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Tennis, Anyone?

" Oh come on Master, it'll be fun!" Seras Victoria had her arm around another person's arm. This particular other person was much taller than Seras, and had a red hat and coat, and wore yellow sunglasses over his eyes, even though it was past midnight and quite dark.

" I still don't understand why we must do this Police Girl. This is stupid." He grumbled this for at least the sixth time they had left Hellsing Manor.

Earlier That Day…

" Um, Sir Integra?" Seras stood outside her Master's Master's office. She came with a specific question in mind, and she was going to get an answer before she left, whether she was terrified of asking it or not…

A young woman, no older than twenty-three looked up at her over circular glasses. She was knee-deep in paperwork and wasn't quite in the mood to be disturbed.

" Yes, Ms. Victoria, what do you want?" Seras flinched inwardly at Sir Integra's tone. It sounded annoyed.

" Well… I was just wondering if uh… uh…"

" Spit it out! I don't have all day!"

" If there aren't any Freak attacks tonight, could I teach Alucard to play tennis?"

Seras' words came out quickly, and Integra's jaw seemed to drop.

" Excuse me, I don't believe that I heard you right… Let me get this straight. You want to teach Alucard to play tennis. Alucard. Are we speaking of the same person?" Seras nodded as a smile played it's way across Integra's face at the site of Alucard playing tennis.

She wiped the smile away quickly and resumed her straight backed position, her suit un-wrinkling itself out.

" You have my full permission, Ms. Victoria. Now leave me be, I have far too much paperwork to fill out…" Integra lowered her head back over her paper as Seras made a strangled noise that sounded much like a shout for glee.

" Oh thank you Sir Integra!" Turning quickly, she raced out the door, eager for night to fall. Integra smiled again as she filled out her paperwork. This would be interesting…

Seras had soon after begged Walter for two tennis rackets and a few tennis balls, both of which Walter gave to her feeling a bit confused.

" Oh, don't worry Walter. I'm just going to teach Alucard to play tennis" She had then taken both rackets and balls and left a dumbfounded Walter staring wide-eyed at her retreating form.

She already had known the perfect place to go, she had gone there several times before and had quite thoroughly enjoyed herself.

She had looped her arm around Alucard's and had dragged him off as soon as she had managed to find him. It almost had seemed like he had been hiding from her…

" Oh! We're here Master." She quickly climbed and jumped over the large fence surrounding several tennis courts. He simply phased through the wire, tempted to have just walked through it, breaking it in the process.

He growled slightly. Alucard was none the least happy about having to do this. He wouldn't have gone, had Seras not gone to his Master and asked her first. She had soon after given him an order to follow her and learn the game.

She handed him a racket and took out one of the balls, traveling to the other side of the court. There were dim lights on, but they had no use as they both could easily see as though it were the middle of the day.

He continued to stand where she had left him, not exactly jumping at the chance to do this. He suddenly grinned, if he was to be forced to do this, why not have a little fun eh?

" No Master! Move onto that side of the court! That's your side!" He took a few simple strides and was where she had directed him. She then yelled out to him a few simple rules, stay on his side, don't hit it too hard, no, hold the racket like this.. and so on and so on.

" Alright Master, I'm going to serve first ok? Remember, don't hit it too hard!" He grinned and nodded to her. He then threw off his hat and sunglasses choosing to keep his coat on.

Her serve was far to easy for him to get. She had hit it right to him, and he held out his racket to get it. Unfortunately, he swung with vigor and missed completely as the ball bounced past him, under his racket completely. He then was thrown off balance, and fell face first to the hard ground.

He hadn't realized that the game was so difficult! He lay there for a few moments, while on the other side of the court, Seras was gasping with pain from laughing so hard. She was doubled over, tears in her eyes, she knew that she would probably never get to see him do something like that again, so she enjoyed it while it lasted.

" You find something amusing Police Girl?" She heard him right behind her, his voice a mixture of a little bit of anger and embarrassment. This only made her laugh harder, and now it was all she could to keep from falling over. She would surely have to recall the events to Sir Integra when she returned.

There was another grumble as he faded out and faded back to his side of the court once again holding his racket. His chance was coming soon, and boy would his revenge be fun.

Once Seras managed to slow her laughter and wiped her eyes, she picked up the second tennis ball.

" I'm going to serve again to you Master, and this time, hit the ball and not the ground."

" Shut up Police Girl."

She dropped the ball and hit the serve gently to him. Even a small child would have been able to hit it. And so he did.

He hit it with incredible speed, and Seras watched with fascination as it sailed far over her head and continued on it's new path. A few minutes later, they heard glass breaking somewhere in the distance and a car alarm going off.

This of course, brought new laughter to Seras, much louder laughter that almost made Alucard loose his cool and shoot her full of bullet holes.

" Are you finished Police Girl! I'd like to get this over with…" Seras decided that she would give it one more try for the team, other than that, they were out of balls, for Alucard had promptly pumped the first ball full of bullet holes once he had missed it.

She served it to him gently once more. Once again, he hit it with incredible force. With amazing accuracy, it came right to Seras. She hit it back to him, injuring her hand.

Wow… Master can sure hit that ball… He returned the hit, and she to him, they continued like that until he decided to take his revenge right then… As soon as he thought that, Seras hit the ball to him.

They had been playing that single non-stop game for at least an hour after he had first hit it to her. He had gotten surprisingly better, but that had proved to be a challenge for Seras. She was now sweating freely as she hit the ball to her Master, who suddenly seemed to be grinning.

As the ball came closer, he hit it with more force than he had hit the other time. He saw Seras go wide-eyed as she held up her racket to protect her, already knowing that she wasn't about to hit it back. Strangely, she didn't move, almost as though she was standing her ground to him.

It came at her without bouncing on the ground at all. It then promptly went right though her racket, ramming her with more force than she thought possible in the gut. That, in turn, threw her into the fence (which was near fifteen feet away) with much force.

After hitting the fence, she slowly slid down it as the ball rolled harmlessly away. It was covered in blood, and as it rolled it left a trail after it.

Alucard walked lazily over to her as her blood slowly trickled over the course. She was not dead, merely stunned.

" I think that I quite like this game Seras." He grinned as she moaned. He then leaned down and picked her up, cradling her much like a child. He looked down at her eyes as she returned his almost joyful eyes with her dazed ones.

" You've got your hat and glasses back on Master.. does this mean that we're finished with the game?"

" Yes, Seras, for now our game is at a stand-still." She nodded as she looked up at him.

" You have beautiful eyes Master Alucard……." He looked down in surprise at Seras, wondering what had made her say that. He figured that it had been that hit, perhaps he had hit her a bit too hard… He instead said nothing as he turned, slowly walking back to Hellsing Manor. He was also slightly shocked that he had called him by his name instead of simply Master.

" Master… come closer for a moment…." He stopped and lowered his head to hers. That was met with a sweet kiss on the cheek by Seras. She then promptly passed out, leaving a highly confused Alucard to take her back to Hellsing Manor, instead of phasing quickly there, he took the long way, enjoying both the outside moon and stars, and the feeling of an unconscious Seras leaning against his chest.

Well? What do you think? I know, perhaps a bit too OC. Got this idea playing tennis with my friend who hasn't played it before. Boy that was a barrel o' laughs. Unless I think of any other ideas, I'll just leave it as it is… I'm open to suggestions, and constructive criticism. Thank you!