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It had been about two months since Kazuko had begun dating Amon and things were now official between the two if them. Yuki had begun to get used to the idea but continued to try and find excuses to avoid such things.

We find Yuki lying asleep in bed after another long night of half hearted bartering around the fact that Amon wanted to take Kazuko to a carnival.

"Morning!" Kazuko announced as she jumped onto the end of her parents bed and bounced until they woke.

"Mmm good morning Kazu." Shuichi greeted

"Ugh" Yuki said as he rolled over, not forgetting why Kazuko was up before 10.

"I just wanted to stop in and let you guys know that Amon should be here any minute!"

"Well have fun!" Shuichi replied stretching.

"Okay! See you both when I get back!" She hopped on the bed once more to emphasize her excitement and hurried through the door just as Amon began knocking.

"Ugh…" Yuki added again once she was gone, only this time for a different reason. "I wish she wouldn't jump on the bed I feel…" And without another word Yuki threw off the covers and made a dash for the bathroom to relieve his sick stomach.

Shuichi frowned and followed him to the door. "Are you not feeling well today?"

"What do you think?! I just…" He managed to get out before another round came over him.

"Aw Yuki! Well then I think you should stay in bed today and I'll make you all your meals and take care of you! I can even bathe you!"

"Do we really have to go through this every time I'm just the littlest bit sick? The answer is no." Yuki grumbled as he turned to the sink to wash up.


Things didn't get much better as the day wore on and by the time Kazuko was home from the carnival Yuki had thrown up several more times and was now laying face down with his pillow covering his head.

Kazuko walked in and immediately frowned. "Dad? Are you okay?" She asked before turning to Shuichi with a questioning look.


"He's fine, he just has an upset stomach is all. How was the carnival!?"

Kazuko frowned at Yuki for another moment before launching into her tale.

The next few days continued very much the same as the first, with added arguments over doctor visits. On the fifth day of this, Yuki began to notice Shuichis elongated stares. After a full morning of this, an hour before Kazuko got home from school Yuki couldn't take it any more.

"Damn it Shuichi! Why the hell do you keep staring at me! What is it?!"

Shuichi just continued to look Yuki up and down without saying anything.



Yuki sighed, extremely aggravated at this point. "What…"

"Well I was thinking…" He kept eyeing Yuki under his scrutinizing gaze.


"Well you remember the last time you got this sick?"

"Of course not! I've been sick plenty of times in the years I've known you."

"Well no I mean it was the best kind of sick!"

"The best kind of sick…?"

"Well the one that, the one that let us know that Kazuko existed!" Shuichi's eyes were shining at this point.


"Remember Yuki!?"



"No. No way! Don't even consider that again! That was a one time thing! So stop staring at me!"

"But Yuki! What if it's true! I mean we know it's possible that is can happen!" Shuichi could hardly contain himself at this point as he slowly made his way toward Yuki.

"Ack! Get away from me!"

"Oh Yuki!! I know! I'll go right now and get a test!"

Yuki grabbed a hold of Shuichis shirt as he began to back off. "None of that!"

"But Yuki…

"Don't you think I would know if I were… if I were pregnant again? I mean I've been through it before!"

"Well… I guess so…"

"Then that's that."

"Fine" Shuichi pouted as he crossed his arms and sulked.


The following day around the same time as the previous, Yuki lost his patience again. Shuichi had not let up on all the stares he was giving him. "Argh! Fine! Do whatever the hell you want! Just stop examining me like that! It's driving me insane!"

"Okay then I'll be back in a little bit honey!" Shuichi announced with an annoyingly smug look on his face.

Yuki just grumbled as he made his way back to their room to hide under the covers which is where Kazuko found him around ten minutes later.

"Dad?" She asked as she sat on his bed.


"You okay"

Yuki sighed as he uncovered his head and turned to look at his daughter. "Yea I am."

Just then Shuichi came bouncing into the room. "Yuki! I got 3 different kinds this time! There's-"

"Shuichi!" Yuki shouted and then nudged his head in Kazukos direction once he had his attention.

"I... I mean, yea! 3 kinds of ice cream! There's vanilla, strawberry and mint!"

Kazuko raised her eyebrows. "Uh huh… so then I'm supposed to catch on to the hinting I'm guessing right?"

Yuki and Shuichi just gave each other a look and then nodded.

"Well then… fine, I guess I'll just go find that ice cream then…"

"Uh... Kazu?" Shuichi paused. "I wouldn't look too hard to find them."

She just nodded before making her way out of the room. "Right."

As she left both Yuki and Shuichi let out a sigh.

"Well" Yuki stated. "Even though I've known it all these years, you're an idiot."

"But Yuki! I was only excited!"

"Well don't be! Because I know what it's going to say!" He said as he grabbed the bag with the tests and made his way to the bathroom. "AND you're not helping me with these this time!"

Shuichi just smiled as he slightly hopped in place.

Shuichi just stood where he was left as he waited for Yuki to come out. As the door opened he debated attacking Yuki for the answer when the next thing he knew, one after the other Yuki was launching the 3 pregnancy tests at him.

"You fucking idiot!! How in gods name could you have done this to me again you bastard!" Once he was out of tests he began hurling anything he could get his hands on as he homed in on Shuichi.

"But but Yuki I swear! I didn't mean to! I mean it's been so long since it last happened and… wait…" Shuichi's eyes widened in realization just as Yuki reached him and began wrapping his hands around his lovers throat. He said in a hushed whisper. "So, that means you're pregnant again!? Really!? We're having another baby!?" Tears has begun to make their way down his cheeks.

Yuki released his already loose hold on Shuichis neck and slid his hands to his waist. "Yea." He let out a hint of a smile. "We are."

Shuichi wrapped his arms around Yuki and with a good amount of force began kissing him. After he had had his fill he suddenly got excited again. "Oh! I'm gonna go get Kazuko and have her come in here so we can tell her!"

Yuki just nodded his head in happy defeat.

"Oh and Yuki," He paused at the door. "I know it this time! This ones gonna be a boy! I'm sure of it!" And with that he dashed out of the room.


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