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Chapter Nine!

In The Hellsing Infirmary…

Still twitching from the surprise and disgust, Seras Victoria stood at least fifteen feet from the hospital bed, attempting to control the urge to turn Pip into applesauce. Her face still held it's red tinge, though whether from anger or embarrassment, even she wasn't sure.

Pip… Well, Pip wasn't quite okay. Besides the bloody lump on his head, his right eye was beginning to turn a vibrant purple, his nose was bleeding, and about 20 percent of his body was covered in bruises. One might wonder why so much violence. Well, not only had Pip grabbed at her, he then pulled her down and gave her a big smacking kiss, right on the lips… while still grabbing at her chest and butt. All in all, Pip was fairly good at multi-tasking.

" THAT IS THE LAST TIME I'M EVER TRYING TO HELP YOU PIP, YOU DIRTY PERVERT!" Without even looking back, Seras stomped out of the infirmary, fully intending to go and watch the concluding match. She was even hoping that she might be able to spar with her Master, since she couldn't beat the crap out of Pip…

Back Out In the Tennis Courts…

Back out in the tennis courts, things had been getting intense. There hadn't been a break in several minutes, even when Walter had tried to force it on them. But, then again, who on Earth would be able to stop and elder Nosferatu and the heir of the great Hellsing empire? The crowd had long since given up with either cheering or booing. It didn't seem to make a difference either way. Most of them could do nothing more than stare and drool.

" Um… Things seem to be the same as a few moments ago… Back and forth… Wait.. is it possible! Yes! No… no wait. Please, Sir Integra, Alucard, stop the madness, at least pause for a break!" Walter's voice sounded raspy over the P.A. He hadn't left the box since the match had started, and that had been quite a while ago. Walter was beginning to wonder if they were either going to stop at least for a break, or die playing.

Another thing was the audience. If, before, the audience had been drooling puddles, they were now letting loose torrents of the goopy substance, covering those below them. All together, it was not exactly the most beautiful scene. But damn was it quiet.

Down on the courts, things had gone so far past intense, that there wasn't even a word for it yet. Now, the two who were truly battling it out on the courts were having a bit of a difficult time.

First, Alucard. Now, while Alucard was, truly, a great Nosferatu, even he had his limits. At the last half-time, he hadn't finished his packet of blood, he had actually given it to Seras, in the hopes that she would help them to win. Well, that hadn't worked too well, she had gone and knocked the crap out of Pip. Well, that had been worth it, but still. He was loosing his patience and his strength. Judging by his internal clock (yes, Alucard has an internal clock), it was nearing sunrise. In other words, he was hella tired. Still he persevered, loath to allow his Master to win even this. The prize would be his.

And who could forget Sir Integra. If Alucard wasn't doing so well, Sir Integra was reaching her limit. The only reason that her body continued to move was through a mixture of sheer will, and something close to Auto Pilot. She was actually wondering how she hadn't tripped on the large puddles of her own sweat. Nasty, but oh so true. Her body was screaming and begging of her to stop and put to rest this silly game. If she didn't, something bad was likely to happen, and pretty soon.

Throughout the game, Alucard and Sir Integra kept up their own mind match going. Alucard had started it technically.

"A little much for you Master?" His voice had been dripping with sarcasm.

" I will beat you Alucard. I am your Master, and you are my vampire. There is no way you can go against me. You can't win." And so on and so forth, until it got to the point of bringing mothers into it. And everyone knows that bringing mothers into the mix is not a nice thing to do.

It was around this time that Seras decided to join in the viewing spectacle. However, miraculously enough, Pip was up and following Seras. And poor Police Girl was on the end of her rope.

" Pip, I swear, if you don't shut your fat trap I'm going to shut it for you. And if you make me do it, I'LL MAKE SURE IT STAYS SHUT!" He really was annoying, (much like my younger brother), and nothing he said had any consequence except to annoy Seras. Still, she was secretly happy that he was alright, and not dead. Despite the amount of happiness it would give her to kick the crap out of him.

Finally, the arguing duo made it to the courts, and, thankfully for Seras, Pip finally shut up. However, she didn't exactly notice, for she too was riveted by the match. The moment that they were out and saw both Alucard and Sir Integra, they each began to argue again, but much quieter.

" Go Sir Integra! I know you can beat that old vampire!" He whispered of course, but that didn't stop Seras from replying.

" Shut up Pip! The only person who will win is my Master! Nobody can beat him." She didn't exactly realize it, but her voice had a tender tone in it. She really did care about her Master, and she knew that he would not be beaten.

Almost as though he had heard her (which, of course, he had) his hits became more and more intense. Internally, he was hoping that he was impressing her. He at once was ashamed with himself. Why did he care what Police Girl thought? No… better not to answer that…

Anyhow, the match seemed to drag on for quite a long time, Seras and Pip still on the sidelines bickering about it.

Still they stared. And waited… Eventually, both Seras and Pip got tired, and decided to sit and bicker, which was a normal response to repetitive game play. Finally, they all sort of… dozed off, no longer watching the match, but still (amazingly) they fought. None of it really made any sense, but still, they argued.

About an Hour and Several People Asleep Later…

This is it… I will not allow this to go on any longer… Alucard had made up his mind. He was going to use the rest of his strength to hit one more ball at his Master. It would be the end of her, and (thankfully), this match.

Sir Integra was no longer thinking. At all. No, really, she was just barely managing to hit the ball. If one didn't know better, one might think that she was the dead one. Her eyes seemed sunken, her cheeks hollow and her mouth hung slightly open. Because she's just a bit boring, we'll simply ignore her.

Seras and Pip still remained on the sidelines. Those audience members left awake were 'awww'ing at them. They were sitting side by side, Seras' head on his shoulder, both asleep and both still making fun of each other. Things sometimes didn't need to make sense in the house of Hellsing…

Finally, Alucard seemed almost to freeze the time, attempting to give himself long enough to gather up his strength until finally, Sir Integra hit him the ball that was the be the last.

He took a step back, lifted his racket and hit the ball with enough force for it to be lodged into the nearby concrete wall. Which is exactly what happened, after it sped through Sir Integra's racket. Yes, it really did do that. It had bounced it's appropriate number of times, it had stayed within the bounds, and it was official.

Sir Integra had lost the match, and Alucard had won.

For a moment, nobody moved, nobody thought, and nothing happened. Sir Integra still stood with her torn racket outstretched, and Alucard still stood with his racket in the same position it had been in when he had hit the ball.

" My…My goodness! It seems as though the match is over. And the victor is… ALUCARD'S TEAM! Please, will Alucard's team please meet with me in a few minutes to claim their case. I just need to make my body move…" Walter was generally ecstatic, the match was finally over… Yes, oh yes, Walter was happy that it was finished, however, he had been sitting in the same position for at least an hour, and none of his limbs were working properly. This was demonstrated when he stood, and dropped flat on his face, mumbling about cabbages and kings…

Alucard was very proud of himself. He had finally proved to his Master that the vampires were the victors. More than anything, he was proud that Seras had seen him. And as he turned around to face Seras, he did the full-on anime drop-to-the-floor as he saw that Seras was sleeping, and more than that, she was sleeping on Pip's shoulder.

Forgetting about everything else, he stomped over to Seras and loomed above her, his aura dark and menacing. Growling deep in his throat, he said both softly and loudly,

" Oh, Seras." She awoke with a start.

" M-Master?" She shot up, wondering what on Earth had happened. And why she smelt like dirty Frenchman…

"Too busy with your lover to congratulate me?" His voice was dripping with disdain and sarcasm.

" Master! How could you say that?" Her voice clearly portrayed how hurt she felt by this. Alucard sighed before leaning over, his legs were weak and he just wanted to sit down.

" Master, watch out." Seras rushed forward and placed his arm over her shoulder. This was interesting for both of them, Alucard being about six feet tall and Seras barely topping five feet. Still, he was grateful, if embarrassed and angry. Not to mention just a bit jealous.

Slowly the two made their way over towards Walter. However, around the same time Seras had awoken, Pip too had woken up. When Alucard had left the court, Sir Integra had all but passed out. She was hardly able to kneel, and moving was about as far out of the option as was standing.

Pip decided to be the hero right then and rushed over to her.

" Zir Integra! Zir Integra! Are you alright? 'Ere, you may lean on me…" He leaned down and lifted her into his arms.

" I-… Don't need you to… help me…"

"Don't be ridiculous! You are in need of ze help!" Sir Integra, however, didn't hear a thing, for she had long since passed out in the arms of Pip. Pip was grinning ear-to-ear, quite happy if he didn't say so himself.

As Pip carried Sir Integra to the infirmary, Seras supported her Master as they trudged over to find out what they had won.

Eventually, Walter was able to get down from the announcer's box, although it had taken several curses a few fall downs, and a hot dog. He was a bit sore, but oh so happy that this was over (even if his shirt was stained with ketchup), and that it would never, EVER happen again. Now all he had to do was give Alucard's team their prize…

" Walter! We're here… and really tired… please, what's the prize?" Indeed, they were both on the point of dropping. Having not slept for quite a long time, and being just a bit low on blood, the two were both blinking off beat.

" Yes, of course, allow me to go and get the papers…" Walter turned, intending to simply open his briefcase when he heard two thumps right behind him. Abruptly he turned, not expecting the sight he saw.

For there, laying the floor, were both Seras and Alucard. Alucard lay on his back, his arms and legs a bit spread out while Seras lay right next to him, her head on his arm. Walter didn't have the guts to wake them up. Anyone with half a brain knows to leave sleeping vampires lay. Besides, they were just too cute. Looking left, then right, he whipped out his camera, and snapped a beautiful picture of the two, oh so cute, snoozing vampires.

" I'll just tell you tomorrow, shall I Ms. Victoria?" He whispered softly as he stepped over them and out the door following the last few audience members. With that, he turned off the lights, and exited, closing the door softly behind him.

And still snoozing, unaware of much else, lay Alucard and Seras. Yes, they simply were the cutest of vampires snoozing peacefully on the floor of the Hellsing tennis court. Things didn't get much cuter than that.

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