Title: Dylan, the Hockey Angel

Author: anakins-chick547

Summary: What if Dylan went to find Marco instead of Jimmy? My take on the scene in Pride

Disclaimers: If I owned them, you wouldn't see Adamo or John because I would keep them locked up in my room all day!

"Dylan Michalchuck to the front gate please. I repeat, Dylan Michalchuck to the front gate. Your friends are waiting for you," the voice-over called. Dylan looked up, confused, but quickly skated off the ice. He walked as fast as he could in his skates to the front gate to see Paige and Jimmy looking franticly around the arena.

"Guys, what's going on? We're about to start!" Dylan exclaimed. Paige and Jimmy ran to him.

"Oh, thank God! Marco just called on his cell! He's in trouble at the park! Dylan, you've gotta find him!" Paige said in one breath.


"Just go, Dylan! Please! You're the fastest one."

"All right. Lemme get my gear off and I'll go look." Paige gave her brother a quick squeeze before she and Jimmy went back to Spinner. Dylan ran to the locker room and threw his gear off before changing into his regular clothes and running to the park. He could hear the sirens of a police car and followed the flashing lights. When he finally reached them, he saw Marco sitting on the hood and a police officer bandaging him up.

"Marco!" He raced over to him, but scared him when he rushed at him and heard him whimper.

"Whoa, hey," the police officer started with her arm pressed against his chest to stop him from falling.

"It's okay, I'm his friend."

"He's gonna be just fine. We'll catch the creeps that did this to him," she vowed and walked to get some more supplies. Dylan turned to Marco and touched his arm.

"It's okay. You're all right," he said encouragingly and bent down to take Marco into his arms, but the Italian was already halfway there and jumped at him, burrying his face in his neck and wrapping his arms around his shoulders. "Okay, it's okay. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere, okay? Everything's gonna be just fine."

Marco sobbed into his neck as he clutched him tightly. Nothing seemed to calm him down, but then again, after an experience like this, what would? Dylan just held him close and rubbed his back. The officer checked on them one more time before leaving and they stayed there for a while. When Marco stopped crying, he leaned against Dylan's chest, half asleep.

"Marco? Are you okay?" Dylan asked softly. Marco, being in his tired state, shook his head and sniffled. "It'll be fine. Those guys are idiots. Come on. Let's get you home."

"What about the game?" Marco slurred.

"Screw the game. You're more important." Dylan the remembered the rest of the group. "Oh, shnit!(1) I gotta call Paige! Hold on, Marco."

He started to lean Marco against a tree, but the boy wouldn't let go, so he just kept an arm around him and held him close while he waited for Paige to answer.

"...Yeah, I found him."

"I don't know. He's pretty beat up."

"He's upset. I'm gonna take him home. Can you guys catch a cab or something?"

"Okay. See you at home. Bye. Love you." Dylan hung up his cell phone and led Marco to his car. The ride was extrememly quiet, but all Dylan could think of was that Marco was all right. When they arrived back at Marco's house, Dylan turned to him and stared at him in the eye.

"I'll see you later, Babe." Marco did a double-take at the endearment, but when he did, Dylan's lips were against his. It was heaven. When they pulled back, Marco saw a gold highlight around Dylan's body and knew he was his hockey angel. He'd saved him. He'd loved him.


(1)- Not a typo! My friend and I say shnit instead of sit.