A small look at how Atobe sees Tezuka. This could take place at any time in the gang universe. I want to write about Tezuka's side of the relationship with Atobe but they aren't the main story so who knows if/when it'll get done.

Propped up on one elbow, Atobe stared down at the man he was sharing a bed with. the curtains were drawn back; the bright light of the full moon shining in, allowing him to see the skin he had been caressing only minutes ago.

"The moonlight doesn't suit you..." Atobe whispered as fingers combed damp brown hair. His brathing had calmed down, his cooling body hapharzardly covered in a tangled sheet.

Earlier, when he had invited himself over, an exhasperated Tezuka had greeted him in front of large balcony windows. The sunlight casting a regal glow around him. The district attorney seemed so pristine and untouchable in daylight. It always made Atobe want to corrupt and control him - and he always got what he wanted.

Now, the pale light made Tezuka's bronze skin seem grey and cold. His hair was no longer full of bounce and shine, but clung to a sweaty neck looking dull and dry. He was no longer the perfect doll that just begged to be brought into the darkness. Tezuka wasn't a creature who could survive in the night. That was why Atobe would leave and let Tezuka go back into the light of day and happiness of denial. At least until the district attorney once again begged to be brought down into the darkness for being to good.

"... Yet you sstill bathe in it." Atobe ran his hand down the nearly sleeping man's back, resting on the gentle rise of a cheek. Hearing a sleepy sigh, he pulled his hand, and then himself away.

Escaping the sheets, Atobe dressed and quietly left the apartment. The night was still young and now that he was sated there was business that had to be done before creatures of the light rose to a new morning.