"The Letter"

By Allronix

Categories: V, A, 1st person POV

Spoilers: "One Breath"

Summary: Asking Nurse Owens to help...

Rating: PG for language

The usual disclaimer: They're yours, Chris.


Mrs. Annie Owens

3138 3rd St.

Baltimore, MD


I know this is asking a big favor, and that you and I are still friends. I can tell Alice that I'm sorry a few thousand times, but she isn't going to speak to me, and I guess I accept that...even if I can't really accept the idea that she won't let the kids see me. Forget it. I just got pictures from you and the invitation to Candy's graduation. My little girl graduates high school, and I'll have to be stuck in the back with my tacky suit, snapping pictures and staying the hell away from Alice.

This is a big favor, Annie. You can say no if you want, but there's a friend of mine...actually, a friend of a friend. She's hot, Annie, but that's not what I'm asking. She's out of my league for that, anyway. Even though I think all three of us have a crush on her (even that suited android I work with...)

She was kidnapped two months ago - didn't tell you in the last letter because you know the US Post Office - it's about as safe as renting out a goddamn billboard. She and my friend were investigating some really shady stuff - things that even the boys and I don't have much of a clue about. Well, those bastards poisoned her, and did god-knows-what to her, and now she's in a coma, on life support. I went there to see how she was doing. It's not good. It was pretty obvious that her partner wasn't taking it well. Poor SOB wears his heart on his sleeve while on an agenda where it would be better for him if he had no heart to start with. Kept talking about revenge and finding the creeps who did this. Good man. I'll help him out. Heck, I still am a good marksman, and I have a sniper rifle like I used in Vietnam. If they hurt her, I'll help a buddy splatter their brains against a wall...

Sorry, Annie. I'm scaring you. But this poor guy and his lady partner really got the snot kicked out of 'em. And she's so touch and go...

Annie, I know you're still a RN, even if you're doing home care and are between jobs right now. Right now, I really want someone to be by her. Her partner isn't thinking straight, her family is picking out caskets, and I really can't pass for an orderly or a RN, but she needs someone. Frankly, I don't trust her medical staff - who knows if one of the guys who did this to her are also the ones seeing to her medical care? Yes, I'm paranoid, but since when have you known your ex-brother-in-law not to be?

If you can't do this, I'll understand - trust me. If you can, it's not just my eternal gratitude you'll have.

Signing off,