Chapter 2-Searching for Daggers

After centuries of the silent life, the Flyng Daggers have never been heard from or seen, however, the decendants of the Flying Daggers have been trained in the art of martial arts. One of the trained descendants was of Leo's. Leo's grandson wasn't given a name. He was known as "Fire". He was called this because his power was great and his strength grew like fire. His father has told him about the seperation of the House of Flying Daggers. After Fire's father died, Fire decided to rebuild the House of Flying Daggers. He studied about the Flying Daggers for months and went out in seach of the other descendants of the original Flying Daggers.

As he passed through villages, he asked around for those whom he thought were part of the Flying Daggers. He finally discovered the first Flying Daggers descendant.

"Excuse me, is your daughter home?"

"Yes, who are you?"

"I cannot address you properly until I can confirm my beliefs."

"Come in then, but I warn you, do not try anything foolish."

Fire walked in and went into a dark room. A girl sat in the corner and stared at him while holding a shining object. The girl threw the shining object at Fire. It was a dagger. Fire dodged the dagger and it flew past him into the wall.

"So, you're a descendant of Flying Daggers. Why, you are one of the very skilled ones as well."

"Yes, but what gave it away? Was it the daggers?"

"You think? I can help you find others like you and together, we can rebuild the House of Flying Daggers."

"Well, I don't want to stay here and practice all day with nothing to fight."

With that, they traveled far into the bamboo forest and tried to uncover the lost Flying Daggers headquarters. They walked for hours and finally found a small tunnel. They walked down and there, stood the towering headquarters of the House of Flying Daggers.