Driver's Ed

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The Pit

It was a nice day at the Pit. Well, it was nice for the Misfits, anyway. In General Hawk's office, the Misfits' adult handlers were gathered.

"Okay. Are all the handlers here?" Hawk asked.

"Yes, sir." Cover Girl nodded. She sat next to Shipwreck, who had passed out. The snoozing Joe sailor and SEAL fell on Cover Girl's shoulder. The brown-haired ex-model quickly shoved him off her.

"Fuzzy grilled cheese…" Shipwreck mumbled in between snores.

"Huh. Trust Shipwreck to get drunk before a meeting." Low Light grumbled to Spirit.

"Okay, good." Hawk nodded. "Now the doors have been locked, so there is no escape."

"You think this has something to do with the Mafia being after Pietro again?" Low Light rolled his eyes.

"What's up, sir?" Spirit asked.

"Uh…" Hawk blinked. "Oh, okay! Now I remember. Although there are a few members that can fly, and a couple that can teleport, we need another way for the Misfits to get around."

"I got a bad feeling about this." Low Light sighed.

"Okay, I think its time to teach some of the Misfits to drive." Hawk said. A coffee-sipping Cover Girl did a spit take all over Spirit.



"Do we really want to let those kids behind the wheel of a motor vehicle?" Cover Girl sighd.

"Don't worry." Hawk reassured. "Since they have licenses, Bard, Rapture, Aja, and Avalanche will help out as well."

"Aja? Are you serious?" Spirit struggled not to burst out laughing.

"Teaching the Misfits driving is a task that's not light. This is not going to end all that bright." Roadblock shook his head. Hawk looked at a piece of paper on his desk.

"Okay, Bard is teaching Raven, Terra, and Wanda, while Aja got stuck with Althea, Pietro and Todd."

"At least you don't have to worry about the Triplets behind the wheel for a few more years." Low Light noted.

"Thank God!" The handlers all said in unison.

A few hours later

In Misfit Manor, Cover Girl was talking to Bard and Aja.

"So how did it go?" The ex-model asked the cowboy and former rocker.

"Well, Raven did okay…after she stopped freaking out and blowing up walls." Bard reported.

"I couldn't do anything with Todd and Althea." Aja added. "They would not stop making out in the back seat!"

"So?" Bard shrugged. "You and that Phillips guy do that in your car all the time."

"Shut up!" Aja muttered, cheeks turning red with embarassment.

"Anyway…" Bard continued. "Terra was okay. So was Wanda. She liked driving."

"Pietro disappeared somewhere." Aja grumbled. A door slamming was hard, and a shivering Todd staggered by.

"Remind me never to get in a car with Aja again, yo. That girl does not know the meaning of speed limit!" The amphibious teen moand.

"Where are the rest of the handlers?" Aja asked Cover Girl. Cover Girl shrugged.

"They went into town to calm their nerves."

"Translation: they're somewhere getting totally plastered." Aja nodded. "Hey…aren't we forgetting something?"

The Joe Motor Pool

A certain silver-haired speedster had found himself tied on the bottom of the Rock'n Roadster, a vehicle that Aja had "borrowed" from some friends.

"Hey, come on!" Pietro whined from the bottom of the Roadster. "Untie me! The blood's rushing to my face! Please! I'll behave!"

The End