A/N: This is my first attempt at a Kyou Kara Maou fic I have only seem episodes 1-5 so I won't be making many references to the occurrences in the anime. However I think I have got Yuuri and Wolfram's Personalities down well enough. R&R!

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Glancing toward the window for what had to have been the hundredth time Wolfram sighed. It was nearing midnight and that wimp Yuuri still wasn't back. Around lunch time Gunter had come and dragged Yuuri off going on about studying and training. "But what could be taking this long, he never studies this late." He pulled a silk pouch from beneath his pillow and gently pulled the ties. Reaching inside he pulled a delicate gold band out. "I bet he doesn't even remember what today is" he softly muttered to himself.

A noise from the hall had Wolfram on alert. He carefully put the ring back into its pouch and climbed out of bed. Pressing his ear to the door he could hear voices talking softly. Is that Weller? And Yuuri?

"Your majesty you did quite well today." Yuuri smiled softly at Conrad.

"Conrad what have I told you about calling me that, you're my godfather!" Smiling softly Conrad ruffled Yuuri's hair in apology.

"I bet Wolfram will yell at me non stop tomorrow for not getting here before he fell asleep." Yuuri sighed and rolled his eyes.

"I'm sure he'll understand. Training is very important, he knows that." Conrad said a bit too loudly for Yuuri's liking.

"Conrad! Keep your voice down! The last thing I need is to deal with that brat tonight!" Conrad's eyes widened at that.

"Yuuri perhaps you should sleep elsewhere tonight. The last thing Wolfram needs is you biting his head off." Conrad's eyes narrowed slightly at Yuuri. Yuuri had been getting more irritated with Wolf lately and snapping at him more. On more than one occasion Conrad had seen the heartbroken look in his baby brothers' eyes. And on more than one occasion he had overheard Wolfram crying to himself in what he thought was a secluded place. Glancing back to Yuuri he noticed the other boys head was down.

"The last thing he needs? What about me Conrad? I deal with him biting my head of EVERY day! I'm sick of it! Damnit I never wanted a fiancé! He gets jealous over everything, he always calls me a wimp, and he sleeps in MY bed even though I told him not to! HE IS SUFFOCATING ME AND I HATE HIM FOR IT!" Breathing heavily Yuuri tried to calm himself.

Conrad and Yuuri both snapped their heads towards the door to Yuuri's bedroom when they heard a muffled cry. Yuuri looked to Conrad wide eyed Oh no Wolf is awake. Conrad narrowed his eyes and grabbed Yuuri by his collar. "I suggest you fix this Your Majesty!" And with that he shoved Yuuri towards the door and walked down the hall.

Yuuri was shocked. He never thought Conrad would look at him with such…such hate before. Sighing softly and preparing for the worst he slowly opened the heavy oak door leading into his room.

Wolfram was shakily buttoning up his uniform top when he heard the door open. He froze for a moment and then resumed his task at a much faster pace. Hard as he may try he couldn't keep the sobs and heartbroken moans that made their way out of his trembling lips. When he felt a hand rest gently on his shoulder he all but flew across the room.

"Wolf please just listen to me ok I…." Yuuri was cut off by Wolfram slamming his fist into the wall he was leaning against. All was quiet for a moment then to Yuuri's shock and dismay Wolfram started slamming his bare knuckles into the rough stone wall over and over again screaming "Why Why WHY!"

His strength left him fast and Wolf could do little more then slide to the floor. He gripped handfuls of golden hair into his bloodied hands and rocked back and forth while he miserably cried his despair for the whole kingdom to hear. After a year of standing by his side, protecting him and loving him this is what I get! He hates me! Oh GOD he HATES me!

Meanwhile Yuuri was standing there in complete shock; he never thought Wolfram would break down in front of him, or anyone for that matter. And now here he was, his poor Wolf sitting in absolute misery and it was all his fault. Yuuri couldn't hold the tears the leaked from his closed eyes. He slowly made his way to Wolfram and collapsed next to him.