By: Vampry

Chapter 1

It was dark and the room was dirty with puddles of black water, she could hear the dripping of water falling from somewhere. There was a corner in the room that was blacker then the rest of the room. She turned back towards the man, "Please," she begged "don't leave me in here." Her plea fell upon death ears as she started to cry. He closed the door and she ran to it banging on it to let her out. "Please, help me," she screamed till her voice was almost hoarse. "Please," she whispered falling to the ground, "You promised not to leave me."

She felt something moving around inside and looked behind her to see a black hand with long fingers and sharp nails reaching out for her. She turned her back against the door trying to get away from its reaching grasp. The thing grabbed her leg and pulled her into the dark corner. She struggled trying to escape, clawing the ground with her hands to stop it from taking her into the dark.

It pulled her with more ferocity and pulled her into the dark. She screamed as he tore her clothes and scraped her body. Her blood poured everywhere and it took her pushing himself into her and raping her repeatedly. She still called out for the man that shut the door to help her. She thought he was her friend and wouldn't leave her to be lost and in the dark. She cried harder as the thing abused her.

When it was finally done with her she crawled away while the creature went back into hibernation. The door had opened for her. She crawled towards the door and used it to help herself up. Once on her feet she limped out of the room clutching her side that was bleeding. She walked over to where there was some light and there he was.

She ran over to him thinking that he had not heard her screams. She stopped when she got close enough to see him basking in the light and presence of some women around him. He looked at her and frowned in disgust.

"Why didn't you help me?" she asked as tears began to fall, "I was screaming for you. Why did you leave me when you promised you wouldn't? You said you'd be there for me no matter what." He never said anything but looked at her as if she were some vile creature that needed to be thrown out.Her rage and hurt ran inside her fueling her to take action to do something. Then it appeared a simple knife. She grabbed it looking at it and heard someone's voice tell her what to do with it. She doubted the voice; she didn't want to hurt him. She loved him; she'd never hurt him.

"But he left you to die alone, and lost," it said softly like a lover in her head, "He promised to never leave you, did he not?"

She nodded with renewed anger and rage. Standing up form her kneeling position she charged at him stabbing him. When she came back to herself she realized that she had stabbed him in the heart. His blood flowed over her hands like a waterfall. She pulled her hand away quickly taking the knife with her. Blood was all over it and she threw it to the ground.

He stared hopelessly back at her. Asking her silently "Why?"

She shook her head, "I didn't mean too…I didn't," she cried watching as his eyes told her that he hated her. She looked down at her hand that was still in the air and the creature's hand was holding her wrist. She turned around and faced it; still she couldn't see its face. "Y-you," she stuttered from fear and realization of what she had done, "You did this."

It laughed and vanished from sight leaving a whisper in the air, "No, you did it. Your rage, not mine."

She turned back to see he had fallen to the floor dead, she screamed with realization that she had killed him, "Vegeta," she cried throwing herself on his chest, sobs racking her body with a force unimaginable.

Bulma woke to a start it had been the same dream that she had been having none stop for the past two weeks. She got out of bed shaking and ran down to Vegeta's room and opened the door. She went in careful of waking him and checked on him. When she saw he was breathing she left the room and returned to hers. Every time she had that dream she would check on him while he was sleeping. She'd never wake him or tell him incase he would think her nuts or go into the no weakling could kill me rant. Lord knows how many times she'd had to listen to that since he moved in two months ago. But still it scared her it scared her beyond reason.

Since she knew she wouldn't be getting any sleep she went and took a shower to wake herself up fully. While in the shower her mind went back to the dream.

"Okay," she said to herself lathering some shampoo in her hands and massaging her hair and scalp, "I know Vegeta and I haven't always gotten along but that's no reason for him to leave me in a place like that and defiantly not for me to what to kill him." She put her head under the water and rinsed the shampoo out and then got the conditioner.

"There's no one I know that wants Vegeta dead," she kept talking to herself, "I guess were sort of friends, I mean he at least listens to me once in a while and tolerates me." After rinsing her hair out she shook her head to get rid of the thoughts of her dream.

Getting out of the shower she wrapped a towel around herself and dried her hair with another one. Brushing her hair out she hung the towel she used for her hair up and walked out of the bathroom to get dressed. She put on a black tank top and dark green Capri pants. She went and hung the other towel up and put her hair in a pink clip.

She quietly walked down stairs into the kitchen turning on the kitchen light and fixed herself some coffee. Then she walked down to her lab and locked the door. She sat down at her desk and went through some files she needed to catch up on.

Vegeta opened his eyes and got up looking at the door. That had been the tenth time in the past two weeks that she had come in his room checking on him then leaving to go to the labs and not return to sleep. He had noticed that she hadn't been getting enough sleep lately and wondered if it had anything to do with her checking on him all the time. He wouldn't let her know but he was starting to worry about her well-being. She had been jumpy lately and didn't like to be in the dark, which made him think she was having a nightmare or was scared of something but for it to keep happening over and over again, it was a little strange for a mere nightmare.

When he realized that he was starting to care too much for his own pride he scowled and turned over going back to sleep or well trying to sleep since he was worried about his 'friend'. He growled when his own mind had betrayed him and thought of her as a friend.

"She is not my friend," he growled to himself, "I don't need anyone."

That morning Bulma came up from the lab and sat down while Mrs. Briefs made breakfast for her and Vegeta. "On hello darling", she said in her usual chipper tone which reminded Vegeta of nails scraping down a chalkboard.

Bulma smiled as she recalled that conversation. Shaking her head she started to eat some toast that had been set out and noticed when Vegeta walked in shirtless and in spandex…again. He sat down across from her and began filling his plate with food. Neither said a word, when Mrs. Briefs left she whistled at Vegeta and he flinched growling.

Bulma smiled she had to agree with her mom when Vegeta wore spandex and looked really good in it too. She stopped smiling when she noticed he was glaring at her in a way that said 'just go ahead and say something I dare you'.

Bulma laughed a little and put her hands up in surrender saying 'she wasn't even going to try'. Satisfied that she wouldn't say anything he went back to eating as she watched him for a while.

Sure it was silent and they didn't talk in the morning but it was their way of enjoying the others presence. Then there was the other way that Vegeta enjoyed her presence, ticking her off to no end and matching wits with her in a verbal fight. She shook her head on her thoughts and got up from the table. As she walked past him she whistled much like her mother then ran off laughing. He got up form the table and yelled, "Woman."

Bulma had fallen on the stairs laughing and didn't notice when he walked up glaring at her. She stopped laughing and shrieked when she was hanging by her leg upside down. "Vegeta!" she yelled, "put me down right now."

"You two will stop treating me as if I were livestock," he growled at her.

"You could fool me," she said giggling, "Since you growl like one."

He shook her leg and she stopped laughing and screamed, "Vegeta I'm going to be sick, stop." He stopped and glared at her.

"Oh come on Veggie," she said pouting, "You're the one who puts yourself in these positions with strutting down here like that and sitting there like a Greek god." He just growled even fiercer. "Okay," she said surrendering, "I won't do it and I'll talk to mom about it."

He dropped her instantly and walked out to the gravity room. She just burst out with laughter when he left. He never caught her say Veggie, which he normally did; which meant he was used to her calling him that. She smiled 'Vegeta you are my friend whether you like it or not.'

Vegeta got half way in when he realized she had called him that stupid nickname again. He was mad, 'How could I have missed that,' he asked himself, 'that infuriating woman has done it again.' He shook his head of her nonsense and started to train.