. She remembered seeing Greg speaking, but her brain couldn't put that together with any words. She remembered seeing Greg smile. She remembered the sound of sirens, and getting put onto a gurney. She could see several faces swimming in and out of her vision, none recognizable. These were all the thoughts she could hang on to, everything else was lost to her.

Sara cracked her eyes open. She knew she must have been sleeping, but she didn't remember falling asleep or blacking out. She squinted and tried to focus her vision. Then she became aware of a small weight on her left side. She turned her head, causing pain to shoot up her neck. Tony was lying next to her, obviously asleep.

"Some of your friends had to threaten the Hospital, again, if they didn't allow Tony in the room with you."

Sara turned her head again, though it was not as painful this time. Lena was seated in a chair next to her bed.

"God Sara! Do you know how scared you made us all? We were moments away from massive heart attacks. Honest, you should be more considerate when you decide to get kidnapped."

Lena was grinning widely. It was a joke. If she could've, Sara would've smiled. She settled for a weak smile.

"How long have I been asleep," Sara asked, her voice raspy.

"Gosh, you sound like you need some water," Lena exclaimed, and busied herself with that for a moment. Tony had apparently decided that that was a good moment to wake up. He gave Sara a gentle hug and climbed out of bed. After Sara had drunk a few glasses of water, Lena answered her question.

"Just about a week now."

"A week?" Sara was amazed, which she showed by widening her eyes. She could do little else. Lena nodded.

"What happened….to Greg?"

This was a harder question for saran to ask, because she wasn't quite sure she wanted the answer. Fortunately, very fortunately, Lena smiled.

"He's fine. He was released three days ago. The bullet hit him in the stomach, missed all the major organs and stuff. He was very lucky. You though, you were not okay," Lena said as if she was scolding Sara.

"You shouted and struggled too much. Punctured one of your lungs." Now she sounded sadder, as if she was gripping the reality.

"We really were afraid we were going to lose you. They had to kick Greg out several times, 'cause he refused to leave you. He was so brave, going into that house after you. He loves you a whole lot Sara."

Of course Sara knew this, but she kind of needed to hear it from someone else. To make the idea more clear, more solid.

"Where is he," Sara asked, realizing for the first time that Greg wasn't in the room.

"Oh I sent him home to eat and shower and change. God, that guy is more stubborn then you. And boy is that saying something," Lena said grinning. Sara made another small smile.

As if on cue, Greg entered. He saw that Sara was awake and quickly crossed to her bed. He wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug. How he managed to do that without hurting her, and getting around all the IVs and tubes was anyone's guess. It took Sara a moment to get her bearings and then she spoke.

"Thanks Greg," she said. The two words that normally covered a broad range of things now meant something very specific, and both of them knew it.

Greg answered by brining his lips to hers in a passionate kiss. The pair only broke apart when Lena half shouted, "Get a room." All three of them laughed.

Tony smiled, something that Sara was thrilled he did, and started to sing, "Sara an' Greg sittin' in a tree"

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