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Chapter 1: Curses Fall Away

"Keep this a secret, okay? I haven't tried it out yet." He whispered excitedly. She only gave him a curt nod while looking rather bored. Impatiently she'd glanced over at her book consistently, but inwardly she was jumping with excitement. He walked away, secretly relieved. He loved her as a sister, and made this specific device specifically for her, although he'd told her otherwise. He wanted her to be able to finally be free of her emotionless facade, knowing well that inside was a girl screaming for a chance. He hoped she would take it, and grinned when he checked later to see that it was gone.


Well. She took it. It was a rather pretty thing, in fact. Sparkling like, well, a normal bracelet. She frowned. Cyborg usually never bothered with looks. All of his devices looked like his blueprints. Literally. You could never mistake any of the cybernetic teen's personal items. But this was different. He'd called it "X010891KM". For such a simple, pretty thing came a long, complicated name. It was the color of silver, and in a certain light it shimmered black and blue. It was thin, and she wondered how he managed to braid the three slender cords and manage to program it. It was microscopic!

...so what now?

She wondered. After what he'd told her, she knew that it could/would 1. keep the bearer from using their powers, 2. stay put on the bearer unless they knew the specific code to release it. They were both useful to her. She could finally show her emotions, and he'd told her the code. She meditated, sometimes taking a break, staring at the view from her window, and sometimes stealing a look at the shimmering accessory on her desk. Then an idea began to form inside her head.


Maybe it would work. Maybe it wouldn't. But the only way she would ever find out was to try it. She never was a girl of action, but for once, for once she wanted to see what it was like to be real. She wanted a shot at being normal. She needed this more than ever, she knew. Reaching for a private cellphone she'd subscribed to, she searched for some numbers on the yellow pages. When she was finished it was almost2 in the morning. She snapped her cellphone shut and snuggled under her covers, dreaming of tomorrow.

Maybe it would work.

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