Title: Pancakes and Honey

Author: Zalia Chimera

Pairing: Roy+Ed

Notes: Written in February in celebration of pancake day.

Disclaimer: Don't own FMA.

Ed had barged in about half an hour earlier, glared at Roy and muttered something about pancakes before beginning to ransack the cupboards for flour.

"Fullmetal, what are you doing?" he eventually asked, taking the eggs from the top shelf so Ed didn't need to climb onto the work top to reach them. Ed took them and given him a withering look as though that was the most stupid question he'd ever been asked.

"I'm making pancakes. What does it look like?"

"I'm aware of that fact," Roy has said, sarcasm entering his voice. "But why here?"

Ed cracked two of the eggs into a bowl and began to whisk them before answering. "Because the dorms don't have kitchens, hence, no pancakes."

"Ah... so you suddenly decided that you needed pancakes desperately enough to invade my house?"

Ed had picked up the flour and begun to measure it out into the bowl, spilling it across the floor in the process. He sighed and rubbed a hand across his face, leaving a smear of white powder across his nose and cheeks. Roy couldn't hold back a snicker of amusement which made Fullmetal flush a little.

"I'm still waiting for an answer Fullmetal."

Ed had turned and shifted from foot to foot before answering. "Well, mom, she always made us pancakes on this day. She said Dad had mentioned something to her about it being an important date once upon a time." He scowled briefly at the thought of his father, but continued. "I don't care what it meant to him, but mom liked it and I... I wanted to..."

Roy smiled softly. "You wanted to remember her."

Ed nodded.

"Very well then. Continue."

Ed had looked confused for a moment before grinning at him and reaching for the milk.

And now here Roy was, sitting at the table and watching with horrified fascination as Fullmetal proceeded to destroy his kitchen. Ed had taken to the task with more enthusiasm than skill, his only weapon, a recipe borrowed from Gracia Hughes.

Once there was flour all over the floor, egg and milk splattered across the work top, broken glass in the sink and the remnants of half cooked batter on the ceiling, Ed sat down with a plate of golden pancakes and a jar of honey. He drizzled the honey all over them with a spoon and then licked his fingers clean before picking up the first one and biting into it with obvious joy.

After three pancakes, Ed looked up guiltily from the plate, belatedly remembering that he was eating the other man's food. He shoved the plate towards Roy. "You want some?"

Roy shook his head and Ed went back to eating, looking pleased that the demands of etiquette had been satisfied. He had honey on his lips. Roy stood and walked around the table towards him, crouching down to bring them face to baffled face. "I thought you said you didn't want any Colnel."

Roy smile. "I don't but there's something else I want to try."

"Wha... mmph." Roy kissed him, lapping at the honey on his lips and slipping his tongue into Ed's mouth, tasting the sweetness there.

Mmmm, definitely better than pancakes.