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Part 8

It was the around six am the following morning the four divas were still in the same position they where six hours ago where still conversing. Casey sat rubbing her temples already regretting staying up all night; she was not a nice person when she was deprived of sleep. Casey had managed to avoid interacting with the conversation that had been taking place all night, as the she lifted her head from the table that was no longer soothing her headache.

"…well I'll admit that I still like him but I don't know whether of not I can trust him anymore," Stacy said

"You heart's tells you to give him another chance, but your head is telling you to run a mile and don't look back, conflicting feelings,"

"Yeah!" she answered surprised "I didn't think you were listening,"

"I catch on fast,"

"So what about you and John,"

Hearing his name made her smile and she didn't know why "What about John?" she asked trying to look innocent

"Well…"she ventured further

"Well I think his cute…but that's about it," she finally admitted

The Randy debate continued until 8am that when Casey knew it was time to get up and get ready for the day ahead, Matt was an early raiser and if she wanted a lift with him she needed to be ready because Matt wouldn't think twice about leaving her behind. She headed back to the room she shared with Stacy to get ready and pack the remainder of her belongings, before heading back to the restaurant area to wait on Matt.


She had only placed her head down on the cool surface for a total of a minute before she saw two shadows appear in front of her. She groaned inwardly not waiting to have a conversation with anybody so she closed her eyes trying to pretend she was asleep.

"Well…well…well…" he began as the two superstars took a seat at her booth

"Please don't start with me Randall," Casey groaned

"Whatever you say Catherine," he countered

"Do you really wanna go there with me Keith?" she retorted lifting her head up slightly from the table

"Are you two always in competition?" John interrupted

"Yes," they both answered

"Maybe you should settle this in a match," John suggested half serious

"Yeah as long as it's a no DQ…you know Randy needs his daddy to hold his hand," Casey replied

"Shut up Johnson,"

"You gonna act like a man and make me," she taunted

"Quit it," John yelled

"She started it," he said. Rolling her eyes she placed her head back on the cool surface of the table trying to block out the noise coming out of Randy's month

Matt walks to restaurant where he was told he was going to find Casey. He greeted John with a simple nodded and prodded Casey to get her up.

"You ready to go skittle?" he asked

"Yeah…hold up need to get my I-pod," which had been charging before Raw started the previous night she climbed over John legs as she made her way back up to her room.

Matt made sure she was more than ear shot away before turning his attention to John.

"Can you do me a favour?" he asked

"Depends what it is,"

"I want you to watch out for Casey for me,"

"Yeah sure,"

"I have a feeling she is going to get us to some major shit when she get back…I just need to know someone gonna have her back,"

"You don't need to worry I have shorty's back," he replied smiling

"Yeah…and the other thing John you mess her around and the beating I gave Edge is gonna seem like child's play,"

"You don't even need to worry it's not like that,"

"So why don't I believe you,"

Before John could even answer, Casey returned with her I-pod in hand wearing a small grin.

"See you in a week," she said before he pulled her onto to his lap giving her a hug before pushing her off his lap making her stumble, all the while Matt was giving John a knowing look Casey stucked her tongue out at him before being dragged away Matt causing John to laugh and Casey to glare at him.

Casey woke up an hour or so later with a crooked neck, to find that she and Matt were stuck in gridlock traffic, and she climbed over for her position in the back seat of his car to the front, getting comfortable before looking over at Matt.


"You forget how well I know you,"

"Whatever…Jeff still around yeah…we could go to Florida together,"

"Didn't he tell you?"

"Tell me what,"

"That he got suspended,"

Casey rolled her eyes deciding no to even bother commenting, she knew Jeff well enough to no it was for either a no show or being late. That was him all over.

"So what's you beef with Randall,"

"He's a jack ass," he replied simply

"I know that…but that ain't a good enough reason, plus he ain't all bad,"

From the corner of her eye she noticed the look she was getting, she was surprised herself but it was true Randy wasn't as bad as she initially thought "So what's with you and John,"

"Nothing," she replied in a bored tone

"When you're finished with denial…be careful yeah," Casey opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted "Just take my advice okay I don't wanna have to get arrested again defending your honour,"

"Ok," she finally conceded smiling she was touched he cared so much, even though she knew he thought of her as his little sister it meant a lot for him to say. The road started to clear when she looked taking the opportunity to change radio stations giving him a sweet smile.


Casey sat in kitchen of Jeff's house, Matt had gone somewhere with their dad and Jeff was with Shannon doing whatever it was the two of them did when they got together. After cutting her apple into 1/8 she picked up a piece of her apple taking a small bite out of it, when Jeff walked through the front looking dirty, she hated to image what the two of them had gotten up to. She took one look into his green eyes and knew what he had in mind. Shaking her head in disagreement she said "No,"

"Come on for old time sake,"

"Uh…," she began "If you didn't understand me the first time round let me repeat myself Hell No!"

"Come on…you know you need to shake things up a bit," he said and he began to get excited like a little kid in the sweet shop. "Come on C, you know I'll do a good job I always do,"

"I know you do," she started "But…"

"Good," he answered taking her hand and pulling her down from the worktop, as he led the way "I promise you it'll be great,"

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