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Chapter 5: Reveal The Secret

Cyborg was careful. He made sure he sent Raven out for some "errands" when there was a hidden date about. Raven was careful. When she canceled a date she was sure to say it was because of a work meeting. Funny. Why didn't Richard notice by now that every time their dates were canceled, there was a city havoc? It'd been over a several months now.

Before he went out, he gripped in his hand a small black box, velvety on the outside, satiny inside. And cushioned between satin sat a beautiful ring made of silver, engraved, Richard & Keaira Grayson 2005-the end of time. Rare diamonds shaped into a rose on the top. He had a matching one, less feminine, but with the same words. Tonight was the night.

"Aw com'on! Let me drive you home! Your roommates cant be that bad!" He whined. She gave him a hot glare and didn't budge.

"No. And yes, they can be. Besides, I already have my car." She nodded towards a sleek, black and luminous audi.

...or Cyborg's car, whichever way you want to put it...

He sighed in defeat and shrugged.

"If you say so, babe..." With a smug look on her face she patted his head.

"Yeah. Exactly." Then with a playful roar he lifted her up bridal style and spun around and around all the while she yelped and squealed. He opened the backseat car door (his car, duh) and laid her down, all the while smushing her beneath himself. He caught her in a breathtaking (literally) kiss and instinctively she arched her back, their bodies fitting together perfectly. She pulled away and glared again into his face.

"You do realize this is so wrong, and I shouldn't be doing this, else my brother would kill you?" He frowned and cocked his head.

"I was under the impression you had no family." She rolled her eyes.

"Who said he was related to me?" He seemed to blank out, and he gave her an eye-goggling look.

"You do realize I can see the wheels creaking to a complete stop inside that thick head of yours?" She brushed back his hair with her hands and a soft smile graced her face.

"Your hair is so soft." He kissed the top of her nose and got up slowly, helping her up.

"Well, would you believe I always gel my hair up?" She made a face that told him to go on.

"Keaira...will you spend your time with me?" With an eyebrow cocked she replied.

"Richard, I'm spending time with you now." He shook his head.

"No I mean..." Gathering his humanic courage, he got down on one knee, and brought out from his pocket the same black box.

"Keaira...will you...marry me?" He opened it, and the ring sparkled, it's reflection shining back from her eyes. She couldn't say anything. She looked into his eyes and saw a promise that she knew he would keep.

But...can I keep it? Can I?

She opened her mouth to say something, but he butted in.

"Look...before you can say anything, I need to tell you something else." Her facial expression didn't change.

"Keaira...I gel my hair up everyday, I live withfour other people, and my job...is to save people. I only wear my hair like this when I'm with you, because it's how I met you, and when I work my uniform consists of spandex and rubber gloves and a mask. You're possibly the only girl I loved, and...and..." He couldn't think of anything else to say. So he ended as so.

"My name is Robin. I lead the Teen Titans." Now her expression changed. From surprise, to fear, to anger, to...nothing...

She left him, still on one knee, tears falling from both eyes, a box gripped so tightly inside his fist it was close to being crushed. She zoomed off in her audi, and left him the dust from her tires.

He let out a scream of frustration and got back into his car, going back towards a tower he loved and hated so.

She burst in tears running down her face, and the others gaped at her. (She threw off the clothes and had her superhero costume underneath) She left them in the common room, staring after her.

"Dude! Raven...she was crying! Without blowing up anything!" Beast Boy's jaw dropped all the way to the floor, while Cyborg's face was contorted with concern. He ran after her. Starfire was just confused, understanding something was wrong, she decided to make her famous Pudding of Sorrow.

"Raven, what's wrong? What did he do to you?" Cyborg was a ready bulldog, on her go he'd go chew up that stupid boy who madeRaven cry...

"He...it's..." With a sigh she slumped down on her bed. Her tears had ceased by then, but the shock was still painted across her face.

"Robin." She said softly. Cyborgstared at her in confusion and made a sound that she made out as a "hunh?"

"Richard is Robin. I can't believe I didn't see that..."


"I have to talk to him. Have you seen him?" The sound of loud, crunching music tipped her off. She stalked off, Cyborg shaking his head, ready to relieve his stress by beating Beast Boy in Xtreme Racing VII.

A soft knock could be heard behind all the music. He ignored it. Probably Raven, wanting him to shut off the music. Screw her. What did she know?

"Robin..." He ignored it again.



"Richard..." He jumped up. Keaira? He slid the door open quickly and met the eyes of a crying Raven. He forgot about Keaira for a moment. Raven was crying. RAVEN was crying.

"Raven? What's wrong?" He brushed the tears away. She pushed him into his room, and the door slid to a close behind them. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. He started, but gave into the kiss, the passion in which she kissed him was so familiar. She stopped and stared into his mask. He looked into her eyes, and he whispered a name.

"Keaira...?" She smiled and peeled his mask off, looking into the gray-brown eyes she so loved.

"Richard..." Shock faced he sat down on the edge of his bed and shook his head in disbelief.

"It was you the whole time...but your powers..." She held out the bracelet.

"Cyborg designed it. Keeps my powers in check."

"Why Keaira?" She shrugged.

"I thought the name was nice enough. It means 'Little Dark One' in Celtic/Gaelic. It matched, didn't it?" He nodded. He held out the box.

"Raven...Keaira...this...will you..." She bit her bottom lip and stared at him.

"Robin...you know as well as me that this would cause problems. Starfire..." Her face flushed with embarrassment and jealousy. He nodded.

"And Beast Boy." His usual happy tone was bitter.

So now what? They held hands and pondered upon their shocking coincidences. What now? Wasn't it obvious that Starfire liked Robin? And that Beast Boy's crush had always been Raven?

Now what?

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