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"Saint Who?" seventeen-year-old Nikko Zond asked his father as the two walked to the library.

"Not Saint, San. It's called San Mateo, and it's about 20 miles south of San Francisco," Dr. Solomon Zond answered.

"Ok. So why are we going there?"

"The cousin of a friend of mine lives there. She's the only person I know who can translate the tablet."

"But why can't your friend come here?"

"Because, boy, she doesn't have the same resources you do," Solomon's friend and associate, Vincent, said as the father and son approached the table stacked with books, papers, maps, and photographs where he and Maggie, their fellow-researcher and friend, were going over charts.


"We'll be ready to leave in one hour," Calvin Banks, the group's brilliant but sometimes anal young worker, said as he and Nikko's tutor Juliet Droil walked in.

"Okay. Nikko, I need you to take these," Solomon started as he handed his son a box of books and papers, "to the pile of equipment you & Vincent stacked earlier."

Before he could say anything in response, Nikko was pushed out the library doors with the faint clicking of doors being locked behind him.

"How much did you tell her?" Solomon asked Cal as the group started to pour over the books, papers, maps, & photographs in front of them.

"As much as she would allow. I'd forgotten how bossy she is."

"She's a Welsey. They're bossy by nature."

"But she's not a Welsey by blood."

"That still doesn't mean she can't be bossy. She is related to Lord Martin, you know."

"Yeah, but still…"

San Mateo, CA, USA-12 hours later

"This is where she works? At a bookstore?" Cal said as they entered the shop.

"Yes. Hold on. Excuse me; I'm looking for Katana Schneider. Where could I find her?" Solomon asked the woman at the information desk.

"Try one of the history sections or the New Age section. Wait, Jack? Where'd Katana say she was going to shelve?"

"Ancient history. To the right and all the way in the back."


Solomon and Vincent headed to the ancient history section of the bookstore and were soon greeted with the sight of a tall dark blonde girl trying to put an awkward-sized book on a shelf two feet above her head.

"Need any help?" Vincent asked as he took the book and placed it on the shelf she was trying to reach.

"Oh, Vincent, thanks. Hew Sol, are you guys here about that tablet you told me about?"

"Yeah, do you have time?"

She looked at her watch. "I get off in five minutes."

"Do you think you could leave sooner?"

"Yeah, that was the last book of the day. I guess I could."

She went behind the store coffee shop counter and came back five minutes later with her things.

"Lead the way."

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