Hiya! Well I was reading some fics of Shuichi getting pregnant and I thought how Yuki never ended up pregnant. I mean I can understand why, but I thought it would be fun to try Yuki being the one! I'm not sure how well this is gonna go, For all I know it may have seemed better in my head then written out, who knows? But its fun to try! And yes.. I know.. guys cannot get pregnant...but who says its not fun to pretend?


Shuichi and Yuki had been together a couple years now, Yuki finally being able to admit his true love for the pink haired boy. And of course, they did things that many couple did.

This resulting in one terrible morning that started it all...

Yuki woke up to look over at his lover for many years, coming to love him very much, even if he never told him that very often, When he started to feel sick.. very sick. He hopped out of bed and ran for the bathroom to throw up.

Shuichi woke to hearing this, very concerned. "Yuki, are you okay?" He asked rubbing sleep out of his eyes.

"What do you think? I just threw up!" He shouted walking back into the bedroom and sitting down on the bed. "But I think I'm okay now.."

The next morning things were no different, he would get up feeling sick and have to make a run to the bathroom.

"Yuki!" Shuichi hollered. "I'm getting concerned! Lets go to the doctor! What if you have the flu.. or.. your dying!" He began to panic.

"I'm NOT dying you freak!"

"But I'm worried Yuki! PLEASE can we go to the doctor! Just see if your okay!" He pouted doing the best pout he could manage, being very good, as it were.

"Fine.." Yuki sighed. "If you'll just be quiet! I don't need a headache this early in the morning!"


"But only if I'm not better by tomorrow okay?"



So of course the next morning wasn't any better.. The same thing happened when he awoke and was now even happening a bit during the day at the sight of something unpleasant, resulting in making his stomach upset.

When they arrived at the doctors they told him, or rather Shuichi rambled on about his symptoms, even little things as when he would sneeze.

"Well Mr. Eiri, it seems like nothing big, maybe you may have eaten something to upset your stomach. In fact the only thing that it would sound like would be pregnancy, and you and I both know thats not the situation here... I would get lots of sleep, try not to be so stressed until your feeling better, and if your not better by next week or so come and see me again."

"Alright..." Yuki turned to Shuichi, "I told you it was nothing serious!"

Shuichi whimpered a bit. "I was just worried about you!"

"Yea, I know.."


On their way home Shuichi asked, "Yuki... do ya think your pregnant...?


"Why not.. you can't just rule it out! I mean you and I both know we have ALOT of sex! Why isn't it possible?"

"Cause men can't get pregnant..."

"But what if they can? Cause maybe two men have never loved each other enough to make it work huh? And we do!"

"No...they can't Shuichi.."

"But Yuki! Wouldn't it be so great if we did have a baby!"

"No... especially if it would be me giving birth to it! Now just drop it already!"

"But Yuki-"

"Drop it"



The same thing however went on for the next week, each morning when Yuki would awaken. Shuichi came up with a plan, convinced that somehow his lover was carrying his child, even if he himself thought it may just be wishful thinking...

He went to the nearest drugstore and picked up a pregnancy test after shuffling through them, not sure which one to take, when finally deciding on the one with the most flowers on it, thinking how his Yuki deserved only the best!

Then while walking home, he tried to figure out how he would get Yuki to use it, knowing his lover would never agree to it. 'Hmm.. Maybe he could sneak up on Yuki while he used the restroom.. that could work.. but he would know Shuichi was there!'

When he arrived home he still wasn't sure on what he was going to do so he decided at first he would just bring it up, maybe Yuki would do it for the heck of it right? Probley not, but it was worth a try..


"No way in hell!" Yuki shouted when Shuichi made his proposal. "Why the hell would I do that! I am not pregnant! Stop getting idea's into your head! I should have known you would let anything the doctor say get to your head!"

"But Yuki! What will it hurt just to try it! If your so sure it will come out negative then why not..."

"A pregnancy test if for women.. not men! I wouldn't have ever even imagined using one!"

"Yuki.. Don't let your pride get in the way! Just try it! Please? For me?"


"I'll do anything you want.. for the next month! I'll be your sex slave!"


"Then I'll-"


"Why not?"

"Cause I said so..."

So Shuichi decided on his earlier plan, sneaking in on Yuki while he was using the bathroom.

After his begging he went into the bathroom and hid behind the toilet, not sure how long he would have to wait. After waiting for a good hour thoughYuki finally went in. And Shuichi got what he wanted, jumping out from behind the toilet.

"Ha! See now that wasn't so hard!"

"Shuichi!" Yuki fumed.

"Lets just see how it goes okay? If it turns out negative and all then I'll say I'm sorry and do whatever you want! Well.. no matter what it says I'll do whatever you want."

"Good.. now get out of here..."

"But don't you wanna see what it says?"

"No, because I already know what its going to say!" And with that he stormed off heading to work on his lastest novel.

After 10 minutes of peace and quiet when Yuki was finally beginning to calm down, Shuichi barged into the room eyes wide.

"What the hells the matter with you?" Yuki asked. nearing the end of his patience.

"W-w-well..It t-turned out blue..."


"Yuki! Blue means it was positive! Were gonna have a baby!"

Yuki flushed. "What?"

"When it turns blue.. it means your pregnant..see it says it right here on the box! "

And with that, Yuki fainted