Calvin and Hobbes meet Foxtrot 2: Preview

Calvin and Hobbes are in the G.R.O.S.S treefort. It has been a month since they got back from the Foxtrot universe. No, they're not doing anything that has something to do with G.R.O.S.S.

"So, do you think we'll meet them again." asked Hobbes.

"I dunno, it depends." said Calvin.

"I think we will." said Hobbes.

"Well," said Calvin, "let's go soak Susie with a water balloon."

Calvin and Hobbes started filling up a dozen of water balloons. They snuck to where Susie was.

"Ready?" asked Calvin.

"Ready." said Hobbes.

They started to throw water balloons at Susie. The next thing they knew, they were in Calvin's room. Calvin had screaming lectures from his Mom.

"Wow, she WAS mad." said Hobbes.

"I know." grumbled Calvin.

The two friends saw a note. It said:

"Dear Calvin and Hobbes,

I came here to write this. Since you wondering you will see us again, you could come back ANY time you like. Even holidays! If you're wondering where the purple box is, I put in your closet.

Your friend,

Jason Fox."

Calvin and Hobbes read the note.

"Well," said Calvin, "if that's the case, LET'S GO!"

They got in the purple box, set in the dials, and in a purple flash, they were gone.

TV Special Preview

Narrator: There were two comics that were funny...

(It shows two photos. One was Calvin and Hobbes. The second was the Fox family)

Narrator: Soon, they will meet.

(The photos collide with each other. Then it shows Calvin and Hobbes being thrown out of a purple swirl, slid across the floor, down a flight of stairs, and landed in the kitchen)

Narrator: Calvin and Hobbes meet Foxtrot...

(Cuts to the scene Calvin and Hobbes meeting Jason, Paige, and Peter)

Narrator: ...but there's evil.

(Cuts to the scene of the Tamagrouchy getting away with the purple box.)

Tamagrouchy: HA HA HA!

Narrator: Calvin and Hobbes Meet Foxtrot.

(Cuts to Peter in a car, with the rest in the back)

Narrator: Coming to your TV in June.

TV Special Preview: Calvin and Hobbes Meet Foxtrot 2

Narrator: It's not over yet...

(Cuts to Calvin screaming)

Narrator: They'll meet each other again.

(Cuts to the purple box landing next to the Fox household)

Narrator: The problem starts with something fun.

Jason: Look at this new video game I got.

Narrator: The evil is the bad guys in the game.

(Cuts to everyone running from a Rosalyn robot)

Narrator: The second visit.

(Cuts to a car flying off a virtual cliff)



Narrator: Calvin and Hobbes Meet Foxtrot 2: A Virtual Problem.

(Cuts to Calvin, Hobbes, Jason, Paige, and Peter being zapped into a video game.)

Narrator: Coming soon.