5 months later…

A sweaty, sated Erik rolled to her side. The bed sheet on the mattress they had set on the floor was tangled in their limbs. Hot, humid air blew in through the open window, flickering the candles that were slowly burning out. The house wasn't nearly finished yet, but Erik suggested they spend their wedding night in the house they would share.

Their ceremony had been small, only the Giry's as witnesses. Christine had worn white, simple and elegant. As an after thought, she tucked a blood red rose behind her ear. Her long curls had been left free for the day, as Erik preferred them. Erik had worn a similar rose pinned to his charcoal suit jacket. Both had tears clinging to their lashes as they read their vows. Erik's voice had been thick with emotion; his hands trembled as his slipped her band on, platinum to match the other. They shook even worse when she slid his band on. Christine felt the tear threatening to fall from his eye mingle with hers when they shared their 'first' kiss.

Afterward, they had a celebratory supper at the restaurant Erik had taken Christine to on their first 'date'. The elder Giry presented the happy couple with a gift of a honeymoon in Paris. Erik was overwhelmed. Speechless.

Once they arrived at his, no, their half-built house, he carried her over the threshold, and into their new life. He'd planted candles and champagne in what would one day be a living room, around the makeshift bed of the mattress. Rose petals were strewn about, on the floor, and over the 'bed'. Her eyes welled up again at his thoughtfulness as he struck a match to light the candles. A single rose lay between the two pillows on the bed. The rose was trailed over every curve and line of her body once her clothes were gone. She had a whole new appreciation for them. By the time he'd loved, honored and cherished every inch of her, they'd already been married half the day.

Now she lay next to him, truly his. She kissed the corner of his mouth, and then intertwined the fingers of her right hand with his left. The metal of the ring that now encased his ring finger was cool and smooth to her touch. The distinct scar on his chest, and the less visible one on his shoulder reminded her every day how lucky she was to have him. His nose now had the slightest bump on it, marring what once had been a perfect nose. After it was over, they never spoke of it. Ryan Chagny was put to rest. (No pun intended)

They'd moved on. Christine was able to perform as Aminta a few more times before the season ended, and Erik was frantically working on another opera. The theater managers decided they liked Christine Daae, and kept her on as the star at their theater. The school year had ended as well, so they both had a bit more free time. Erik oversaw the reconstruction of his home, and Christine usually tagged along, offering her services. Her services usually consisted of keeping the dog company, but she didn't imagine she could swing a hammer as well as the guys Erik had already hired. She was content to throw a tennis ball and watch Erik pound away. Once the house was built she'd be much more help.

Erik grinned as he looked down at their joined hands. Never had he imagined that he'd marry, especially not this exquisite, amazing woman. Never. A dull ache always came upon him when he thought of the night Chagny had tried to take her. He thought of it often; many times a day. No doubt he'd be the poor bastard that was 6 feet under now if the madman had actually achieved it. He would cease to function were she not by his side.

"Goodnight Erik." Christine murmured into his ear.

"Goodnight, Mrs. Grenier." He smiled at her.

A smile touched her lips as her eyes fluttered shut. He tugged her closer, and pulled the sheet free from their legs, then over them. A contented sigh escaped his lips as he rested his head atop hers.

Only she could love him like this, only she. No one but her.

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