Writers note:

Oh boy! A Star Wars fanfic! Who didn't see that coming? xD


This fanfic is about my character "Shika" meeting and becoming rivals with General Grievous, yeah I'm a fan girl. Where the story takes place is during the 'Clone Wars' micro series seen on Cartoonetwork, the story starts a little bit after the fight between Grievous and the six Jedi. I tried my very best to keep it in-line with the actual story, so yeah.

Note to all you readers: This story is still un-finished, there are some things I am currently still updating to fix, until my beta-reader reads this and points out all the flaws, mistakes and things I need to fix, go easy on me with the reviews, okay? I know my character seems almost too 'perfect' but that is because she's still being worked on, her past, relationships, and all that jazz isn't all to clear to me yet. Shika, herself, is still in beta.

Besides that, I just want a fanfiction about my character meeting Grievous, no harm in that, right? Why is she friends with Obi-wan? Because I like the guy and I would love to be friends Obi-wan, wouldn't you? x3

As for copyright stuff? Shika, her family and Riku are copyrighted it me, everything else belongs to Lucas Films.


Chapter one: Introduction

She strolled through the many halls of the Jedi tower; she adjusted her long brown robe as she slowly approached the Council chamber. The woman was a Jedi Knight no doubt, she was skilled with a light saber, and was somewhat wise when it came to using the Force.

Her name was Shika Cloudrunner.

Her hair was dark red and pulled back behind her ears into a long braid which fell passed her back, almost down to her legs. Her eyes were a light emerald green with a mix of dark sapphire blue, blue and purple beaded earrings hung from her ears that ended with a small black feather, and her outfit was the standard Jedi robe and clothing. Hanging off her belt was a double bladed light saber which was a gift from her original master; she only used one blade to fool her opponents into thinking it was like every other laser sword, one blade. She used stealth and trickery to normally win her battles, even though she was a Jedi; she still would break the rules, and would often get caught for it. Though her skill with a light saber was almost near perfect, her wisdom of the force was incredibly low, she knew the standard force, but it was not as great as a normal Jedi would have it, when it came down to it, she was still a padawan. Not to mention she was hard headed and she would often complain.

Shika was born on Naboo and raised on Tatooine, her mother was a medical officer, her younger sister was a droid engineer, and her father was a smuggler who worked for Jabba the Hutt. Shika had dreams of becoming a smuggler like her father, being able to travel the many worlds breaking all the rules. Her father was able to show Shika some tricks and secrets in his spare time, which she now uses in light saber battles and duels. Then on one normal day, when the girl was only eight years old, Shika met two Jedi who had happened to be passing by on business, they sensed the force growing within her and asked her mother if they could take her for training, her mother was happy to see her own daughter was one of the Jedi and allowed Shika to go. Shika was also quite happy; she thought that she was going to become one of the most powerful beings in the entire universe, so she went with the Jedi back to Coruscant to being her training.

Her master was Riku Saraiha. She trained Shika and taught her everything she knew, the two were somewhat close, but Rika never allowed Shika to grow close as a friend. Riku never let anyone grow close to her. Months after Shika achieved the title Jedi Knight, Riku was sent to Dagobah to investigate the event of two missing Jedi who had gone there and never returned, and as the two Jedi before her, Riku never returned. With the three Jedi missing, the council thought it would be best if they sent no more Jedi to that area.

Shika then had to attempt to become a Jedi Master on her own, with but a few friends to back her up.

She stood outside the Jedi Council door and took a deep breathe, it was rare that she was called to this room by Master Windu, if she was asked to come here, it normally meant she was in trouble. Once more she adjusted her robe and she brushed the bangs from her eyes, she was nervous. She then took a step toward the door and it slid open, inside the Jedi were once more debating about the current war, like normal. She stared into the room before she noticed Obi-wan Kenobi leaned back in his seat; he was slowly stroking his beard as he listened to the others.

She stood there before taking another step into the room, this caught Obi-wan's attention; he gazed over and smiled friendly toward her, giving her a slight greeting wave. The two had been friends from they're padawan days. They would always be seen studying and light saber dueling together, they were pretty much like siblings, always trying to prove one was better than the other. Shika glanced back over to Obi-wan and gave him a tiny smile, but it faded quickly.

"Arrived Shika has." Spoke Master Yoda. All the Jedi fell silent and gazed over at Shika. She then stood completely still, she was even more nervous now that everyone was staring at her.

"You summoned me?" She said in a shaken tone, her gaze traveling to all the Jedi in the room.

"You don't need to worry, you're not in trouble." Chuckled Obi-wan. Shika glanced over to him when he raised his voice; she then smiled a little, this time it lasted a little longer. She felt more relaxed with a friend backing her up. Yoda chuckled as well; he had sensed her fear slowly fading when Obi-wan had spoken.

"Shika, we understand you've done some research on this new enemy." Windu said." What have you learned from him? Any weaknesses? Flaws? Anything?" Shika glanced over at Windu, she shook her head slightly.

"He seems to be flawless in his actions. He's the perfect warrior; who ever trained him trained him well. I did as much research as I could, but nothing worth while came up." She answered as she placed her hands into the sleeves of her cloak. Yoda closed his eyes and sighed deeply.

"What are we to do then?" Asked Shaak Ti." The General is perfect, we cannot defeat him!"

"She is right; this General Grievous will be the one to destroy the Jedi!" Added Ki-Adi.

"Calm you're selves, we mustn't give up hope, the General may seem un-stoppable, but all enemies have a weakness, we just have to find it." Windu replied.

"He's already taken out several of our Jedi, not to mention he's killed half our armies!" Aayla complained. The Jedi council was in an uproar once more. Shika sighed before turning to Obi-wan; he looked back at her and shrugged. She turned and looked at Yoda who only sat there shaking his head.

"Where is the General now?" She asked. Once more the fighting had calmed down once she raised her voice higher than the current conversation. Windu looked from Yoda to Shika.

"Our Troopers tell us he's currently at Kashyyyk; he's helping the droids fight against the wookies." Windu answered. Shika took a deep breathe; she then stood tall and stared at Windu and Yoda with a most serious look on her face.

"Master Yoda, master Windu. I request permission to go to Kashyyyk and fight the General myself." The council gasped before they all began whispering to one another, Yoda and Windu stared at her in shock. Obi-wan stared in confusion.

"Puzzled I am. Tell me, young Cloudrunner, to Kashyyyk why you must go?" Yoda asked. The Jedi then began muttering yes and whys under they're breathes. Shika once more felt un-easy.

"I wish to see how powerful this General really is. I cannot find a weakness by asking around and looking through books, I have to actually fight this thing in order to find out how to defeat it." She answered.

"You realize this is a dangerous task, you may go there and not even live long enough to tell us this weakness." Snapped Ki-Adi." I've fought him once before, he was unbearably difficult! Without the clones I could have died. The same goes for Shaak Ti and Aayla." The other two Jedi nodded to Ki-Adi. Shika only sighed, her shoulders dropping and her head shaking.

"That's just it! I'll never know how strong this General is unless I go there and fight him for myself! Please, master Yoda, master Windu. Grant me the permission to go and fight him!" Yoda and Windu both looked at each other. Shika bit her bottom lip as she waited for a reply.

"I think she should be allowed to go." Said Obi-wan. The Jedi all looked toward him as he continued." The girl has clearly proven she hasn't had enough action in her life, besides, I know Shika. She's excellent when it comes to battling with light sabers, and from what we know that is the very weapon the General uses, correct? So who knows, she may even end up defeating this monster." Shika smiled brightly at Obi-wan's wisdom about herself, he truly has been spending too much of his free time with her. All the Jedi began talking among them selves once again about what Obi-wan had explained. Yoda then grunted and leaned forward, his eyes staring up at Shika's face.

"Go, you may." He said." Fight him you will, weakness you must find. Destroy him if possible." Shika grinned before shaking her head a bit, attempting to look as serious as she could. She then slowly bent over into a bow toward Yoda.

"Thank you master Yoda, I won't let you down. I won't let any of you down." She said." I'll find his flaws and tell you about them as soon as I can, but that's if I don't destroy him in the process." Yoda smiled and nodded, as did Windu.

"You are dismissed, young Cloudrunner." Windu ordered as he waved his hand slightly. Shika once more bowed and turned to leave, she took a small glance toward Obi-wan and mouthed the words 'thank you' to him; he smiled and nodded slightly toward her. Then she quickly moved out of the room, where she heard the debates pick up once more before the door slid closed behind her.

Shika rushed through the halls of the tower; she didn't want to waste any time by sitting around talking she had to get to Kashyyyk as quick as she could so she wouldn't miss the General. She continued to run with no intention of stopping until…

"Shika, wait up!" Called out a familiar voice. Shika slowed down and then stopped; she turned around to see Anakin running toward her.

"Little Ani!" She called back in a giggle. Shika met Anakin when he had first begun training under Obi-wan, she would call him 'Little Ani' due to the fact he was… Well… Little. The two were good friends, Anakin normally came to her if he needed to vent out a problem, but lately, he hadn't been doing much of that. Shika figured because Padme was staying on Coruscant now, he had been going to her instead.

"Anakin! I haven't seen you around in ages! Where have you been, and what have you been doing?" Shika asked as Anakin finally caught up.

"I've been helping Obi-wan with some battles, I just took out a Sith warrior not to long ago." Anakin wheezed out as he caught this breathe. Shika patted Anakin on the back, a large smile on her face.

"You've grown so much Anakin, I'm so happy you were able to take out a Sith warrior! The Jedi council must be so astounded!" Shika chuckled in joy as she watched Anakin dust his cloak off.

"That's the problem." Anakin muttered." They don't seem very pleased with what I did." Shika tilted her head in confusion.

"What do you mean?" She asked. Anakin sighed and leaned up onto the wall beside him while folding his arms across his chest.

"They told me I shouldn't have fought the battle, you know, the standard stuff they normally tell me." He replied in a pout." I don't see why they get angry at me for doing something right." Shika leaned up onto the wall beside Anakin; she placed her hands behind her back and one leg in front of the other.

"I know what you mean; sometimes the council can get on my nerves too. They're always so bossy and they think they know everything… Epically when you need to go to them and ask if you can do this or that. I wonder why we even have the Jedi council." She asked, as she leaned her head up against the wall. Anakin laughed slightly.

"So we can have people to push us around?" He replied. Shika laughed also before remembering what she was originally supposed to be doing. She pushed herself up from the wall and spun around to face Anakin.

"I'm sorry little Ani, but I've gotta mission I have to be getting to. I'd love to stay and talk more, but with this war buzzing about…" Anakin nodded in agreement.

"I know the war gets everyone busy. I have to be getting somewhere anyway." He replied as he stood up from the wall. Shika stared at him in awe.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"I'm going to go see Padme." He replied. Shika raised an eyebrow at him, there was something defiantly going on between him and Padme, but the questions would have to wait. She then placed her hands onto his shoulders and smiled.

"Well, tell Padme I said hello and I would love to have another chat with you and her later." She said. Anakin smiled at Shika, and then the two embraced each other as a friendly goodbye. Shika then pulled away and began running down the hall once more.

"Oh! Shika!" Anakin called out. She stopped and turned to look back at him, he smiled." May the force be with you."

"And may the force be with you as well, little Ani." She replied before turning back around and running down the hall, a smile on her face as she headed for the exit of the tower. Knowing that she had two people caring for her, it would be enough to help her get through this, and it would be more than enough to help her defeat this General Grievous.