Chapter 1

Calvin and Hobbes were hopelessly bored. They had nothing to do. "How 'bout we go time traveling" asked Hobbes. "Good idea!" exclaimed Calvin. So they went into Calvin's closet looking for the Time Machine. They then found a box, but not their Time Machine.

It was a purple painted box. "This will do" said Calvin. They hopped in, and suddenly the box flaps were slammed shut. "WHAT THE..." said Calvin, but then they were sent hurling through a purple swirl.

They were then thrown out of this swirl onto a hard wooden floor. "WHOA!" screamed Hobbes. They slid across the floor, down a flight of stairs, and then landed in a kitchen right next to a counter. "JASON, PAIGE, PETER, DINNER!" said the woman on the other side of the counter. Three children ran down the stairs screaming "WHAT'S FOR DINNER MOM?" "Green Bean Casserole!" said the mom. "Ewwwww, that's even more disgusting than what mom makes" Calvin whispered to Hobbes.

"What was that Jason" asked the mom. "I didn't say anything" Jason answered. "Then who said 'Ewwwww?'" Calvin and Hobbes stood up, and all they heard was a scream and the last thing they saw was a broom right in their face.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" screamed the mom as she kept whacking Calvin and Hobbes in the face with a broom. She was doing Hobbes first.

"You could take her, Hobbes!" screamed Calvin.

The mom looked at Calvin.

"How 'bout YOU, Mr. Disgusting!" yelled the mom as she started whacking Calvin in the skull with the broom, "'Ewwwwww', huh!"

She whacked Calvin.

"'Green bean casserole is more disgusting than what MY mom makes', huh!"

She whacked Calvin again. Calvin got up.

"RUN, HOBBES! SHE A MAD WOMAN!" screamed Calvin. Hobbes got up and ran with him. He looks at the mom. She just growled. Hobbes ran with Calvin, terrified.