Group Therapy 3

"Welcome back everyone, good to see you all again. Good news this week- we've got 3 new members, and Retta is back! For those who don't know, Retta is the co-manager of this lovely group. Now, will our 3 new members please stand? Everyone, meet Chelsea, Destenee and Jessica." The trio looked around apprehensively. "I don't get it. I shouldn't be here. I like Skittles, but I'm more of a Mentos girl myself," Chelsea whispered to Milou. "I don't belong here either!" Milou yelled excitedly. Everyone turned and stared at her; she grinned at them. Jessica looked around and carefully made her way over behind Gabs. She reached out and grabbed a handful of Skittles, then started to back away. Her progress was halted when Destenee suddenly tackled her. Gabs quickly dove to the floor to recover her Skittles. Destenee giggled and ran across the room. Jessica sat up, looking dazed. Frankie and Andrew stayed in a corner, watching and waiting for the session to end.

"Who wants to know the secret to walking in the rain?" Kim hollered. Smenzer looked at her oddly. Finally, the curiosity won out. "What's the trick?" she asked. "Go between the drops!" Retta rolled her eyes. Smenzer just stared at Kim. Sylvia stormed over to Gabs. "Admit it!" she demanded. "Admit what?" Destenee wondered. "Sylv, it's not a fan fic. Trust me," Gabs said soothingly. "How do I know you're telling the truth?" Sylvia questioned uncertainly. "I would never lie to you as far as you know." Gabs skipped away. Sylvia nodded, then suddenly looked confused. "Hey, wait!" She chased after Gabs. Destenee watched them, then shrugged and stood. She looked around innocently, then suddenly ran and tackled Smenzer. Destenee stood, wiped her hands, and walked away with a friendly smile to Smenzer, who sat up slowly. She glared at Destenee's back.

"What was that for?" She screeched, rubbing her stomach. She got no response. She leaned back against a table and crossed her arms. "Smenzer's pouting, Smenzer's pouting!" Milou darted back and forth gleefully. Smenzer sneered at her. Milou stuck her tongue out and quickly dodged behind Chelsea, who gave her a strange look. "I really don't mind Skittles, but I just like Mentos more," she commented absently. Frankie and Andrew, noting Gabs and Sylvia's high-speed chase approaching, moved to another corner. They were soon joined by Jessica. She looked them both over carefully before frowning. With an angry huff, she walked away. "What was that about?" Andrew wondered. "I don't want to know," Frankie said solemnly. Jessica stormed back and pointed at them menacingly. "You don't have Skittles for me!" She once again stomped away as Frankie rubbed her forehead.

There soon came a knock on the door, followed by sudden silence from the previously rowdy group. The door opened and a girl came in, carrying a large bucket. There was a piece of paper on top, hiding the contents. "Uh… hi. My name's Mercedes. I got a message to bring this here…" she moved the paper to reveal what was in the bucket. Nobody noticed Gabs in the back of the room, wearing an evil grin as everyone moved to see what was in the tub. It turned out to be Skittles. After another moment of silence, everyone- excluding Gabs- lunged for Mercedes and her bucket. Gabs evil grin turned into a burst of maniacal laughter as Mercedes screamed and ran out of the room… and right into Demon. The Evil One tilted her head and smiled in a not so reassuring manner. Mercedes stepped back. She looked again at the vicious group, momentarily locking eyes with the psychotic Gabs, then looked at Demon one last time before running down the hall. Looking pleased, Demon chased after her.

"I wonder who was evil enough to have her bring those here," Chelsea pondered around a mouthful of Skittles. Sylvia shot a suspicious look to Gabs, who gave her an innocent grin that was all too sweet. Kimmie suddenly giggled again. "You should never stick Skittles up your nose." Retta stood. "Ok guys, Linda is going to lead you in a little sing along. Linda glared at her. "Why do I have to do it?" Retta shrugged; Linda rolled her eyes. "Fine. Traitor." She turned back to the semi-attentive group. "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!" The clap was interrupted by Demon bursting in. She ran to Gabs with a bag of Wild Berry Skittles. "I got them for free, along with these!" she said excitedly, displaying a pack of Starburst. Gabs looked at her. "Not even gonna ask." There was another bit of silence as a police siren roared down the street outside. Demon scratched her neck and sat down next to Gabs, who happily opened her bag. Linda started again.

"If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!" Everyone but Demon clapped. IN the process, Gabs dropped her bag. With a horrified gasp, she leaped out of her chair to retrieve her Skittles. The chair flew, hitting Chelsea and knocking her out of her chair. She angrily picked Gabs' chair up and threw it across the room, hitting Destenee as she was about to tackle Sylvia. Linda threw up her arms, giving up on the sing along. "Ok guys, we've got a special guest here to read a poem." She opened the door and a woman walked in. "Meet Sylvia Plath." Gabs poked her head over the table. "Hey, aren't you dead?" Sylvia Plath nodded. Gabs shrugged. "Cool." She went back to her Skittles search and rescue mission.

"If you're dead, how can you be here?" Demon called, obviously interested. At this, Sylvia jumps up. "Ooh, I know! I know! It's 'cause it's Gabs fan fic! She wrote her into it, so her current condition makes no difference!" Everyone stared at her. Sylvia Plath picked up a Skittle from the ground, threw it at the other Sylvia, and left. Linda sighed. "I'm not planning any more activities. Ever." Nobody noticed as Frankie, Andrew and Retta all snuck out behind Sylvia Plath. "If all of the raindrops were itty bitty Skittles, oh what a rain that would be…" Gabs began singing, simultaneously tossing Skittles into the air and dancing around. "I'm going to kill you!" Demon was chasing Destenee, who had tackled her. Jessica stole some Skittles from Milou, who retaliated by shoving the Skittles down Jessica's throat. Smenzer and Chelsea were discussing how neither of them really should have been there in the first place. After all, Chelsea was more of a Mentos girl herself, and Smenzer was most certainly not addicted. Sylvia was insisting to Kim that Plath's appearance was proof that it was all just a fan fic masterminded by Gabs. Linda stood up very suddenly. "Session over! Everyone in this room right now is expected to be back here next week!" She yanked at the door, but discovered that it wouldn't open. She picked up a chair and smashed through the door, then left. No one noticed, as all activity in the room carried on.

THE END….so what next? Hmm….