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Title: No Party for Tatsuha!

Rating:t for language, alcohol and (slight) drug use

Summary: Shuichi is throwing Yuki a surprise party for his birthday, Yay! But is it really such a good idea to invite Tatsuha?

Disclaimer: I do not own Gravitation, Murikami-sensi owns it, but I wish I owned Yuki…

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Me: Meow? Ok, on with the show then! glomps Yuki and Shuichi

It was the middle of February, and although it just stopped snowing, it was still very, very cold in Kyoto. But who the hell cares? I certainly don't, so lets move on to something more interesting. How about we go see how our favorite monk, Tatsuha, is doing, ne?

We go now into the bowels of the Uesugi household and outside of Tatsuha's bedroom. Who knows what horrors await us inside the lair of this perverted young mind… I shudder to think. Moving on, we open the door to find said youth wallowing in a pool of self-pity, lying amongst scattered piles of dirty clothes and stacks of porn. This is where our story begins...

"I'm sooooo… BORED! I can't believe that bitch Minazuki blew me off. 'I don't want my husband to find out I'm a cheating, lying skank.' Well you shouldn't have been fucking someone else in the first place… although she was pretty good.. "

Tatsuha moaned and stood up, not wanting to think about the sex he could be having right now, and went into the kitchen for a snack. After searching through all of the cabinets and the fridge, he settled on one of his dad's beers, which is a very risky thing to do, seeing as how he keeps count. He was about to retreat back to his room when he noticed an envelope addressed to him sitting on the counter.

"Hmmm… what's this? It's way too early for me to be getting any acceptance letters.."

He opened up the letter and noticed that it was written in Shuichi's handwriting.

Hello Tatsuha!

I realize that you must be really busy with all of your official monk-like duties…

"What the hell is this kid smoking?"

but as you probably already know, Yuki's birthday is in a few weeks, and I've decided to throw his a surprise party. It'd be awesome if you could come! The party is going to be at his (our) apartment on Feb. 23, and you have to be there at six, 'cause he's gonna be home at around six-thirty. Hit me up on my cell with your answer!


P.S. please don't tell Mika-san! It's going to be an all guy party, and I think Yuki would be pissed if I invited her even if it wasn't..

Tatsuha read the letter through once more, partly because he couldn't believe that Shuichi was throwing his aniki a birthday party, and partly because Shu's handwriting was so bad, he missed a few words the first time around. After being satisfied that what he read was accurate, he pulled out his cell phone and dialed Shu's number.

"Moshi Moshi, Shindou here!"

"Oi Shu-chan, it's Tatsuha! How's it going?"

"Oh hey Ta-kun! What's up?"

"Nothing much, I got your invitation, and I'll defiantly be there."

"Great! Hey, don't forget to buy Yuki a present!"

"Don't you worry about that, I bought aniki his gift a couple of weeks ago. So… anyway Shu, who else is going to be there?"

"Well, Seguchi-san will be there, Hiro and Fuijisaki are coming over to help me set up, so they'll be there too. Umm… Sakuma-san will be there, because when I was telling Hiro and Suguru about it, he walked into the recording studio and started saying how he loved parties, and that he wanted to sing at it and be all shiny…oh yeah, and K-san will be there too. He claims that people might try to sabotage the party so he's there for protection… plus he scares me and I don't want him to shoot me."

"S..Sakuma-san will be there?"

"Yep! Oh and Ta-kun, please don't start molesting him in front of everyone… the last time you did that Yuki seemed to get really uncomfortable, though I can't say I blame him. If my little sister started feeling somebody up in front of me, I'd be wicked embarrassed and pissed."

"I'll control my self Shu," crosses fingers, "wait a minute, if the party is going to be at his apartment, how are you going to get him to leave long enough so you can set things up?"

"Don't worry about that, Seguchi-san is going to take care of it."

"…I don't wanna know.."


"Nothing, I'll be there at six, and Shu?"


"I'm gonna need a ride from the train station, do you think you could come pick me up?"

"I can't, I'll be setting things up, but I'll make sure someone will be there to get you."

"Great, see you then! Bye!"

"Bye bye!"

Tatsuha hung up the phone, a small smile playing on his lips. He was scheming something, you could tell 'cause it was his scheming face, and one scheming Tatsuha plus a party means a good time… for him anyway… He ran to his room and picked up a box that was on his bedside table. He opened the box and two small pills fell into his palm.

"Only two left? Shit, time to restock." And with that, he grabbed his coat, put on his shoes, and headed out.


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oh yes, let it be known that I doubt that Shuichi has every handwritten a letter in his life, and I know he could have emailed this to Tatsuha, but it doesn't seem likely that Yuki would let Shu use his laptop for anything, hence a handwritten letter.