Hello. I caution you. If you have a problem with slash material then do not read this. If you want to know why I chose something so different to write about then read the AN at the bottom.
I do not own Harry Potter and even if I did(which I don't) I probably wouldn't be spending my time writing random fanfictions on I would be working non-stop on the next book in the Harry Potter series (hint hint there J.K. Rowling if there has been some divine intervention and you are actually reading this :D )

Here I Come Dog Star

Harry stood resolutely in front of the man that had made his life a living hell. He knew he would die soon. In fact, he wouldn't make it to another hour, but he didn't care anymore. His life didn't have meaning anymore. His everything was gone now, so he had nothing to tie him to this world.

He vaguely recalled the prophecy that had been made all those years ago. It was right. He couldn't live unless Voldemort was dead. Nobody knew that he wouldn't be able to live even if the Dark Lord keeled over this very moment.

He had always believed that love was a fleeting thing. He wasn't capable of it because he had never felt it, but then he came and made everything better. He made Harry laugh. He made Harry cry, but most important of all, he made Harry love.

But like everything Harry loved he had been taken. Stripped away so painfully and so abruptly that Harry had no chance of ever recovering. He knew though that the man he loved could have died a slow, but peaceful death and he would have never recovered.

So he figured that he would spare the world some anxiety. Who cared? He would be dead and then soon they would be dead.All he wanted to do was give up and be with his love.

Harry watched in morbid fascination as Voldemort said the killing curse. Not long after, it hit him square on the chest. This would be it then? No pain. Just the cold and loneliness until he got to meet up with his love.

He smiled as his vision began to darken and he fell to the floor. Seconds later he took his final breath and thought his final thought.

'Here I come Sirius.'

Okay I realize this isn't a very conventional pairing. Heck, I'll probably get so many flames for this that my comp will totally roast, but at the moment I am looking at challenges that I would like to take on in this genre. The Star Wars one was the first and now this. Though I usually don't write things like this I am happy with the result and the fact that I have the capabilities to be able to do something like this. I do not know if it is good, because my judgement would be a moot point, but I am eager to hear or read your response to this, so R&R!