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Background info on Casey: Casey was signed to the WWE back in 1999, same year as the hardyz, she was 19 at the time she would travel the road with them, so all three became close, like the Hardyz she was a lot like them Fearless and took risks at every chance, when Lita joined them in 2001 they became team extreme. Wrestling was in her blood she was the daughter of Rocky and Ava Johnson making her the younger sister of The Rock, she considered the Hardyz as family. She hurt her knee back late 2003 and hasn't stepped in a ring since

Summary: Because of her injury she had to sit back and watch the people she cared about get screwed over and could do nothing about it. Now she is back she has revenge in her mind but someone complicates it. Crappy review story is better I hope R&R

Eric Bischoff sat in front of his boss Mr. McMahon trying his hardest to explain why he had not managed to convince Casey Johnson to return back to WWE, since her injure in late 2003 she had not step foot in a ring, her contract had recently expired and Eric had been set the task of getting her to sign a new one and he had been coming up short so far. Casey was stubborn like her older brother and fellow wrestler The Rock and she refused to come back but she gave no real reason to her decision.

"What measures have you taken to ensure her return?" the Chairman asked the General Manager of raw

"I've been to her house in Florida, contacted her father and even her brother she still tells me no," he answered as he look to the ground. "May I ask why it is so important that she returns?"

"Why…just watch the footage,"

He played a video from late 2001 early 2002, showing the crazy things Casey would do, like Lita she was also a female Hardy.

"Casey is fully recovered now, I want her back in the WWE, she is fearless, she is bred to be a legend, a third generation wrestler and has been involved in some of the best matches in history, a crowd favorite and was a member of team extreme, I'm I making myself clear yet…if she does not return YOUR FIRED,"

"I understand…but she might want to return since Jeff and Matt are no longer here and lita…"

"Fine…contact her and tell her I want a meeting with her personally,"

With that he got up and left, leaving Eric pondering about his latest predicament.

Casey walked into her father's office at his Wrestler training centre; she knocked the door and entered. Rocky smiled when he show his daughter she had been helping him since she had recovered from her serious knee injury it was now a ritual.

"Hey dad…what do you want me to do today?" she asked

"Answer Erik calls would be good," he replied

Casey slowly rolled her eyes, most parents would encourage their children to stay away from professional wrestling but not her family they were all for it.

"Dad…do you want my help or not?" she asked him again

Sensing his daughter was not going to budge on the matter any time soon he gave her some work to do. Casey left her father office and went towards the training area where she began to set up.

Finishing doing what she had to do, she sat down thinking about all the things had happened to her over the past few years; it had been a hard journey to get to where she was today. Her therapy for her knee had been tough and there was plenty of times that she was ready to give up but she didn't it was always her plan to rejoin the WWE but with what had been going on there lately she wasn't sure anymore. Matt being fired was the final nail in the coffin for her, all because of the witch Lita she was ready to lace up her boots just to give her the ass whooping she deserved Edge too. But another part of her was scared, she had always had back up when she was wrestling whether it was her brother or the Hardy Boyz but they were all gone now. Casey ran a hand threw her black shoulder length hair and put it up into a messy ponytail, looking at the clock she got up and went to open the doors, it was time for Business.

Rocky sat at his office desk thinking about what he had just done, Eric had called him again and he had agreed for him to come down to meet with Casey that would be later on today he was trying to imagine his daughter reaction and all the possible scenarios were not good so he decided not to tell her.

"It would just have to be a nice surprise," he said to himself

Getting up he went to the training area, which was fully set up it was another day in business.

Eric looked around somewhat nervously it was 12pm and he just arrived at Rocky's Training studio, if he didn't get this meeting his job was as good as gone.

If she doesn't agree to this meeting that silver spoon jackass Shane will get my job I can't let that happen.

Rocky spotted a rather nervous looking Eric Bischoff on his property and walked over to him.

"Mr. Bischoff…nice to see you... I think," he said

"Mr. Johnson…. that you for agreeing to this meeting is she around?" he asked

"Casey…there is someone here to see you!" he yelled

Casey make her way to her father, she eyed the visitor up and down and resisted the urge to walk away.

"What do you want?" she asked him rudely

"I'm here to set up a meeting between Mr McMahon and yourself," he replied

"And I'm guessing if you fail you're fired," she answered

He looked rather nervous at her comment and she smirked while shaking her head at his response or lack of it.

"Well luckily for you I'll attend this meeting with Mr McMahon it must be important if the BOSS wants to see me,"

Eric gave the details to Casey and bid farewell to her and her father and left the building when safely in his car he breathed a sigh of relief as he drove his rental car to the airport he had completed his task.

Mr McMahon sat in his office after speaking to Eric he had assured him that Casey would be attending this meeting. She was already late and most people knew that patience was not one of Mr McMahon's strong points and Casey was seriously testing his patience but because of her talent he was putting up with it. He looked up as his sectary buzz through telling him about the arrival of Casey and told her to let her in. He smiled when he spotted her 5'7 frame walking into his office he stretched his hand out to her, which she took.

"Mr McMahon nice to see you again," she said with a smile

"You too Casey…glad you have fully recovered," he replied "Take a seat,"

She sat in the comfortable chair that always seemed to be in all of Mr McMahon's offices.

"Okay…let's get down to business then…I want to offer you a new contract since your current contract has expired but from what I understand you are rejecting all of our offers." He stated

"That's right…I'm not sure if I want to return the business is not what it used to be," she answered honestly

"Why do you say that?" he asked her since he values most wrestler opinion when it came to the running of the WWE.

"Let's just say I don't like the current operation mainly the firing of Matt Hardy," she answered

"I'm not at liability to talk about that with you," he was slowly losing his patience with her no one questioned his decisions about the Hiring and firing of wrestler.

"Don't worry I know the details…and I'm sorry if I offered you," she said smiling sweetly at him

He calmed down a bit, since he knew this girl since she was in diapers. They continued to talk for the next hour or so and still no decision had been made and Mr McMahon was pressed for time so he handed her the latest contract he had drawn up for her.

"Look Casey I'll give you two weeks to make you decision… I want a decision on Raw when we are in your home town Miami, Florida." He stated

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