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Remus met one if his fellow werewolf who works in the Canadian ministry in the magical creatures department. Jonathan Spickle was a long term friend with Remus. He was also one of the rare werewolves that had received a full wizarding education thanks to more liberal laws in the Canadian wizarding world.

Jonathan greeted Remus and sat him down for some tea.

"So what brings you here today Remus?" The dark haired werewolf was eying the younger man who was now drinking a cup of tea and smiling at his long time friend.

Remus placed his cup down and took a deep breath before speaking. "I've come here to find my godson Harry Potter. He's disappeared from England last night and we have reason to believe that he is hiding here in Canada. We have a clue left behind by his house elf who is always trying to protect Harry. You see Harry is sick and he decided that he doesn't want to be a burden on his family so he left without telling us where he was going. What he doesn't know is that my husband Severus Snape already has the antidote to the poison that is killing him; now I have to find him and bring him back home before its too late."

Jonathan listened to Remus as he told his tale. He could tell that his friend was worried. He knew the history of what happened to Remus' friends during the first war against Voldemort. He also knew of the fight that he and Harry had twelve years ago since the two men kept in close contact and considered each other more as brothers.

Jonathan let out a sigh. "I'll do what I can; do you know how he came here? Maybe we can trace his magical signature."

Remus shook his head. "No we don't know how we got here but my best bet would be a portkey. I don't know if we could trace it though?"

"Well let's head down to the international transportation department and they usually have a record of all the portkeys used to come into Canada from other countries. Our technology even lets us trace portkeys to unplottable destinations. When someone goes to an unplottable destination we only get a reading of the nearby area; nothing precise. If we find something then we might be able to narrow your search."

Remus followed Jonathan who took him down seven floors underground to where the transportation department was situated. After a long talk with the department head they were finally able to get the answer they wanted. An unregistered portkey had been activated earlier today to a secluded spot not too far from Lake Ontario. From the maps they looked at it seemed that there was a small wizarding village not too far from the portkey's arrival point. Remus thanked his friend and left the building to apparate at the coordinates he was given by Jonathan. When Remus apparated near the village he saw that it was a quiet little village not unlike Hogsmead. Remus went to the different shops asking around if they had seen a dark messy haired young man with bright green eyes. Finally in the last shop the clerk at the counter said he remembered someone earlier that day that stopped in to buy some supplies for potions and what he had found strange about the man was that he was being followed by a very exited house elf and that the man had a strange accent just like Remus'.

"I can't remember what he called the elf; it sounded like Bobby, or Lobby or even Nobby but I can't remember exactly what he said." The clerk apologized for not being anymore help. Remus thanked him saying that he had been a lot more helpful than he thought. Now he knew that Harry was near he just had to find him.

Remus stopped by the local auror division headquarters. It looked like a small police station except for the obvious magical objects that could be seen around the station house. Remus asked them if they had seen Harry. He explained to the chief why he needed to find him. Did they see anything different about any of the cottages? None of them had seen anything out of the ordinary but they promised Remus that they would keep an eye out for any strangers that would fit the description he gave them.

Remus thanked them and decided to walk around the lake area to see if he could see anything that would clue him in to where Harry was hiding. He was close; Remus could feel it in his blood. He decided to use his werewolf senses. He sniffed the air to see if he could get a faint scent of something familiar.

For hours Remus searched near every cottage he saw. Then finally he spotted a well hidden cottage next to a small dock that led to the lake. A lone figure was sitting on the dock looking at the setting sun. Remus smelled Harry scent and quietly made his way towards the young man. He didn't want to spook him and give him time to flee. When he got closer he noticed that Harry's shoulders were moving like he was crying. Feeling heartbroken for his godson Remus sat down next to him and softly placed his arms around the young man.

Harry stiffened when he felt someone's arms go around him. He tried to get away but he calmed down when he heard Remus' voice telling him that everything would be ok. He was here now and wouldn't leave him anymore and that he was sorry for not trying to understand better why Harry had been acting strangely before condemning him to eleven years of hell in the hands of his ex-friends.

Turning towards the werewolf Harry threw himself in his arms and sobbed. Remus held him until he felt Harry fall asleep in his arms. He carried the underweight man to the cottage where he laid him day on the bed. Remus placed a finger in front of his mouth signaling to Dobby to be quiet. The elf understanding nodded and returned to the kitchen to finish preparing diner. Remus conjured up a chair and sat all night while keeping vigil over the sick man. Dobby brought him his food and drinks in the room while making hardly any noise so as to not wake Harry up. Remus was hoping that by tomorrow night they would be back at Hogwarts. As he sat by Harry's bed Remus looked at the sleeping man and what he saw scared him. Harry's skin had a very sickly look to it. It was almost like it was a grayish color. Harry's hair had no shine to it and seemed to fall in limp locks. He had dark circles under his eyes and his cheeks were sunk in. He looked like a man that had been sick for years. Remus prayed to Merlin that Severus' antidote would work; it was time that Harry got a break in life and got some happiness.


Meanwhile back in England Draco was helping Severus brew the antidote. It was a long and hard process but both the potions masters were up to the challenge. The triplets were sitting quietly in a corner of the potions room. They watched as their dad and uncle were trying to save their father. All three of them were hoping that uncle Remus would be successful in finding him. They desperately wanted to get to know him. And they could see that their dad loved him so they had planned to get them back together if they didn't do so on their own. The three would get food for their dad and uncle and when they weren't watching the older wizards brew the potions they were sitting in a huddle making plans to bring their dads together. Even if they were all in different houses all three were cunning, smart and brave so this was a challenge that they were all willing to face.


The next morning Harry woke up with his back to Remus so he didn't see his godfather sitting by his bed. His eyes showed the sadness that he felt at the moment. He was wondering if Remus' presence was all a dream.

(I should have known that it was just a dream. I guess all these years of being alone and away from the people I really love is starting to affect me.) Harry stayed in bed looking at the wall. He heard Dobby pop into the room but he didn't turn around to talk to the elf. What he heard next almost made him jump out of bed.

"Mr. Lupin is there something Dobby can get for you?"

"Breakfast would be good Dobby and some tea; we'll get something for Harry when he wakes up so just bring enough for one person."

"Dobby will be right back with breakfast sir." The house elf popped out of the room Harry turned around and saw a smiling Remus sitting next to his bed. Harry was quietly looking at him not knowing what to say. Then he finally spoke out.

"How…how did you find me?" Curious green eyes looked at the chuckling werewolf.

"I guess you can say it was a bit of luck and with the help of a clue that a very smart house elf left behind I was able to find you."

Harry frowned. "But I had Dobby swear that he wouldn't tell anyone where I was."

Remus laughed. "Yes but did you make him swear that he couldn't show us where you where?" He took out the small globe out of his pocket. Harry saw the glowing spot over Canada.

"But this is such a big country how did you find me?"

"Well I had a friend of mine from the Canadian Ministry help me in locating you. We found the portkey signature and I was brought to this region. Then I was able to confirm that you were seen in the area and from there I searched all day until I found you." Remus got up and sat next to Harry on the bed. He took Harry's hand in his.

"Harry we know what happened to you. We know that Ginny and the others controlled you for all these years."

Harry paled and looked at his godfather. "You do…" he whispered. There was some hope in his eyes.

"Yes and so does Severus, Draco and… your children."

Harry's eyes went wide when he heard that his kids knew the truth. He hid his face in his hands. What would he do now? It would only hurt them to have then get to know him then see him die. Remus seemed to know what he was thinking about.

"Harry…Severus said he knew what antidote to give you that would save you. Please come back to England with me so we can treat you. Your family needs you Harry…I need you Harry. You don't know how much I've missed you all these years. I will never be able to forgive Ginny, Ron and Hermione for what they did to you… to all of us."

Remus was holding a sobbing Harry. The more he spoke the harder Harry would cry. It would take them a long time to help Harry forget the events of his lost years. Harry finally calmed down and looked up at Remus. He was blushing and apologizing to Remus for being such a baby. He just felt so weak all of a sudden.

"Do you agree to come back with me to England? I know of three students that would really like to get to know their DADA professor." Harry didn't say anything but nodded. He told Remus that they would be able to leave after they packed up. Dobby popped in at that moment with breakfast. Hearing that they were going back home the little elf quickly started packing. Remus laughed at seeing just how enthusiast the elf was.

Two hours later Harry, Remus and Dobby were at the Canadian Ministry asking Jonathan for his help. He again brought them down to the transportation department where they were given a portkey to got back to England. Remus thanked his friend and promised to keep in touch. After the goodbyes were done they touched the portkey and landed at the arrivals area in the Ministry building in London. From there they made their way to an apparition point and apparated to the gates of Hogwarts. Harry already being weak from his sickness didn't make it to school before passing out. Remus used his werewolf strength to carry him up to the school and then into the infirmary. He sent Dobby to his quarters to fetch Severus and Draco. Five minutes later the two wizards burst through the doors making the nurse scowl at them and tell them to be quiet so that they didn't bother her other patients.

Severus took one look at the unconscious man lying in the bed in front of him and gave Remus a thank you kiss at finding him. His godson's happiness was in stake and once again Remus had come through to help him. The potion master took out a small vial from one of his robe pockets. He held Harry up and asked Draco to pour the potion down his mouth while massaging his throat to encourage him to swallow. After Harry had been given the first dose of potion the three men sat down to wait for him to wake up. They didn't hear the door open but when each of their laps was filled with one of the three young Malfoys all six of them sat there quietly waiting for Harry to get better.

It took three days and about a dozen doses of antidote for the poison to leave Harry's body. Poppy told them that now all they needed to do was wait for Harry to wake up. She told them that it shouldn't be too long; all his body had to do now is rest normally for a few hours then he would wake up.

Just like Poppy had said Harry started waking up about five hours later. He moaned and opened his eyes to see the white ceiling of the hospital wing. Then with a start he sat up in bed. He moaned again as a headache told him that he shouldn't have moved so quickly. Harry felt someone's hands on his arm.

"Are you ok?" asked Draco as he rubbed his hand in circles on Harry's back. Harry looked up to see the man he loved look at him with concern. Emerald eyes met silver ones and both soon where filed with tears. Draco held Harry as he cried and mumbled how sorry he was that he had hurt him and to please forgive him.

"Shh… It's ok Harry we know what happened. We know that the Weasley girl controlled you. I forgive you, and I want us to get to know each other again. I won't leave you alone to face the new life that you have to live now that you're free of their control. And I'm pretty sure that Remus feels the same way."

Remus made his way to the other side of the bed also placing his arms around Harry. "I won't abandon you pup. I should have realized that something was wrong when you changed so drastically but I was too shock at how much you had changed to look any deeper as to what had caused the change. I'm sorry."

Harry lifted his head to look at his godfather. "Remus you have nothing to be sorry about. We were all played like fools by Ginny, Ron and Hermione but they can't hurt us anymore. I've made them swear a wizard's oath that they wouldn't control me anymore and that they had to stay away from me. Hermione as tried to break the oath but she hasn't been able to. Now I'd like to meet my children if I can." Harry looked at Draco with hope in his eyes. Draco smiled and told him that he would get them to come to the infirmary at lunch time in an hour. Right now they were in class.

Draco sat down on Harry's bed holding his raven haired lover for a while until he felt him relax in his arms. Harry seemed to breath a sigh of relief that the mess caused by Ginny and the others was now well on it's way to be fixed. He felt Draco's hand caressing his back and wondered how long it would take for them to get back to the point they had been in their relationship in their seventh year. Harry shyly looked up and saw a smile on Draco's face. The blond kissed Harry's forehead and held him tighter. Harry closed his eyes and concentrated on the feeling of finally coming home.

The four men sat in silence for the rest of the morning. Harry lay back down while not letting go of Draco's and Remus' hands. The two men didn't protest since they knew that Harry would be insecure about their relationship for a while.

At noon three very active children burst through the infirmary doors. Poppy admonished them for making such a ruckus. The triplets apologized then made their way to see Harry. All three of them stood by his bed watching him with wide eyes. Their dad Draco was sitting on the bed with his back against the headboard while Harry was lying down with his head across his lap. Draco was softly running his fingers through Harry's hair. They were talking softly and when Draco saw his children he smiled and gave a nod of his head to Harry to signal him to look behind him. Harry turned around and gasped. Three pairs of eyes were looking at him with undisguised curiosity. Harry smiled and greeted them.

"Hello kids, did you have a good morning in class?"

Mathew stepped up to Harry and got a good look up close at his father. He looked up at Draco who was nodding in encouragement.

"Hello father, I'm glad to see that you're better." Mathew jumped on the bed and hugged Harry. Something told Draco that his son and Harry would be pretty close because of their similar personalities. They were soon joined in their hug by Iris and Jasmine. Harry looked at his two daughters. Iris was the perfect Malfoy look alike; her long blond hair that reached her lover back was strait like Draco's and the exact same color. Her silver eyes were shinning with joy at finally meeting her father. Harry's breath caught in his throat as he now looked closely at Jasmine. She was the picture of Lily Potter. Her red hair fell in waves down her back and her bright emerald colored eyes were exactly the same as his. Harry took all three of them in his arms and kissed each of them on the forehead.

"I've only know you three for a little while but I already love you very much." Said Harry as he smiled at Draco over their little heads. He couldn't believe that he had gone for a lonely dying man to a healthy man surrounded by his family. Harry even smiled at Severus who was presently sitting down and holding a blushing Remus on his lap. Harry smirked at the potions master who smirked back.



It had been a year since the poison incident had happened. Draco and Harry had slowly gotten back into their relationship; starting with a few dates and a few family picnics so that Harry could get to know his children outside of class. Harry had finally found what he had been looking for all these years since he was one and had first defeated the dark Lord. He had found a family.

Tonight Harry was taking Draco out to a nice restaurant. The two of them had moved in with each other two months ago and now Harry wanted to make it official. He had the Potter rings in his pocket in a beautiful velvet box. They had a wonderful evening of dinner and dancing then Harry took them for a walk by the lake. Holding Draco tightly against him he kissed him. Then looking at Draco he stepped back a few feet and got down on one knee while bringing out the ring box. Draco gasped when he realized what Harry was doing.

"Draco, my love, you have been the light of my life for a very long time. Even in my darkest hours I would feel your presence helping me and encouraging me to live. I want us to spend the rest of our lives being happy like we have been this last year and I want to tell the world that you're mine and that I love you above all others. I want to grow old with you and to be able to hold you in my arms forever. I love you Draco Malfoy will you marry me?"

Draco had tears coming down his cheeks, he had dreamed of this moment for many years. With a whispered "yes" he took Harry's hand and pulled him back up to kiss him. He felt Harry place the ring on his finger. It was a very beautiful gold ring with a single square ruby. He took the second ring and placed it on Harry's finger. Harry's ring was the same gold band but his stone was an emerald. The two wizards spent the rest of the night showing each other just how much they loved each other.

Six months later during school break Harry and Draco where married on the school grounds at the same spot where Harry had proposed. The small group that had been invited had witnessed their union and the happy couple had left for a small honeymoon not long after the ceremony. The kids were staying with their uncle Remus and Severus.

Harry took Draco to a secluded island in the Bahamas. There they spent the week making love and exploring the island. The last day before they were leaving Harry woke up to find that Draco wasn't in bed. Harry got out of bed and looked for his husband. He found Draco on the front porch looking at the sea. The blond seemed lost in thought and was rubbing his stomach absentmindedly. When he heard Harry come out of the cottage he turned around and smiled at him. He thought that a very naked Harry was something that he would always enjoy seeing during the morning. He thanked Merlin that they were on a private island as his lover seemed to love walking around with nothing on him but a smile.

Harry walked up to Draco and placed his arms around him. "Good morning love, you're early out of bed this morning?"

"I was feeling a bit nauseous this morning." Draco was now looking at Harry who was frowning.

"Was it something you ate last night?"

"Oh no, I think it has something to do with an evening two months ago." Draco smirked at the totally puzzled expression on Harry's face.

"Have you been sick for two months?" Now he really was worried. He had just found his love and he didn't want anything happening to him.

"No love, I've just been sick for the past week. It will go away in about another months."

Harry who was totally clueless looked back at Draco and said. "What wrong that you're sick like this?"

Draco smiled and took Harry's hand; he placed it on the small lump that was beginning to show on his stomach. "Harry, I'm two months pregnant." Harry's eyes went wide with surprise. He seemed frozen in shock. "pr...pregnant?" he stuttered.

"Yes love, you're going to be a father again in six to seven months."

"Oh Merlin Draco…I love you so much." Harry took Draco in his arms and carried him back to their bed. He made slow and passionate love to his husband. He gave kissed to the small lump he could now notice on Draco's usually flat stomach. The two lovers spend the rest of their day in bed basking in the glory of their love and the promise of a bright and happy future together…


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