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Rockin' Rivals


In three months, the School of Rock would once again compete with many bands, and most of them a lot older than the sixteen-year-olds, for the winner's position in the Battle of the Bands. Ever since fifth grade, when the kids were only ten or eleven years old, the band had been practising for and competing in the Battle of the Bands, their musical talent growing with each year. It took them a while, but they eventually won the competition and had gone on to do so for the last three years. They intended to do so again this year – in just three months.

Freddy Jones, the punk, badass, drummer for School of Rock, was on his way to his High School – Horace Green High. He hadn't changed all that much since the band had first competed in the Battle of the Bands. His hair was still permanently spiked in a messy fashion, although lately he had taken to dying random strands different colours. He favoured Blue. He wore the schools designated uniform but had taken some liberties other students wouldn't dare make.

His shirt was un-tucked, hanging down over the front of his pants, and the first few buttons of the shirt were left open, revealing a fine chest and a silver medallion of two crossed drum sticks. It was a gift from one of his best friends, Katie Brown, for his fourteenth birthday. He never told her this, or anyone else, but he never took it off. His tie was stuffed unceremoniously in the pocket of his long black coat.

Freddy was best friends with the lead guitarist for School of Rock – Zack Mooneyham. The two normally met up on the way to school but today Zack had called him to say he wouldn't be going to school. He said something about a cold or something. Freddy was half asleep when he called, can you blame him for not remembering? It wasn't a big deal anyway; the two friends shared a strange friendship. They would poke fun at each other, always trying to one up each other in anyway possible. It was good fun.

Although the two acted like they didn't care about each other, it was far from the truth. Freddy knew if he were ever in a bind, Zack would be there for him, whatever it was. And Freddy would do the same for Zack. It was sort of like a pact.

They hadn't always been friends. There was a time when they could have been called rivals. Although rivals didn't quite fit the bill, Freddy thought. More like enemies. Zack was always the loner. He never talked to anyone during school. In fact, before Dewey, the only person he remembered the guitarist talking to was Summer. And that was only the once. Yeah, Zack was defiantly a loner, and easy pickings for the school's "bad boy".

Freddy thought back, remembering the day the two had finally called a truce, and even formed a fickle friendship and respect for each other. It was a few months before Dewey arrived.

Freddy had been hanging around the school for some reason, he wasn't sure why, probably because his parents couldn't get away long enough to pick him up. That happened a lot. Anyway, he had amused himself by trying to set fire to one of bins behind the school. Hardly anyone was left in school, so the chance of being caught was slim, not like he really cared anyway. Sure, it'd be a hassle, but whatever. He liked burning things.

Well, as he was trying to set fire to this particular bin, Zack had shown up. He was apparently staying behind for the same reason as Freddy, although the school actually knew about his staying. Something about his father having to stay at work longer than normal. No biggie, he'd just pick Zack up later. So, that's how Zack found him, stuffing a piece of piper into a crack in the bin and trying to get it to light the bin bag inside with his lighter.

Zack had confronted him, and the two had gone at it for a while, trading insults. Looking back, Freddy wanted to slap himself, they were so childish back then. The insults. That's one thing about Freddy that had changed. He was a lot more mature in his insulting. He preferred the ever-lovable charm of sarcasm, his one true love.

Anyway, that's how they were found by one of the other teachers. Freddy couldn't remember the name. He only remembered it was a woman. She started raving at him, asking him what the hell he was doing, accusing him. Surprisingly, Zack stepped up, telling her that they'd just found the bin like that and were trying to put it out. Of course, Zack being the good boy he was, she believed every word. They got away with it.

Freddy later learned Zack only did it so he himself didn't get in trouble, as he was with Freddy at the time. For that reason, Freddy respected Zack. The guy had stepped up and helped him out of a jam. He really didn't have too. That teacher would have believed anything he said. He could have told her the truth - that he was trying to stop Freddy from burning the bin, but he didn't. For whatever reason, Zack stuck his neck out for him, and saved him from a lot of hassle. Freddy thanked Zack and even gave him a pat on the shoulder as he passed by him, heading to the front gate to wait for his own parents.

The two had formed a bond that day - A bond of respect. They still acted like they always did towards each other, except now; it was lighter, more playful. It was fun. Then Dewey had happened.

And now they where best friends.

Freddy was so wrapped up in his musing that he failed to notice a red haired girl come hurtling around the corner of her skateboard. Her eyes widened as she saw him, but he hadn't even noticed, and before she could manoeuvre out the way, the two collided. She ended up on her back, staring up at the sky. Freddy ended up on his ass, rubbing his head. Then he glanced over at the red haired girl and smiled slyly.

"Sorry." He said, standing up and offering her a hand. She took it. "I was miles away. You okay babe?"

"Yeah," she smiled at him. "I should have been paying more attention. Sorry."

"No problem." Freddy said, smirking at her. She was beautiful. Her red hair fell down her back, streaked with the occasional strand of black, and her eyes where like sparkling jades. Unbelievable. She was a knock out. "Freddy Jones." He introduced himself, offering his hand again.

"Nix." She said, taking his hand and shaking it.

"Nix?" he raised an eyebrow, still smirking. Oh yeah, she was eating it up - hook line and sinker. Freddy strikes again.

"It's a nickname." She answered. "My last name is Nixon."

"And your first?"

"That would be telling." She smirked back at him.

He laughed, lightly. "Fair enough." Freddy fiddled with the medallion around his neck. "So, how about we go out sometime, then will you tell me?"

"Maybe." She said, picking up her skateboard and walking past him. Freddy eyes followed her. She didn't turn back to face him.

"Is that a yes Nix?" he called.

"Maybe." Was her only reply, before she hopped on her skateboard and took off down the street. She was wearing jeans. Freddy watched her ass all the way. Wow. Smiling to himself, her turned around and went on his way again, heading to school. He was pretty sure he had her. He was also pretty sure they'd meet again. Either he'd make sure of it, or she would. Either way, it was all good.


Okay, so as I was saying. I've started work now, so I don't have much time to write anymore, and was debating writing this, but I finally figured what the hell, might as well. I'm not sure if it'll have frequent updates or whether the chapters will be long or short or whatever, you'll just have to wait and see I guess. Me included.

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